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My Girlfriend was Fucked in the Car!

Girlfriend had Sex with a Tall Man - Cuckold Husband

By: Kimi & Me


I've been telling my girlfriend Kimi for a while now about my cuckold fantasies and other kinky stuff and she is super into it and very supportive. We roleplayed it one wild night, she yelled, "Jamie (my name) I want Jay to fuck me!" into my ear while having the craziest orgasm.

I couldn't resist and came inside her almost immediately. Jay is our mutual friend. Well, mostly her friend that she met through a different friend (unimportant). He is your typical tall, dark, and handsome masculine gentleman. Not me at all.

Context: I am Jamie. I'm tall, slim, flat stomach, light abs, but have a kind of big butt for my slender frame at least.

My girlfriend Kimi is a very made up girly girl. Wears tight and revealing clothes a lot so she's definitely not shy about showing off her body. Which gets attention as you can imagine from these pictures.

I like it tbh when people check her out. It fuels something primal in me. Anyways, so ever since then we've been talking and yeah last night after work, we all went to the mall and the plan was we'd all go shopping for a bit and chill, then we'd go with the flow and maybe she'd make out with him or more back at our place I don't know. Well, they send me off to go shopping by myself for Kimi and for myself. We planned on getting new bras, some sexy lingerie corset type stuff, and a few other items but I guess I was on my own.

Well, later she texted me, "Hey, come back to the car and let's talk then go home." I hurry back and it's just her in the car. She told me all the details.

Oh. My. God. They fucked without a condom and he filled her up. She told me they tried to cover the windows the best they could. Luckily my windows are kind of tinted and I parked farther away from the busier area but still.

She was apparently screaming a lot and orgasmed at least 4 times. I was in complete shock. I know I was crazy for telling her I had no limits and everything and anything is on the table because I'm crazy about this fetish but this is insane.

They were making out hardcore after I left. He fingered her and sucked on her tits and literally made her orgasm several times from just fucking her. I honestly thought ahe could only orgasm like twice then tap out from exhaustion.

Apparently, when he was about to cum, she pulled him in tightly with her legs while they made out passionately. He came a lot and he came deep inside her. She made sure of it. Afterwards, she told him she needed to go shopping with me soon and that she would text him. He made out with her one last time, gently choking her neck then said bye. He went back to his car and left.

I was so horny right then hearing that. We rush home. I eat her out, slurp as much of Jay's cum out as I can before I fuck her. She doesn't cum but I quickly cum inside her. God, I keep thinking of Jay and how he made her his so easily.

I honestly low key want him too but I don't think he's into me. Oh well, for now I'm loving how much he pleasures Kimi but it definitely drives me a little bit crazy since he's like the opposite of me. If anything, I've become more and more bi over the years.

He is your typical tall jock alpha yadda yadda. Honestly not usually my type and I thought also not hers but apparently I'm wrong lol. We've talked about it more but I don't want to push too much.

I know she's been messaging him back and forth a lot because I see her smirking more randomly throughout the day and also her panties may or may not be randomly more moist when I go in for a feel...

Okay, so yeah, they are soaking all day long.

Kimi & Me

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