I Cleaned her up when she got Home

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My wife had a guy we had a 3way with over one night while I was working. They had fucked for hours. She and I had agreed to take the next day off together. When I got home I let her sleep in and I got our kid ready for school. She had said she would come to drop her off with me the previous night. I went in to our room to wake her.

I could smell their sex as soon as I opened the door. He had left after having his way with her that night. I woke her and told her how good it smelled in there. She agreed. We all got in the car and drove to the school. We talked about my night at work and other menial things on the way. I brought our kid into the school while she waited in the car, as she hadn't showered yet. When I got back in the car she told me she hadn't showered because she wanted me to taste her and the other man.

As we drove back she told me how great it was to have his cock all to herself. I told her how hard I was at work thinking about her getting fucked.

We got home and went straight to our bedroom. She stripped down and laid on her back with her legs spread. I undressed as well. "Come over here and taste him." She told me. I put my face between her legs. I started fulfilling my duty and slowly tongued her pussy.

"Can you taste how hard he was? Can you taste how much he made me cum?" She asked.

I told her I could. While I sucked on her clit I began to finger her as well. She moaned and told me how she sucked his cock. "It was so good. He's so big. It tastes so good in my mouth. I let him cum in my mouth. I loved it." She told me while my face was buried in her pussy.

She almost never let me cum in her mouth. Certainly not by her choice. The fact she let him do it made my cock start to drip. She told me how she rode his cock and came on it over and over. How he put her up against the wall and fucked her hard. How he put her on her knees and fucked her from behind. She was cumming on my face as she told me all the ways she let him fuck her.

She pushed me away and got on her knees. "Fuck me like he did. Hard and deep and rough." I slid my cock up her soaked pussy and slid it in. She moaned loudly. She told me it felt good, even though I was smaller than him. I began fucking her slow and easy at first. Then she demanded to get it harder and faster.

I held her down and slapped her ass. I asked her how much she liked getting fucked by other cocks. She told me she loved it, that she wanted more. I came on her asshole and pussy. She rolled over on her back and pushed my head between her legs. "Clean it up." I obeyed. I licked up every drop of my cum. She tasted like him and me now. I relished very drop.

When I was done I laid down next to her. We kissed. She told me she wanted more and began to play with my cock and balls. She edged her way down and put my now limp cock in her mouth. She licked me from balls to tip. Teasing and gently stroking until I was ready again. She got on top of me and slid down onto my cock. She shuddered when she got all the way down. "Mmmm this feels good. Maybe not as good when it's his cock, but still good." She whispered in my ear.

She began rocking back and forth and up and down on me, soaking my cock and balls. I rolled her onto to the bed and got on top of her. My hands on her wrists and fucked her as hard and deep as I could. She just about screamed as I pounded her again and again.

I came hard again.

I went down and cleaned it up without instruction. I lingered tasting our sex, sucking her clit and licking her ass for a while. After one particular orgasm she said she needed a break. I agreed, we had been going at it for hours by then. We snuggled up and talked about how we would have to have our friend over again. I wanted to see him fuck her again and she wanted to see him fuck me.

We eventually drifted off to sleep together, naked, wet, and content.

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