I Actually Got a Little Jealous!


I Actually Got a Little Jealous - Thanks to all the emails from readers of our first three adventures. My journey down the cuckold path continues.

The first time Fatima and I brought another guy home to our bed was just after the other adventures I described in my earlier letters posted on this site. Those adventures were while Fatima and I were at sexy night clubs and my wife, being the sexy exhibitionist and cock teaser that she is, sucked a number of strangers and friends in front of me and others in the clubs. I just love seeing Fatima out on the town at night when she is in the mood to play. She dresses her incredibly beautiful body, with slim waist, perfect tight arse, and huge firm 38 DD breasts shown off to maximum advantage to track attention from both men and women. I love it when she goes out with no bra or panties and short dress and low cut top. It is such a turn on to see her move her legs while sitting in a lounge at a club, and all the guys are trying to catch every glimpse of her smooth clean shaved snatch. I love it when she dances with other sexy girls and sometimes the girls kiss her and squeeze her breasts and arse.

Anyway, it was at one of these night clubs that we ran into a friend of mine, Fadi he's a tall, muscular Lebanese expatriate who worked in the city, and I had mentioned to him earlier in the day that Fatima and I might be at this particular club. He joined us and we settled in for some drinks and chat and laughs. Soon enough, after a few scotch and cokes, Fatima was flirting with Fadi, purposely uncrossing and crossing her legs in a way that there was no way he could not have seen her pussy lips. You could see his cock was growing in his pants. I said to him why don't you dance with Fatima, and she jump up and grabbed his hand and led him to the crowded dance floor.

They moved and gyrated and squeezed into each other for a few dances and then they played a slow love song and this is when the fun began. Fatima wrapped her arms around his next and started nestling her face into his shoulder. She started giving him little kisses on his ear and he looked over to see me watching them and gave me a "what gives" look. I just smiled back and winked suggesting it was all ok. His hands moved down her sides and then around her arse and I could see him start to squeeze her firm buttocks. She reached up and started kissing him on his lips. Then one of her hands moved down and between their bodies, and I can only assume from the slight jump he made that she started squeezing his cock and balls.

I was as horny as hell watching my wife getting intimate with my friend, and wondering what everyone else who noticed must have been imagining was going to happen. When the dance finished they returned to the table, we had one last drink then grabbed out things and headed home with Fadi. Once home, I put some music on and poured some wine and Fatima started dancing solo for us. She did a slow teasing strip tease loosening her top and flashing her huge breasts at us, and lifting her short dress to reveal bits of her arse. The next thing I see is Fadi springing up and going over to Fatima and helped take her clothes fully off. He then picked her up in his arms and said for me to lead the way to our bedroom. There he laid her down and quickly stipped off his own clothes. Wow! Both Fatima and I gave a gasp. He was huge = only about 7 inches long but it was the thickness that really impressed. It literally was the width of a can coke. He was already erect and hard, with two enormous balls hanging low, and I thought, the spunk this guy is going to shoot will drown Fatima.

Fadi took total control of the situation. He lay next to Fatima kissing her and grabbing her tits and then sucking on her nipples. He ordered me to strip and to get between Fatima's legs and lick her. He said I had better make sure she is good and wet if she was going to take in his cock. I stripped and got my head in between my wife's legs and started licking her cunt up and down, slipping my tongue in as deep as I could, making her juices flow into my mouth. After about 10 minutes of me licking and eating Fatima's cunt and arse, Fadi said he had to get his cock into my wife's beautiful body. I got out of the way and he moved his body into position with the tip of his cock head at the entrance to Fatima's wet pussy. Fadi said to me "hold her cunt open for me. So, I moved my hands in between her and Fadi and pushed my fingers into her cunt and pulled her cunt lips wide open. Then I witnessed the most incredible site. Fadi's cock slowly but surely slid into my darling wife's small tight little girl type pussy.

She was crying out in painful pleasure, giving little whimpers as inch after inch disappeared into her vagina. He was now fully into my wife, up to his balls, and he just stopped there not moving for a few moments. Pangs of jealously started to hit me, I had a raging hard on seeing my wife with this man's huge cock burying itself into her, but at the same time I felt I should be pushing him away.

But just then, Fatima grabbed my arm and pulled my face to hers and she kissed me deeply. Fadi started to move in and out of her. His thick cock making sucking sounds as Fatima's cunt stretched fully to the movement in and out. Fatima looked deeply into my eyes and just whispered to me "thank you so much my love". With that, I lay with her and kissed her as Fadi continued to fuck my wife with his monster cock, and as he built up his speed I knew that he was very close to exploding his warm cum into my wife. He arched his back, yelled, and his balls swelled and shot their seed deep into Fatima. She looked at me and just said "it's so warm".

More adventures yet to come. Don't forget to drop me a line at bmontheroad2 @ hotmail.com




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