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My Housemate Fucked my Girlfriend

By: Ben

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When I moved in with my housemate about 2 and half years ago, I thought that he was a nice guy and that we would get along. And we did. I found that he was more of a player than me (as I had a steady girlfriend and he didn't).

I realised this because our walls are very thin. And whenever he had a girl round I could hear everything.

About 6 months passed and my gf and I had been together for about 3 years. When I started having thoughts about wanting her to get fucked by other men. I used to lay awake at night worrying about it and wondering what kind of guy that made me. After about two months of tormenting myself about it. We were at a gallery and I could see a guy checking my girlfriend out. She was wearing this gorgeous white dress that you could just about see her underwear through.

I could see this stranger staring at her ass like he wanted to fuck her. I walked up behind her and told her that the guy behind us looked like he wanted to fuck her. She said, "I know" and then I responded with "I think that it would be hot if you did."

She initially laughed me off and nothing was said about it until we were on holiday a couple of weeks later. We were house sitting for her parents and she asked me if I was serious about her fucking another guy. And when I said yes she was curious as to how I wanted it to work.

Because she said that she would not want me in the room while she did it and then she made it clear that she had been doing some research because she told me that she didn't want me to be directly involved with the guy fucking her. She said that she didn't want him to try and make me feel small in front of her because she couldn't handle that.

I responded with the idea that the other guy could just have no idea that exist or that she was just cheating on me. Which I found incredibly hot.

A couple of days later we had set up an adult dating profile for my girlfriend and in no time she was going on a date with a guy. I remember her going off in her dress looking absolutely stunning. I had never seen her looking so beautiful. It really made me wonder if this was the right thing to do.

A few hours later she came back with the guy and I stood outside and watched them fuck in the airbnb that her parents run. I could see him railing her on the couch and cumming all over her back. Then they moved into the bedroom where I couldn't see them anymore but I could hear them. It was so hot I came without even touching my cock.

He didn't leave until after lunch the next day and at that point we both knew that we were hooked.

We tried to keep some form of moderation and only use it as a vacation treat.

But about 4 months ago I realised that I really wanted her to fuck my housemate. I had heard him with all these other girls and they had all sounded like they had had the times of their lives.

I knew that he had always been interested in her because he always tried flirting with her a little. But now I wanted her to flirt back with him.

And for about a month she did. Just lingering too long in hugs, giving seductive looks. Laughing at everything he said. Wearing tighter outfits around him. Going to use the shower whenever she knew he was downstairs. Making sure to always walk past him in just a towel.

The build up was some of the most exciting times in our relationship. Then one Friday he went out clubbing and I told my gf where he was going and she made sure that she was there. They ended up dancing together and she ended up kissing him. Later that night he found her again and instead of a peck it was a full on make out and groping.

I should say that he thinks that she is just cheating on me.

Then he of course takes her home and sneaks her upstairs whilst I was in my room.

I of course knew that she was with him and was listening intently. Soon I could hear her giggle and say "Holy shit, that's big," and I could hear her loudly kissing something that I assumed was his cock.

Then the unmistakable sounds of a wet bj came down through the floor.

It wasn't long until I could hear her moaning loudly and telling him how much she loved his cock. How he was better than me. And really putting on a show.

I could hear him spanking her and her squeezing with every crisp slap. Then I heard him order her to get onto her knees.

Then I heard him groaning as he came all over her face. Her response was, "Fuck that is a next level amount of cum..... and it is tastes better too," with a little laugh at the end.

I next hear the little pitter patter of her bare feet coming down the stairs past my room through the kitchen and into the bathroom. The shower ran for a bit and she ran back upstairs.

Then it was quiet for a bit and I could hear nothing other than some quiet murmurs. But then I heard the sound of snogging and the soft moans. The moans were slow and high pitched for about 5 minutes but soon they started getting louder and faster as he built up speed. Until she was as loud as during the first round. Then I hear her yell, "I'm gonna cum...fuck... I'm cumming!"

I hear her guttural groans as he slowly pounded her through her orgasm. Then it went a bit quieter for a couple of minutes, then it started to build again as he got faster and harder. About 5 minutes went by before I heard her orgasm for a third time that night.

I heard him murmur something but I couldn't hear what and I could hear her laugh as he fcuked her. Then his pace quickened again and I heared her saying, "Yes Sir, cum inside me... I want you to cum inside me, like a real man."

I listened as he blew his load inside her and they both collapsed onto the bed. It was then mostly quiet for the rest of the night until about 6 am when I woke up to the sounds of my girlfriend getting slowly fucked. This was much quieter and more difficult to hear what was going on. I fell back asleep.

When I next woke up it was 11 am and my housemate was in the kitchen. I went in and said good morning and made a joke about how I heard that he had fun last night. He then said, "Yeah she actually has a boyfriend," I feigned shock quite convincingly and he seemed to believe me.

Then I noticed that he was making 3 cups of tea. He then had the audacity to ask me if I had seen my girl last night. I said no and told him that she had been out with friends. He snorted as I said this but I pretended that I hadn't heard.

He handed one to me and took the other two upstairs. He gave me a cheeky smile and said, "I better get back at it then."

I ran back to my room and couldn't believe it I heard them talking and giggling upstairs.

Not long later I heard her giving him a blow job and I heard him cumming but they didn't fuck. I then heard him sneaking her downstairs and her leaving him a kiss at the door.

She then sent me a text on her way home saying, "How did I do?"

My answer "amazing".

A few days later she and I finally had enough time to see each other and discuss it. We decided to go against our previous policy of her never being with the same guy twice.

She continued to flirt with him but nothing happened. In the house he tried being more dominant over me being a bit generally ruder especially when she was around. Really trying to assert his dominance over me. He still had no idea that I knew that it had been my girl that he had brought back that night.

He spent time bragging about how hard he had fucked her and how she had a boyfriend who clearly couldn't fuck her how she needs. How much of a slut she was. He was going into real detail about how her pussy felt. All the while getting this kick thinking that I had no idea who it was.

About a week later I was out of the house when I got a text from her telling me to get home.

I was at work and couldn't leave but I knew what was happening. She was about to fuck him again. I faked feeling sick and went home to find her underwear on the stairs and the unmistakable sound of my roomie blowing his load again.

I was annoyed that I missed it especially since she left straight after that.

We then went away for Christmas. We had a week together before we both went to our individual families over Christmas. In that week though we had the most sex that we had ever had. It was amazing.

When we both got back I found out from Ben that he had been sexting this girl that he had fucked before Christmas. It was so excited thinking that it was my girl but unfortunately it wasn't.

The flirting continued between the two of them and then I finally convinced her to sext him. But for about a month they didn't have sex. But he would torment her. Whenever she was over for the night with me. He would invite some slam piece over and fuck her as hard as he could so that we could hear her moan. I remember waking up one night realising that my girlfriend was fingering herself and listening to him fuck some chick.

The next week she went out with her friends and I let slip to him that she would be out that night and where she was going. He then finished his dinner really quickly and went out.

I waited in my room pleased with myself that my plan had worked. I waited for them to come back but they never came back. Then at 7 am I heard him come in only.

I walked out and casually tried to ask how his night had gone. He told me all about how he had gone back to this Girl's place and they had fucked at her's.

That's where we are now. It's a new level and I'm not sure where we will end up.


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