She Slept with a Couple and Left Me Out


She Slept with a Couple and Left Me Out - Itís been a while since I posted one of our stories Ė those starring my sexy slutty wife, Fatima and me as her cuckold husband. My previous stories were how we met in West Africa and how Fatima would do strip shows and dance naked in front of the other nite clubbers, and how she would just suck a total stranger off in front of everyone until he blew his load down her throat.

Well, Fatima is actually with her favourite lover Ė Rob, right now, doing a photo shoot with him, and they just sent me through some of the pictures he has taken, and Fatima said I should write another story and post it with some of these pics. So, here you go. I am writing this story just as Rob is no doubt lying next to my wife, both naked, and with Robís cock buried deep inside her cunt and her with one of her nipples being sucked into his mouth.

This story is of the time we had our first real swingerís party, again in West Africa before we both headed to Australia a couple of years ago. We had been out at yet another sexy nite club with a friend Ian and his wife Binta. We had drunk a fair bit and the club had about 20 hot sexy black girls moving around the club in various stages of nakedness, sitting on guests laps and kissing and touching them. At exactly midnight, a particular dance song came on and all the girls moved on to the stage and started stripping completely off. Imagine, 20 young beautiful naked black girls all covered in oil and playing with each other on stage. They all ended up in a pile of naked flesh, eating each otherís pussies, squeezing tits, fingering each otherís cunts and arses. Fatima was horny as hell and was squeezing my cock and the cock of Ian. Binta didnít seem to mind and was happy rubbing her own clit through her tight silk pants. After the show we all got into a taxi and headed back to Ianís place which was a big home with a pool and spa. When we got home there were already two other couples there, drinking and swimming nude. Ian invited us in for more drinks and it wasnít long before the other men got out of the pool, nude, and walked over to Fatima and Binta and started stripping them out of their clothes. When Fatima and Binta were nude the two guys picked them up and jumped into the pool with them. When they surfaced, they got straight into kissing the girls.

Ian and I then stripped off and jumped in and joined in the fun. The guy Fatima was with got out of the pool and sat on the edge with his legs dangling in the water and Fatima moved between his legs and started to give him a blow job. He was by far the biggest cock owner of all of us, with an 11 to 12 inch cock that was so thick I could see Fatima with both hands wrapped around it and only just getting her hands to reach round. He pulled my wife out of the pool and swung her on to his lap and I watched as she guided his huge monster into her cunt. It took quite some time before she was fully impaled on his cock, and we all gave a cheer when she was finally seated all the way down on his shaft. We all sort of just watched these two fuck for about 10 minutes before he gave out a load roar and let loose with a torrent of warm cum deep inside my darling wifeís womb. She just sat there describing to us how she could feel his cock pulsating inside her and how she could feel the warmth of his cum shooting inside her.

After that we all moved into Ian and Bintaís huge master bedroom and spent the next several hours fucking each other. Fatima took each of the other guys loads in her cunt and her mouth. The other wives were jealous that they only got one load each. And I was jealous because Fatima told me she was going to stay and sleep with Ian and Binta for the night and I was to go home and wait for her. Ouch! I found out the next day that Ian fucked Fatima in her arse and blew his load inside her.

Oh, and by the way, Rob just called to say he has shot his baby seed into my wifeís cunt for me to enjoy sloppy seconds with when she gets home.

Keep your feedback coming. Fatima and I love to hear from you and we love swapping pics Ė especially from the wives who have contacted us.

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