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Wife Loses a Bet to a Superior Friend!

Wife wanted a Threesome - Cuckold Husband

By: C & Ivy


Any desire to be a cuckold was alien to me in the past. My desire to turn me into a cuckold on the other hand was there from the get-go. Back when all of this began, she was still my fiancee.

Regularly Ivy would fantasize about doing it with another man. Sometimes she fantasized about us having a threesome. Other times she would enjoy having alone time with another man. But it was never anything concrete. Ivy told me about these scenarios as part of dirty talk or she whispered her thoughts and unformed fantasies into my ear during sex. But there never was a name attached to these fantasies. And honestly, I did not invest too much thought into it.

Ivy and I met several years back. I always knew the thought of settling down and never having had that wild phase in her life bothered her. While I have known her, she has always been the person responsible.

But then a name did emerge. And that name became a fixture in her fantasies. Ivy had a huge crush on my friend Kurt. I thought this was to make me jealous since I honestly did not react that way when she kept repeating her thoughts of being unfaithful. As I said I took it as dirty talk. But hindsight affords me the luxury of knowing how Kurt came to be at the center of Ivy's desire.

Melissa, one of Ivy's friends, had hooked up with Kurt. And during a girl's night, Melissa spilled the beans on Kurt's endurance and all-over skills in bed. These revelations had lit a fire in Ivy's imagination.

As a second factor in this equation, I encouraged Ivy to go a little wild and have fun. No, I didn't give her a hall pass to fuck around. But I love and trust her, so I encouraged her to be wilder.

Ivy took my encouragement to heart. It didn't start too extreme. She showed a little more skin while going out and didn't volunteer to be the designated driver anymore.

But things came into motion when Ivy made Kurt a bet. We were at another friend's party. The stakes were nothing overtly sexual. And the bet itself was dumb. Kurt had juggled some bottles, despite being drunk. Ivy bet she could do that too. The loser had to do something the winner said. I am going to make it short. Ivy lost.

Ivy was dressed in a very short dress and stockings. And I had noticed the guys there oogling her. Kurt among them. Having won the bet, Kurt grinned like a madman and demanded a lap dance from Ivy, on the condition, that I was okay with it.

I was a little weirded out, but I had encouraged Ivy to take a walk on the wild side. Some alcohol and the other party guests chanting "Lap dance!", "Let her do it!" and "Betting debts are debts of honor!" did the rest to "peer pressure" me into letting Ivy do it. I just said that Ivy had made her bed now she had to lay in it.

I did however tell Kurt and Ivy to go into another room. I didn't want the whole party to watch my love rubbing herself all over my friend. I did not consider that I had just told Ivy, who wanted to fuck my friend, and Kurt, a drunk and in our friend group legendarily horny guy, to go into a room together without witnesses and anyone to stop them.

They didn't fuck in there. But Ivy later told me, that things went significantly further than a lap dance. Kurt had his hands under Ivy's dress and in her panties. Ivy for her part made out with Kurt and had her hands down his pants.

Ivy didn't immediately confess her transgressions. Neither did Kurt. But over the next months, Ivy's scenarios during dirty talk became more elaborate. And every time she led me through the events in a sultry and moaning voice, she bid me to imagine the events going further and further. By then I couldn't deny that the thought of my love being at the mercy of my friend after losing a bet turned me on.

One night Ivy asked me, what I'd do if she bet Kurt again and lost. And what if he would demanded more than a lap dance? Ivy was jerking me off while making out with me. Moaning and on the verge of cumming I said, "You'll have to settle your betting debts yourself." I considered this barely more than our usual dirty talk.

But when we were together the next time with Kurt, it became clear that to Ivy the question had been dead serious. We were in our local bar. Kurt and I were playing a game of darts. Around the halfway mark of the game, Ivy came up to us and in her usual bedroom voice whispered to the two of us. "Kurt, I'll bet you can't win," Kurt smirked. "What if I do?" "I'll do anything you want! And I mean anything! And if you don't, I am sure we will find a solution" Ivy answered. The meaning of her words was clear. Kurt looked at me astonished. And I was similarly flabbergasted. But Ivy turned to me and kissed me. She said, "Why are you looking at him? He already has given me his permission." Then directed at me she asked, "Haven't you, honey?"

I had to make a snap decision. I just nodded. And a bit hesitantly I repeated my words from days before. "If you lose, you'll have to settle your debts. After all, it is a question of honor." Kurt grinned like a schoolboy. All he had to do was win. It remains to be said, that Ivy was very supportive. She rubbed herself all over me. She whispered good luck into my ear in her sexiest voice. Even the densest idiot would've understood that she was distracting me on purpose. And it worked. To be honest, though the images of Kurt and Ivy going through my mind, would have probably also done the trick.

Long story short, I lost that game. Kurt just thanked me for losing and Ivy kissed me and told me, I'd see her tomorrow. And then Kurt took my then fiancee home. To Ivy's eternal joy, Kurt lived up to the praise Melissa had heaped on him.

Now, several years later, Ivy still loves losing bets to Kurt. Just recently was Kurt's birthday. And Ivy bet him, that she could make him cum, before he could make her orgasm. And as always, she happily lost to his cock. As a forfeit, she bet him, that for a month, she would only be his.

What should I say? Today, from the 1st of June until the 30th Kurt owns my wife. Or more precisely has exclusive rights to her body. It isn't the first time that has happened. And it won't be the last.

Kurt is at the moment fucking the shit out of my wife. Or I guess, for the month his quasi-girlfriend. And I am sitting alone at home locked in a chastity cage. I owe the cage to making a deal with Kurt.

Ivy is allowed to use her hands and feet to get me off. But I must wear a chastity cage for the month. And Kurt has the key to it. So, he gets to decide when Ivy is allowed to get me off.

And that is by far not the most humiliated I have ever been.

Husband C

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