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I Stuck through my Wife's Affair!

Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Ethan and Loving Wife


The fact that my wife and I are still happily married for many years shows I made the right decision sticking by her during her 2 1/2 + years affair. Of course at the time one does not know what will happen and it could drive someone crazy. I have no doubt that if I had tried to push her too hard instead of letting things just run their course we'd be divorced. This is something that happened in what would be the last 6 months of her affair. Of course I did not know it then. It happened after two other humiliating experiences.

My wife kept moving back in and out again several times. At one time I knew how many times but now have lost track. This was one of those times that she had moved back. She had moved back in on a Monday having broken up with her boyfriend over the weekend. It was her idea for us to have my parents watch our kids the following Friday and Saturday.

By the way I never told my parents of my wife's affair the whole time. Anyway, I figured that she intended for us to finally make love that weekend so I must say I was very horny thinking about that the whole week. We dropped the kids off after they got out of school on Friday at my parents house. They lived 1 hour away. We went to a movie and had dinner and drove back home. Once we got home the phone began to ring which she answered. You guessed it. It was her boyfriend who was very upset over their breakup needing to talk to her.

They talked for quite some time. She and I took showers, not together, and we did not speak about her conservation with her boyfriend. We did go to bed together though. All I did was hold her in my arms. I figured I'd let her initiate anything knowing my chances were slim on us making love because of the phone call.

After about 1/2 hour the doorbell rang. She got up saying it was probably Kenny, her boyfriend. I stayed in bed. I could hear them talking. She finally came into the bedroom and said she wanted to sleep with Kenny. He had been drinking and she did not want him driving. I told her they could sleep in our bedroom. I got up to sleep on the sofa instead of one of our children's bedrooms. I did not have much to say to Kenny and he did not say much to me.

It was probably no more then a half hour later and I heard them making love. All I did was pull my cock out and jerk myself off before going to sleep. Things did not happen as I envisioned them happening. Here was another guy fucking my wife in our bed this weekend instead of me.

She moved back out the next day.

My wife's affair happened a few years back. I must say it was a fantasy of mine for at least 10 years before it actually happened. My wife and I would talk about it mostly while making love. Actually the whole cuckolding thing, even though we did not know there was a term for it back then. We even talked about me eating the cream pies she might bring home to me. Again, back then I did not know that term for eating a cum filled pussy.

The whole process was slow to develop starting with her going out dancing and coming home with passion marks on her neck. Anyway, 6 months later, my wife's attitude towards me changed completely. She was no longer a loving wife. I cried after learning of her affair and her intention of not giving up her boyfriend. I could have a divorce if I wanted. This was not what I had envisioned happening when we use to talk about it.

I of course chose to hang in there.

I guess it was a few months later again that I came up with a plan to win back her love. I would take her to New York on our 16th wedding anniversary in September. That was always a dream of hers, going to New York. I bought the plane tickets, I got tickets to see great shows. I made dinner reservations.

Got a great hotel room close to all the action. Arranged to have flowers in our room upon arrival. One day I presented all of this to her. Guess what? She really did not want to go. After a couple of months she decided to go mostly because I (we) would lose money by canceling the trip.

Right from the start though the trip was pretty much a disaster. She felt more like a stranger instead of my wife of 16 years. There was no sex. She would call her boyfriend several times a day right in front of me telling him she loved and missed him. She cut our trip down from 5 days to 3 days making all the arrangements to come back home with or without me.

As we were making our 1 hour drive home from the airport she asked me to drop her off at her boyfriends instead of coming home to our house. When I finally dropped her off at his house I saw her run into his open arms and hug and kiss him. As I drove away I knew they would be fucking before I got to my parents to pick up our children to bring them home. I knew I was pitiful as I loved her more then I had ever before.

Back to the present moment. We are finally a couple again. She broke down one day and cried saying how sorry she was. How she liked the cuckolding sex and just didn't know what to do as she was raised very conservatively. She saw me as the one ruining the relationship and was unconciously angry at me which is why she humiliated me so much.

She wanted to push me into stopping the whole thing and getting our life back. My fault was not talking about it enough beforehand. So many people on this blog talk for years sometimes before doing anything. I am glad we are good and for now we fantasize and when SHE is ready we'll start again. These pictures are of me and her with the dildo being part of our fantasy of her being fucked while I participate.

Ethan & Loving Wife

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