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A Stranger made my Fiancee Cum with LoveSense!

Fiancee was Fucked Virtually by a Stranger - Cuckold Husband

By: Husband to Be


We're M30 and F29, who have been together 9 years. In planning for our wedding this year in under 6 months , it's fair to say our sex lives have gone relatively out the window the last few months. Pre-engagement, our sex lives had been great. Lots of experimentation, plenty of toys that I loved using on her, especially sizing up with Hankey toys or sheaths which was leading to organising our first 3some (mfm) however these conversations and desire all but fell off a cliff.

Now the wedding is pretty much planned, things have got much more relaxed, our sex life is finally returning.

So brining it back to yesterday, we had a nice day out together in the sun and when getting home in the evening, got into bed. Settling in to watching Netflix on a phone, a notification pops up on at the top of our screen - Join in the global Lovense Orgy.

Those who don't know, Lovense, it's a remote vibrator that can be controlled through a phone app, but also, can be controlled by anyone, anywhere in the world through a url link.

Having looked at each other we opened up the app and find out more about it. I pulled out the vibrator from the bedside table and turned it on and within a minute, someone was controlling our toy.

The vibrations started soft, teasing, and exploratory. My fiance's eyes widened in surprise and excitement as the toy hummed to life in her hands. She reclined back against the pillows, legs slightly apart, the toy nestled against her, outside her thong its presence a tantalizing promise of pleasure.

I could see the thrill in her eyes, the hint of a naughty smile playing on her lips, the excitement palpable between us. "This is different, It's someone out there", her voice tinged with anticipation and curiosity, the concept being both foreign and exhilarating.

Minutes turned into what felt like an eternity of exquisite torment. The unseen stranger controlling the vibrator seemed to know exactly how to keep her engaged. The low waves of vibrations alternated with sudden pauses, each break causing her to whimper in frustration and desire.

"God, this is driving me crazy," she gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

I leaned in closer, my own arousal building as I watched her. "Do you want more?"

She nodded, her eyes pleading. "Yes, please. I want... I need more."

I pulled off her thong and rubbed the vibrator against her wet lips and slowly slid the toy in her, as she let out a deep moan.

Taking my phone, I opened the app and sent a message to the anonymous controller: letting him know I had just put the toy in her and that the teasing was driving her crazy and make her beg for it.

The vibrations continued, a slow, deliberate rhythm that seemed designed to tease and edge. Her hips began to move, gently rocking in time with the rhythm of the toy.

The vibrations would build up, increasing in intensity, only to pause abruptly, leaving her on the edge of climax but not quite there as her breaths grew heavier, and she started to moan with eyes closed as she surrendered to the sensation.

Slowly, the vibrations intensified, still teasing but more insistent. My fiance's body responded eagerly, her back arching, her legs spreading wider. Her moans became more frequent, louder, each one a symphony of her mounting pleasure. She looked at me, her eyes dark with desire. "Send him a voice note," she said breathlessly. "Let him hear me." With trembling hands, I held the phone close to her lips as she moaned, her voice raw and needy, watching my wife beg for pleasure from this mystery man. "I want more vibrations. please, make me cum," she begged, her words punctuated by gasps and whimpers.

I sent the voice note, feeling a thrill of anticipation. Moments later, the response came in the form of an even more powerful surge of vibrations. They were relentless now, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

I moved closer, caressing and kissing all of her body, my own arousal growing as I watched her pleasure mount. My hand resting on her mound, feeling the tremors running through her body and asking her how it felt. It was intoxicating, knowing that an anonymous stranger was orchestrating this moment, controlling the device that was bringing her such pleasure.

Suddenly, she turned to me, her eyes dark with desire. "I want more," she breathed, her voice trembling with need. "I want you inside me with the toy."

The thought sent a jolt of arousal through me. I nodded, my heart pounding. "Anything you want," | said, my voice hoarse with anticipation. With a shaky hand, I typed a message to the anonymous controller: Lower the vibrations as we're going to do DP.

Almost immediately, the intensity of the vibrations decreased, becoming a softer hum. I moved closer, positioning myself between her legs. As I guided myself into her, she gasped, the sensation of me filling her combined with the still-thrumming toy driving her wild.

The vibrations continued at a gentle pace, enhancing every movement, every thrust. Her hips rocked against mine, the dual stimulation overwhelming her senses. I could feel her tightening around me, her body trembling with pleasure.

But the excitement, the intensity of the moment, and the steady hum of the vibrator were too much for me. Within minutes, I felt myself nearing the edge. I tried to hold back, to make it last, but the combination of sensations was too powerful.

"I'm going to..." I gasped, unable to finish my sentence as I came, my climax hitting me hard and fast. She moaned softly, feeling me pulse inside her. I withdrew, my breath ragged, and looked at her apologetically. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold back."

She smiled, her eyes still filled with need. "It's okay," she whispered. "I still need to cum. Let's focus back on the toy."

I nodded, grabbing the phone and sending another message: Bring her to the edge and make her beg again. The stranger responded immediately, the vibrations increasing in intensity, becoming more unpredictable and powerful.

My fiance's moans grew louder, more desperate, her body arching off the bed as the toy drove her closer to the edge once more, no longer focussing on me but this stranger making her feel so good. "Oh God... yes, yes, just like that," she cried out. "I'm so close..." Her body writhed in pleasure, every muscle taut, every breath a moan or a gasp. The tension within her built to an almost unbearable peak.

She took the phone out of my hand and took control of the voice notes. "I want him to hear me cum", her voice cracking with need.

I watched, mesmerized, as the vibrations reached a fever pitch. Her eyes closed, her mouth open and moans and screams of ecstasy left her body as she finally tumbled over the edge. Her orgasm crashed over her in powerful waves, her body convulsing with the intensity of it.

I just watched from the side while a stranger, somewhere out there, had controlled the vibrator and brought my fiancee to an intense, shattering climax.

As her breathing slowed and she came back to herself, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, her face flushed and glowing with satisfaction. "That was... incredible," she said, her voice breathless. "He knew exactly what he's doing, controlling it so well. He was so good..."

I smiled back, leaning in to kiss her gently. "You were amazing," I murmured. "Seeing you like that... hearing you... it was incredible ."

I held her through it, feeling the tremors run through her, her moans turning into soft whimpers as the pleasure gradually ebbed. The stranger's control over the vibrator had brought her to a shattering, mind-blowing climax, and it had been one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

We lay there together, basking in the afterglow, the thrill of the experience still lingering in the air. Our sex life had been reignited in the most unexpected way, and I knew that this has now perhaps reignited a new, exciting chapter in our relationship, that I've been wanting for so long .

Having another man take control of my wife to be. Totally owning her, teasing her and he alone making her tremble and cum. I'm excited but also scared.

Husband to Be

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