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She Flirted in the Hot Tub on Vacation!

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By: Vacation Couple


The following happened last month (May) while my fiancee and I celebrated our engagement by taking a trip to Florida. Her style is a good mix between goth/alt, preppy, and "girl next door." Our relationship is awesome and the sex is incredible.

We made it a habit of hitting one of the bars in the resort for drinks almost nightly, just getting a decent buzz before heading back to the room for sex and bed. Vacation also tends to bring out deeper conversations.

We had already previously discussed the desire I've had for her to sleep with another man, but it only stayed in fantasy because neither of us fully understood the mechanics behind it. The first night of our trip, I shared with her the breakthrough I had with my therapist regarding this situation and that my desire came from past trauma of being cheated on and having boundaries ignored, causing me to seek out a situation where I could have some control over it.

On night 3, we got down to the bar before I realized I had left my wallet in the room. I'm not sure if this was a subconscious act or just normal forgetfulness. I left her at the bar by herself while I went back to the room. As I got back, I saw her finishing up a conversation with another bar patron. She's naturally friendly, so I thought nothing of it when he left after I got there. We finished our drink date and headed back toward the room. On the elevator, I asked her who that guy was.

Oh, that's Jack. He gave me his number, but I told him I'm married and that you'd be back any second. He tried being funny and told me that's never mattered before.

I took this as the universe giving me a sign, so I told her she should text him, reassuring her that neither of us had to do anything we weren't comfortable with, essentially giving her a hall pass. After a few texts, he invited the two of us to come down to the hot tub and have some drinks and chill, so she donned her bikini and we headed down.

It was just the 3 of us in the hot tub. We sat for what seemed like hours just chatting and enjoying ourselves. He was a natural flirt, and although she had her hand firmly on my thigh under the water, I could see her making eyes at him. I already knew he was attractive, it was undeniable. After a while (and once I was aroused by my fiance flirting with another man while touching me), I decided to take my leave, telling her she was welcome to stay if she wanted. She obliged and I returned to the room, showered, and got ready for bed.

Not long after, I got a phone call from her stating that Jack had invited her to his room for a nightcap and that she was going. I nervously told her to have fun.

At 3am, I heard the door open and she crawled into the bed and kissed me. Her breath smelled like cock, but not in a bad way. I was aroused immediately. I asked how it was and she would only tell me that she made a mess (she squirts).

I crawled between her legs, her pussy was still open and puffy from arousal. The taste was exquisite, as usual, with just a taste of what had been in there (no cum though). I brought her to orgasm with my mouth, then proceeded to bury myself inside of her since he had already done most of the work.

Because she was already opened up from arousal and being fucked, I was able to last a little longer than usual.

It was amazing and I'm still processing it. She only told em a few of the details, so I don't know much. Says she wants to give me bit by bit over the summer. I am very, very excited as I write this in.

Vacation Couple

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