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Wife in the Yard Naked - Cuckold Image

By: Robert & Jane


Him - This picture (2nd pic) was taken on a lovely hot day in our back garden and my wife looked so sexy sunbathing naked, but it got quite exciting when two window fitters opened the back gate and walked in.

There she was asleep and my wife is a deep sleeper, nothing wakes her up, and just stood there staring at her, I was up stairs in the bathroom at the time, i had told them I needed the toilet and I thought they were out the front waiting for me.

But as I looked out through the open window, I could see them watching her and as they realised she was asleep they moved in really close and were talking pictures of her on their phones, getting very close to her pussy and boobs.

Seeing them made me feel very sexy, and then still with her eyes shut my wife moved her hands onto her pussy and started scratching it, and this progressed into rubbing and then she started pinching and squeezing.

That turned into rubbing much harder now and her legs crossed over each other tensing up as she was going for a full on throbbing experience. I had seen Jane do this manny times before and she really goes crazy when she starts throbbing and the two guys were videoing her pussy very closely and they both looked really excited watching her.

And then she started screaming out loud as the sensitive feelings rushed through her pussy making her look as though she was in pain and at that point she opened her eyes looking at the two men watching her but showed no reaction and carried on rubbing looking at them both.

She finally finished and started smiling at them and said, "Did you enjoy watching me?" and they answered, "It was very sexy to see, yes you were amazing," and she replied, "I'm glad about that, I hope you enjoy your videos but I must go," and went inside still nude but just before she went inside she shuck her boobs at them bouncing them around and she walked past me she smiled and said, "I enjoyed that."

Her - My randy husband asked if I would do a dare for him, he had seen pictures of people doing the dare before and thought it would be fun if I would, and after some hesitation I agreed. We were stopping at a hotel by the sea and it was really nice with a lovely lounge and gardens, and we had met some guys that were having a stag weekend there and had enjoyed having a few drinks with them.

And it had been fun because they had pulled the guys shorts down to embarrass him in front of me for a joke as I was the only woman there, but he didn't have underwear on so it had left him with his dick hanging out which was a very nice surprise for me as he was a very big guy and one of the guys had asked me to give it a kiss.

And my husband had said, go on then make his day so I bent forward to give it a kiss and he moved forward and I got a mouth full, which I didn't mind but in my excitement my very short skirt had ridden up exposing my bare bottom and my pussy lips from the back and the guys were all having a good close look, but I was so excited about this big cock I didn't care.

Well it was after that when my husband asked me to do his dare, and as I opened the door of our room I stepped into the corridor, but completely naked, and I was to walk to the other end and back, but my husband had decided it would be quiet at around three o'clock but I couldn't understand why three was so important.

But I had just got to the end of the corridor with not a stitch on, only to be met by all the guys that had been hiding there for me to come out, and then they grabbed my hands and feet and picked me up swinging me about, and then they opened my legs wide apart and started rubbing my pussy as they changed places.

But they got the stag guy to burry his face into my pussy and give it a big sucking which he really enjoyed and so did I. And then they put me down and disappeared, and my husband said, "Well were you hoping for more?" And I answered, "You bet I was," and my husband's dick was really sore after I had finished with it.

Robert & Jane - Robert_hill24@hotmail.co.uk

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