MY WIFE STRIPPED AT NITE CLUB - I met my wife Fatima, in West Africa in 2004. She's African but with European blood in her heritage so she has that beautiful ebony skin which is silky smooth. She was a hot sexy thing and the very first time we went out to a nite club in her home town she just oozed sex. Her city has some of the sexiest nite clubs in the world. I had already been to a few with some friends and the beautiful young African girls will dance on stage and get naked and one time one of these girls backed her arse onto me and took my hand and guided one of my fingers deep into her arse.

Anyway, the very first time I went out with my wife was to one of these sexy nite spots and after a few drinks she just got up and went on stage with the stripper girls and proceeded to do a very sensual strip tease to everyone's delight. The other girls there were three of them danced with her, helped to strip her clothes off, touched her all over, sucked her huge natural breasts she is a 38D massaged her arse and ran their hands in between her legs. They were all naked and touching, fingering and kissing each other and all the men and women in the audience where cheering her on. They got Fatima on her hands and knees doing a sixty nine with one of the girls and Fatima had her beautiful tight arse pointing in the air and one of the young guys in the audience walked up to the stage and ran his hands over her arse and in between her thighs. Then we all watched as he inserted a finger into her and finger fucked her till she gave a little scream as she had an orgasm. After that she got up, grabbed her clothes and came and sat down next to me and kissed me. She got dressed and we continued on with our very hot sexy night.

Another time we were at a different sexy nite club and we sat down to watch the show. We had a few drinks and Fatima was getting all horny as we watched the beautiful young girls strip and dance. She was running her hand up and down my leg and grabbing my cock through my pants and squeezing it. We had sat next to two men with Fatima between me and them on the couch seat.

Fatima whispered in my ear asking me if I would dare her to suck the stranger sitting next to her. I said go for it. She said are you sure? I said I dare you. She leaned over to him, and much to his surprise, unzipped his pants, took out his huge, long, thick cock and lent down and started to suck him. She squeezed his balls and deep throated him. His mate next to him was watching with wide eyes, and the guy being sucked just sat back with his mouth open and enjoyed the blow job he was getting from a complete stranger. Fatima sucked him up and down the length of his shaft for about five minutes before I saw him arch his back and then buck a few times. He must have shot at least five or six huge spurts of his cum into her mouth and down her throat. Fatima just kept swallowing as fast as she could. When the guy calmed down, Fatima lifted her head and I could see some of his sperm dribbling down her chin. She just wiped it up with her finger and licked it clean. She put the guys cock back into his pants, zipped him up, then turned to me and gave me a big French kiss. I could taste the guy's seed still in her mouth. She then sat back and enjoyed the remainder of the show as if nothing had happened. That night we fucked each other silly till the early hours.

So, that is how we started out on our many sexual adventures. Here are some pics of her. If you want more let me know. The adventures get hotter and hotter.

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