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Boyfriend - For the past couple weeks I'd been tied up with a ton of things happening and unable to see my gf. Tonight, I was finally free to go see her. So a little back story, I've been seeing her for years but only officially for close to a year. Throughout this time we've built a deeply connected relationship and in doing so, shared our inner most fantasies. Slowly, I opened up to her about my desires to see her with other men.

This led to setting up a couple scenarios, however, it was always my doing (with her eager as well). Fast-forward to tonight, I show up and she answers the door wearing nothing but a towel. 2 weeks of celibacy, I'm rearing to go as she leads me to her room where she drops her towel as she pushed me back on the bed and straddles me. She slowly unbuttons my pants as she's telling me how horny and wet she's been from waiting for me. I'm thinking I'm about to receive the most mind blowing head just before fucking her and having a quiet night in. Boy was I wrong. She continues on to tell me how I've been neglecting her needs and now I have to suffer the consequences.

She's got my pants pants down while sliding her hand over my covered cock telling me that she's going to see a previous date way in the past that she was only able to give head to. How she wished she could have fucked him at the time but was unable to due to mother nature. Caressing my throbbing cock, she's describing his, how she took the whole thing down, and how he moaned just before filling her mouth with his huge load. She's showing me the pics she took from that date as she tells me how badly he's wanting it since she texted him the other night. Then, she tells me it's my job to dress and get her ready for him bc she's leaving in 45 minutes to go fuck him.

Laying there shocked, she moves up over my face and just say's, "Well... start licking... Get me ready." I'm absolutely stunned but do exactly as I'm told. I can't believe she actually went out on her own, invited me over, and is 'forcing' me to get her ready for her date. She makes it very clear I'm not able to fuck her, not even the tip, that I'm not even getting head till he gets to fuck her first. I'm under her licking and sucking like a vacuum. I'm so hard that my cock is throbbing when she finally reaches back and grasps me with a wet slippery hand. Stroking harder and faster, she's telling me how she can't wait to feel a nice hard cock for the first time in weeks. She gets off me, bends over, and tells me, "Take a pic, show my date what he's getting." Like a good boy, I do exactly as she says and he responds, "I'll be sure to make her nice and sore for ya. Thanks."

She gets up, grabs her stockings and tells me to be a good boy and to come dress her, so I do. After getting her stockings on she waves me over to her, grabs my cock and starts teasing it against her pussy. She's absolutely dripping wet... She gets up, finishes getting dressed and with one last grasp of my cock she tells me, "I gotta go, see ya in a bit" and walks out the door... Now I'm sitting here, cock throbbing, and hoping I did a good enough job to get a turn when she returns.

Girlfriend - Walked over to my car and I hopped in. I messaged my 'friend' to let him know I was on my way. He said he hoped I was wearing something sexy for him, which I was, courtesy of the bf. "No bra, see through panties, and black stockingss," I responded. He told me he was hard and couldn't wait to fuck me. I took a screenshot of our convo and sent it to the bf. Then I pulled up to the guy's apartment, and he buzzed me in.

He opened his front door in just his underwear and immediately pulled me in. As soon as we were inside, we had our hands all over each other, making out furiously. He grabbed me and ran his hands all over my body and up my skirt, and then he picked me up and took me to his bedroom. We tore each other's clothes off and I opened my legs, and he started licking my wet pussy and sliding his fingers in and out of me. He had me moaning so loud. I had my phone in hand, and I created and sent my bf an audio text. Then he picked me up and carried me over to the couch. I started sucking his cock, and he loved it. He kept saying things like, "this is amazing. You're so sexy."

I took him all the way down my throat, and he lost it. "I need to fuck you now." He threw me over the couch, and he slipped his cock inside of my wet, waiting pussy. I gave him my phone and told him to take some pictures to send to my boyfriend." My poor pathetic boyfriend, sitting in my bed playing with himself to my pictures while I was getting my fill of cock... I loved the thought of it. Then my 'friend' carried me back to his bed, and he told me to get on top. I squatted over him and slipped his cock into me. I moaned as I stayed on my feet and fucked him, moving up and down his cock. We played for a while longer, all the while teasing my bf with pics of our little play session.

Then finally, when I was on my back, legs in the air, he started pounding away, hard and fast, and then he told me he was going to cum. "Yes, fill my pussy up..." I told him. (I am a total creampie slut and I love the feeling of being filled with cum.) He had a few final slow pumps before I felt his hot cum fill my pussy. He pulled out and it dripped out. I asked him to take a picture and send it to my bf. "I'm on my way home... when I get home, I'm going to sit on your face and make you lick up every last drop of his cum. And if you do it well, then I'll let you have your turn and fuck me," I texted.

When I got back to my boyfriend, he was so hard that his cock was throbbing. I pulled off my panties, pushed him onto his back and straddled his face. I asked him how my pussy tasted, if it tasted good with another man's cum inside of it. I asked him if he liked the pictures I sent, which was his favorite. "Do you want to fuck me?" I asked him. He eagerly said yes, begging me for my pussy. I straddled him like I was going to ride his cock, but I didn't let him inside me.

I just slid my wet, dripping pussy back and forth against his throbbing cock, continuing to tease him. I recounted every bit of my encounter with my 'friend,' telling him all the ways we fucked and how good it felt to have a cock inside of me after two weeks. "I fucked him just like you like me to fuck you... me on top, squatting over you, sliding up and down..." It gave me so much pleasure to tell him these things. Finally, I got onto my feet, squatted over him, and slid his cock into my pussy. We fucked like animals, in every position.

When he was about to cum, I reminded him that he was lucky to fill my slutty pussy, that I was letting him do it because he followed my orders, and that next time, I would make him watch. He was powerless to that bit and came just then and I felt my pussy fill up with my second load of cum of the night. ;)

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