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My Ex Girlfriend Snuck out Naked

Girlfriend who wants to Fuck other Men

By: Pathetic


Hey all at the blog! This is my first time posting here, I don't have much experience but I've actually been cucked by a few of my exes. This is the first and main one.

So when I was fresh out of high school I was always the odd one out. Quiet, a little shy, introverted, even though I didn't really want to be, you know. And I was and still am into a lot of different nerdy things, not that's anything weird.

Just general stuff like different franchises, anime, etc. I had a lot of interests where I'd have phases. Anyways, the point is I had a bit of a hard time making connections or talking to girls.

I did have relationships don't get me wrong, but pretty much all of them were online. When, I met my very first actually local girlfriend it was online. Her name was Emily. We didn't click at first but eventually I came back to talking to her again and we started hanging out. I confessed my feelings for her and it turned out she felt the same way, and for a long while we had a great happy relationship. Unfortunately, it did eventually turn bitter and we had a lot of problems.

Now, I'm very very kinky, and with a lot of our random conversations I told her how into cucking I am. I'm obsessed with it, it's my dream. At first she thought it was funny, and weird. A lot of times she made fun of me for it, like, "You seriously want other guys to fuck your girlfriend? You're not a man, that's soo pathetic!"

She'd also mock my size. I'm 6 inches which is around average but she'd say I look more like 4 and that there's no way it's average.

We made it a regular thing that she'd be texting and flirting with other guys, even sometimes while I was at her house or we were on a date. She'd take nudes for them, often in the bathroom of her either in revealing outfits or completely naked, many of her showing off her boobs hanging down in front of the mirror.

Oh, and yeah, she had really big tits. Just see for yourself. And part of the deal was I wasn't allowed to see anymore. Just lewd suggestive pictures, while guys with big cocks got full nudes. She loved teasing and tormenting me about that.

Sadly, after a year and a half, we broke up due to the relationship just not working out and getting a bit toxic. But that didn't mean we'd never talk again. I went through some jealousy of knowing she was dating a few new boyfriends, one after the other and went through a pretty bad depression.

After 6-7 years of being apart, some of my friends were curious about her after I brought her up, and wanted to talk to her, and it turned out we were still connected via email. So, I sent her something that I wasn't sure was even gonna go through. But it did, and she came back. And we actually got back together for a couple weeks.

During those couple weeks, there was one night she told me goodnight pretty early, she was gonna sleep. But, turns out, that wasn't true, when actually, she texted one of her guy friends. One she knew was on the horny side, and had a big dick.

They decided together to meet up, and fuck, and god, she was wild. She just sneaked out while everyone was asleep, without even wearing anything. Running outside, completely naked.

Walking outside, with those bare tits and ass just completely out there. Oh, another thing I should say was she lived in the country, so she could do this pretty easily without really being seen.

Next morning she told me how she ended up riding this guy, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, all night until like 4 am. Just bouncing and riding this guy's cock, totally unprovoked and I had no idea about it until now.

Honestly, it was so hot. It made me so unbelievably hard, actually having it happen to me. But also really made me sad I couldn't watch.

Oh, and we ended up breaking up again because one of my friends slid in her DMs and convinced her to leave me for him.

To be fair he's a jerk, but she wanted him anyway.


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