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My Girlfriend was Fucked at a Wedding!

Wife being taken by her Sexual Cuckold Bulls

By: 00 Cucky


Hey, my girlfriend has returned from a wedding where her ex-boyfriend was also present. They fucked 2 weeks ago at his house, although I didn't know anything about it until she confessed to me when she came back.

This time I expected it to happen and I was very nervous, jealous but also very horny. Although she assured me that nothing would happen, of course he fucked her. You will find out everything in the continuation of the story.

She left on Friday morning, and the wedding was on Saturday night. Before she left, I noticed that she had left a landing strip above her pussy, probably for him, although she told me it wasn't. Otherwise, it is always completely clean-shaven.

Basically, we texted each other all Friday until the evening when she stopped responding to messages. On Saturday morning, we talked on the phone, and I asked her if she didn't answer because he was fucking her. She hesitated a little with the answer but still said, "Okay, we did, we fucked, but with a condom, I promise. I'll tell you everything when I get there. Sorry."

Although I expected it, I became terribly jealous and horny. We didn't talk until a couple of hours ago when she arrived home.

When we said hello and made small talk, I was so nervous that I had to find out everything right away. I'll try to give you an idea of how the conversation went below:

"And? What do you have to tell me? Did he fuck you well?" - I asked her.

"Why do you have to know all the details? Okay, sorry...he fucked me, yes..." - she said.

"Because I'm your boyfriend. I have the right to know what happened. You said you used a condom?" I asked.

"Well, I mean, the first night... And you know what he's like. I already told you that he always insists on fucking me without a condom and doesn't want to hear no. He put it on first because I told him, but he took it off damn fast. Sorry, I know I told you we used it all the time because I didn't want to hurt you and make you angry." - she answered.

"What do you think the first night? He didn't cum in you, did he?" I continued.

"Well, the first evening, I was at his place after the wedding... You know what I'm like when there's such an environment. And of course he didn't cum in me. You know everything from the messages you read last time, it's always like that... " - she answered.

Not to make the story too long, they had sex on Friday, Saturday after the wedding and Sunday morning before she came home. Several times every night. I admitted to her that although it makes me jealous, it also for some reason turns me on. She said that she had noticed that and that she would tell me what I was interested in if that would make it easier for me.

That's how I found out that even though she told me she didn't mean to fuck him, she had that intention from the last time they saw each other. And that he told her to leave the landing strip over her pussy because he likes it and she obeyed him because he always fucks her well when she respects his wishes.

They had planned in advance that she would be at his place both evenings, even though she told me that she would be at her house. What surprised me the most was when she admitted that she wanted him to cum in her, the night after the wedding, but he didn't because he is dominant so he always decides and always decides to cum in her mouth.

She confirmed to me that she swallowed his sperm because you can't refuse him when he insists on something, but she also admitted that it turns her on because his loads are huge. It's an understatement to say that at that moment I almost fainted from excitement.

I also later found her panties in the bathroom, which were full of sperm that had already been absorbed, but there were obvious marks because the panties are black. I asked her what it was about, and it turns out that it was sperm from this morning, he fucked her on the way out and just pulled it out of her pussy and started spraying it on her panties, pussy and summer dress.

That's what I found out so far. I believe there will be more soon.

00 Cucky

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