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My Girlfriend & my best Friend

By: F & T

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


My gf of 3 years and I had always been really open to talk about our fantasies so she knew for a while I was into cuckolding.

Always said she was okay with trying but would like something like a threesome first, just to get how she feels having sex with someone else.

A few weeks back, we went to spend the night at my best friend's place. Planned on sleeping there even though he has a small flat because I was gonna drink. I've known my best friend for about 8 years and even though he's not especially handsome or anything, he seems to always have a girl home. I just assumed for the past few years that he just might be really good in bed, not that I was interested whatsoever.

Well this day was no different cause, when we arrived to his place, there was a girl who was just leaving. A tall blonde bombshell with boobs as big as her head, the kind of girl I would've dreamt of fucking when I was a teen. Now, I'm happy with my girlfriend. She's cute and a freak in bed.

Anyways, the girl left and the evening got going, we drank a little, played some videogames, talked a lot, we were having good fun. At one point, like it usually does when we're tipsy enough, the subject of sex was brought to the table.

My best friend mentionned he had a sex drive that was too high and that he'd like to have a frequent partner cause having a girl come once a day, fuck each other, then go wasn't cutting it for him. My gf said she felt the same and I plead guilty on that, as I have a hard time having sex more than 3-4 times a week.

My best friend jokingly said I should lend him my gf from time to time. He clearly said it as a joke but my girlfriend's eyes were telling another story. She got a bit closer to him and knowing how excited I was, made her intentions very clear as she asked him what his take was on threesomes.

Very aware of my cuckolding fantasy, he answered that it always ended with the other guy watching him fuck the girl in his experience (as he has boatloads of stamina) but he wasn't complaining with that. My gf got even closer and ran her fingers behind his neck while asking if he'd be down to back down his words right now.

He glanced at me as I nodded, coming closer to the two of them and it went real fast from this point on.

She started making out with us, alternating between him and me. As I grabbed her face, he got bolder and started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She took them off and he started fingering her while kissing her neck.

She put her hands in both our jeans and gasped when she touched my friends dick, even though, at this time, I didn't know why. After a few minutes of moaning on my friends fingers, she got on her knees and took our pants off.

There, I realised why she gasped at a 7 inch long cock, almost two times my width. Off came my best friend's boxer and she melted. She jerked us both off and started licking and sucking our dicks alternatively.

It was so hot seeing her lips wrap around another man's dick as he grabbed the back of her head and slowly pushed her face on his shaft. My gf isn't half-bad at sucking dick but with this combination of length and girth, she was struggling more than she usually does so she went working on it with both hands.

I got up behind her and started fucking her doggystyle while she was sucking my friend's cock. It was so hot I came in maybe 5 minutes. She continued sucking his dick for a few minutes but I was so tired I couldn't get back into it so we just stopped it here, wich was okay for everyone and we quickly agreed to all go to bed. But the really exciting part starts here.

I need to detail the setup of my best friend's flat for you to understand the following part. So it's a 1-room flat where the couch is in the main space and, hidden behind a curtain, in a little alcove is my best friend's bed. So he went in his bed and my gf and I settled on the couch.

I quickly fell asleep with her in my arms but woke up less than an hour later to the hottest scene in my whole life. First thing I noticed was that my gf wasn't on the couch with me anymore. Then I heard the noises coming from the bed, behind the curtain.

At first it was just heavy breath and little giggled for both of them. Then I heard some kissing noises and my gf whispering, "Can I put it inside?" And after a few seconds, she muffled a heavy moan. I know her well, she can't be silent during sex so I was in for a wild ride.

She moaned a few other times before saying, "Oh my god, it's so big," and then quickened the pace. I could say she was trying not to wake me up but with each thrust my friend was giving her, she was getting a bit louder. At one point, I heard them change positions and, judging by the clapping sounds that ensued, I guessed they were in doggystyle.

She kept on moaning louder and louder and he started grunting and pounding harder and faster. I could hear my gf's excitement growing and, knowing what was coming, I started jerking off. Within a few minutes, she gasped then let go of a loud moan, followed by a few quieter ones and an, "Oh fuck," as she just had cum on my best friend's cock. I came a few seconds later.

He wasn't done tho, as he kept pounding her for what seemed about an hour, changing positions from time to time. After her first orgasm, my gf wasn't holding her noises anymore and when she got to her second, she straight-up screamed.

They stopped for a few seconds so she could catch her breath. My best friend asked her if she wanted a third round and she responded with a desperate, "Oh my god please yes!" He then said, "Damn, you seem to love that dick." I guess she nodded cause he then said, "Prove it then," just before some very sloppy blowjob noises started.

After a few minutes he started pounding her again but from the moaning sounds, I could tell they were kissing. She came a third time not long after and my best friend came a few seconds later, before praising her with a, "Good girl."

They talked for a bit, each of them saying they should do that again wich got me so excited.

Then my gf came back in the sofa entirely naked, sat on her knees and whispered in my ear, "I've got a surprise for you," I looked at her, drenched in sweat and her hair messed up. But in what little light we had, I could see long strands of cum on her belly.

I got to work cleaning out my best friend's semen on my girlfriends skin and before I could swallow, she grabbed my face and buried her tongue in my mouth, like she wanted a taste too.

Then she laid against me and we felt asleep there.

F & T

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