My Wife and I Meet Our First Couple


My Wife and I Meet Our First Couple - Thanks to all the emails commenting on my first submission (My Wife was Stripped Naked) about how I started out with my now wife Fatima. As I mentioned in my first account, I met my wife Fatima in her home country in West Africa. To recount, she's a gorgeous ebony girl with an incredible figure, about 5'4, 38D, slim waist, and very tight perfect arse. She's such a sexy girl and has always enjoyed being sexy with me and in front of others whenever the opportunity arose. I mentioned in my first account about the first time we went out to a sexy bar and she danced with the strippers and ended up stripping and playing with them in front of me and the rest of the audience, and also about her giving a total stranger in another nite club a blow job in front of everyone. If you saw that submission you would have seen the pictures of my wife and would see she has a stunning body. Thanks to culkold blog for putting them up on the web. It has given us both a real high to see her naked for all to see.

Well, the fun continued all the while I lived and worked in West Africa. Another time Fatima and I went out for a nite on the town, we met one of her girl friends and her husband. We went to a sexy club where again, half a dozen beautiful young girls danced naked and erotically. Fatima and her friend Sami started dancing in front of me and her husband Ken. The girls were really putting on a show, caressing each other and pretending to strip. The girls then turned their attention to Ken and I, but Fatima danced for Ken and his wife Sami danced for me. The girls were all over us, running their hands through our hair and down our chest and touching our obvious hard-ons through our pants. Sami was first to start taking her clothes off, by slipping the thin shoulder straps of her evening dress off her shouldes and exposing her wonderful breasts to me. She wasn't as large as Fatima, about 36 C, but they were firm and perfectly shaped. She straddled me and started kissing me and rubbing her tits against my face and over my head. If felt fantastic, and as she sat on my lap she could no doubt feel my cock growing beneath her.

She then pulled her dress up and sat back down on my lap. She took my hand and moved it under her dress and pressed my hand between her legs. She was not wearing any underwear and I could feel the smoothness of her shaved pussy. I moved my fingers over her clit and down into the folds of her pussy and felt the moisture leaking from her cunt. She was looking at me with such deep wanton eyes and she leaned forward and whispered into my ears "I'm going to fuck you now" With that she slid down my legs in front of me and from her kneeling position, undid my belt, unzipped my pants and slid my pants down around my ankles. You can imagine everyone in the nite club was now paying attention to what was going on in our corner of the bar even the stripper girls were getting off watching what was happening.

With my cock loose and stiff as a flag pole, Sami moved back up and straddled my lap once more, only this time she lowered herself onto my cock. She slid down the length of my shaft slowly, slowly, all the time just looking directly into my eyes. Finally, she sank down completely impaling herself on my cock. The crowd around us all applauded, and even Fatima came over and kissed Sami full on the mouth before turning to me and asking me if it felt good. I said yes, and told my wife that she should be having some fun with Ken. She looked at me and said, "don't worry, we will".

Sami now started to raise her body again, all the way to the top of my cock, leaving only the swollen head of my penis still inside her, then down she went again, then up and down again and again. She was riding me faster and harder with every stroke, and each time she came up she squeezed her cunt muscles as tight as she could and it had the effect of bringing me to the brink of orgasm faster than anything I had ever experienced. She pumped me, up and down with her tight cunt until I couldn't hold on any longer and my balls released their stored up flood of semen into this goddess who was still riding me up and down. She let out a loud "Ooohh, I can feel your warm seed shooting inside me" at which point those around us let out a big cheer and applause.

I lay back trying to catch my breath, and when I finally got my senses back I looked over to my wife and Sami's husband to see Fatima leaning over with her head in Ken's lap giving him a very deep blow job. He must have just blown his load because I could see sperm escaping from the side of her mouth. Again, the crowd cheered and clapped. The girls straightened themselves up and went to the toilet to clean up. When they came back out, the crowd gave them one more cheer and the club owner came over and gave us all a round of drinks and said we can drink free for the rest of the night.

The photo is of Fatima and Sami in bed later that night after Ken and I fucked them both. And to answer one person's email, what i have described is absolutely true. The next story is about our first orgy together. Drop me a line and describe what you would do if you had my wife for a night which is what happened in an adventure yet to be told.

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