Wife Fucks Friend in Night Club


Wife Fucks Friend in Night Club - I've written previously about two previous involving my wife Fatima and others. We met in West Africa where there are heaps of incredibly sexy nite clubs where anything goes. We headed out to one of our favourite clubs one Friday evening. Fatima was dressed very slutty as usual for our sexy nights out. She wore a short black leather skirt, a sheer black top and bra, but no knickers. As she went upstairs the people who were watching us go upstairs got a perfect view of her shaved pussy and her arse. She had her top unbuttoned revealing the cleavage of her fantastic firm 38D tits.

We were sitting in the upstairs lounge having a drink and a dance. There were only a couple of others there and after about an hour and several drinks, the girls were flirting with the guys. Then my friend Simon turned up. He is a British expat and plays the field of black girls most nights. I introduced him to Fatima and I was a bit taken back when she got up and gave him a hug and a kiss. Simon grabbed Fatima's arse cheeks and gave them a big squeeze. Fatima continued to push her large breasts into Simon's chest. Anyone would have thought they knew each other for ages. Anyway, we all drink some more, and dance, and when Fatima had both me and Simon up dancing with her she started dancing very erotically and provocatively, running her hands over her body, her breasts, and her hips and arse. Then she pulled both of us close to her and moved her hands over our crotch. She gave both me and Simon huge squeezes of our cocks which made us both hard. I could see Simon's cock straining against the material of his pants and my cock was rock hard as Fatima squeezed us both.

We retired to a corner booth and after another gulp of her drink, Fatima asks me if it would be ok if she sucked Simon's cock. My already hard penis grew another inch or two with her sudden announcement. I said sure, go ahead and she leaned over to Simon and unzipped his pants and felt inside and pulled out his hard cock. She went down on him there and then. The few others in the upstairs lounge gave some cheers and whistle and clapped her on. Simon looked at me and I could tell he was in heaven. Fatima sucked his cock all the way into her mouth. She got her lips right down to the base of Simon's cock. She freed his balls from the trousers and started playing with them as she sucked him. Simon was throwing his head back in pleasure and giving out small moans.

Then, after about five minutes, Simon, pulled Fatima's head up by her hair, stood up, grabbed Fatima by her hand, and pulled her up. He pulled her along and around the corner to where the toilets were. I quickly followed, but saw them both disappear into the men's toilet which Simon locked behind him. A few seconds later and I started hearing Fatima moaning as she does the instant I push my cock into her cunt. Then she started those muffled groans and moans she makes as she is being fucked hard and fast. It went on for just a few minutes and then I heard Simon call out in a shout of pleasure as he must have been exploding his warm cum deep into my wife's pussy.

After another few minutes of silence the door opened and Simon came out. He said, "Thanks for the introduction Bill, your wife is hot and tight". He went back to his drink and waited for me to retrieve Fatima. I went into the men's toilet and there Fatima was, sitting on the toilet with her legs apart, and I could see a long drop of white cum dripping from her cunt. She looked up at me and smiled and called me close to her. She reached up and put her arms around me and pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply. "Thank you baby. I love you" she said to me before finishing cleaning up.

More to follow. If you would like to exchange stories and pics directly, I'd like to hear from you.

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