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She Spent the Weekend with her Boyfriend!

Wife wanted a Threesome - Cuckold Husband

By: A Humiliated Man


Usual scenario for my wife; she decided to spend the weekend with her boyfriend K.

She leaves last night looking absolutely stunning as usual for a shift in his shop.

He arrived at around 5pm to collect her. She was wearing a lovely wet look dress and suede boots. The dress barely covers her arse.

She gives me a kiss as she leaves.

I text her at around 10pm; I'd been working from home til late and she tells me to come to the shop and K will make me some food.

I get to the shop and my wife is there; still taking orders from the piss heads after their night out.

Drunk men commenting about her and asking for her number. I laugh; I'm sat on a bench eating some food. Their attempts humour me.

One guy says "Come home with me love" and she replies "Sorry, I'm already taken."

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"K! He's my boyfriend."

The drunk guy answers "Seriously? The old guy is your partner?"

K laughs it off; used to his clientele let's say!

As I finish my food. K hands the rest of the shift over to one of the staff and invites me upstairs.

We go up to the flat. K sits on a chair; my wife swings her legs across his legs and puts her arms around his neck as they have a little kiss and a cuddle. It's all for show; she enjoys humiliating me... I love it.

"Hope you're not too tired after the shift babe!"

At this point, I'm having a smoke and watching the mild petting.

"Shall we let him watch?" K asks.

"Yes! He can watch you take his wife again."

She jumps up and takes him by the hand leading him to the bedroom.

I follow. K is quite private and last time I watched, he made me turn away so I couldn't see him. Last night; he just stripped.

I saw his cock properly for the first time. It's definitely smaller than mine. The sight of it did nothing for me of course, but I realised at this point; my wife chooses sex with him over me and it's definitely not about size.

My wife gets on her knees and starts sucking. Every couple of minutes she comes out with comments, "I love your dick"; "it tastes lovely"; "his does nothing for me like yours". She looks in my direction each time.

"Bend over" my wife kneels on the bed as K gets behind her. She gasps as he puts it in; I never make her cum but after 30 seconds of pounding; she squeals "Babe, I'm cumming."

She shudders as he carries on. He smacks her arse. "Thank you" follows each slap.

He pounds her for 5 minutes from behind and unloads in her pussy; each thrust he holds her hips and rams himself in her; it looks painful but she just screams with pleasure each time.

She flops on the bed.

"Your turn; take your wife."

K has never suggested he wants to watch us fuck; he doesn't even want me to have sex with her; she is supposed to be exclusive to him.

"What? No sweet; he'll ruin our evening" my wife says.

"I want to watch him fuck you."

After a pause, she sighs, "Ok, if it makes you happy."

Obviously I'm hard and excited at getting a go of my wife. As I approach the bed she says, "Wait a minute; let me undress; this outfit is to please K, not you."

She gets naked and bends over the bed. He came deep because there is no cum leaking.

I ask if I'm allowed to cum inside her - K gives me permission.

I put my cock inside her. "Embarrassing" my wife says... I found the courage to say "I'm bigger!"... She shoots me down, "Yea but I actually like his cock."

K laughs.

I manage to go for about 2 minutes; my wife doesn't make a sound. I cum and try to thrust like K. No reaction.

My wife rolls over and grabs a towel from the drawers. She starts cleaning herself "Sorry, I don't want your cum in me tonight" as she squeezes it out and wipes it away.

K lies on the bed next to her; she kisses him deeply. "I only did that for you" he smiles and tells her, "I just wanted my own little show."

They ignore me and start kissing; she climbs on top and puts his cock inside her.

"You can leave now; I want to enjoy MY time."

K nods in approval.

"Go home and play with yourself."

"Can I use your boots love?" I ask.

"No, I've given you enough tonight."

I leave. I ignore what she said and spent the evening licking some boots whilst masturbating.

That's how it is.

A Humiliated Man

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