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The following is a brief, simple and easy way to jump into cuckolding. It has value for most anyone, but will be particularly helpful for those women who struggle getting started and want to take the bull by the horns (so to speak). An example might be a couple where the female half has had a hard time imagining actually cuckolding, but suddenly has someone come into her life she is attracted to and wants to be with.

Do not allow your husband to masturbate or cum for two weeks solid. If he is allowed to masturbate, require that it be in front of you and absolutely prohibit him from cumming. If he accidentally cums, punish him severely and prohibit him from cumming again for another two weeks, plus one. If necessary or otherwise desired, make him wear a chastity device.

Tease him ruthlessly during this period. Tell him you will reward him if he successfully completes the time required. Once he has successfully completed the time, restrain him completely in a manner that allows you access. He will be thinking you have a nice, long night of fun in store for him. Instead, get some lube and give him the fastest, most stimulating handjob you can.

If you fear it might take too long, start out by putting some lube on your finger or a toy. Begin fucking his ass and masturbating him at the same time. Your goal is to make him cum as fast as you possibly can. If you can do it in less than a minute, that is perfect. If you can get him to ejaculate before he even has time to become fully erect, you are a Goddess.

Let him sit there with cum on his stomach and chest for a time. Consider making him eat it from a spoon as you scrape it off of him. The entire time you are doing so, sip a glass of wine and tell him how pathetic it is that he cums so quickly. Try to have sex with him almost immediately afterwards and before he has recovered so he is not able to get hard. Act frustrated at his inability to perform and voice it. Then pull up a chair and call a male friend on the phone. Have an openly flirtatious and sexual conversation right in front of him, ideally on speaker phone. Better still, leave him sitting there while you go change into something really sexy, then make the call. Make arrangements right in front of him to meet another man you are fucking or interested in fucking.

Leave him restrained while you go out for a quickie. When you get back, make him go down on you and wonder if you did anything. Better still, make it clear that you did and have him clean you up anyway. After you cum, make him put on the panties you wore after you got fucked and sleep on the couch or at the foot of your bed. Take a picture of him in them. In the morning he will be totally whipped, shy and unable to look you in the eye.

He will be thinking, thankfully that it is over. Do NOT CHANGE YOUR DEMEANOR. Instead make him wear the panties underneath his clothes at work. Tease him during the day via text or phone calls. Be sure to include any pictures you took of the entire affair, such as him restrained, covered in cum, etc.

If you actually had sex and took any pictures of it, send those along as well. By the time you come home from work you will have completely whipped him and as long as you make it clear who is in charge, you will own him from that point forward.

You are welcome.

Cuckold Coach - CCoach@mail.com

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