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This is about myself and my wife Trudy who have a long but interesting post to share.

I knew Trudy was sex mad when I married her... I strongly suspected she was putting herself about when we were engaged to be married... A friend warned me that she was, but I chose not to take any action, I thought she was having her final fling before settling down... And Hey I was no innocent angel LOL.... 'People who live in glass houses' sprang to mind so I kept quiet LOL... Not only that but I found the idea of her being fucked by other men quite arousing in a strange kind of way, I often wished I knew for sure so I could sample her sloppy seconds, but didn't have the guts to go down that road at that time.

Shortly after we married... within 18 months of the wedding to be precise... (can't remember the exact time and date, I was a bit drunk LOL) One evening we had invited an old boyfriend of hers round for drinks, I knew him reasonably well and Trudy had always had a soft spot for him I knew that too, so I let her have her way to see him again... Just for old times sake and a chat, she said... He was married and not available for long term by the way.

As the evening wore on it was apparent that Trudy was hooked on him, she was flirting like hell... flirting like a bloody schoolgirl LOL accidentally on purpose flashing her knickers and all sorts... The convo was full of sexual banter and innuendo as the drink took hold... I found myself thoroughly enjoying the anticipation of her actions and behaviour... Bob the guy was nervous to begin with, but when I made it clear that Trudy was free to flirt and play he calmed down and joined the innuendo game.

The more they flirted and and the closer they got with each other, the more I found myself willing her to go all the way with him... However, I knew neither of them could take it all the way with me there, not that night anyway... It had never been discussed, and Bob was far too shy a guy to fuck a woman in front of her husband, permission granted or not.

I had to leave the room and go to the bathroom upstairs at one point, on my return 6 or 7 minutes later I got a nice surprise... I suppose I'd been half expecting something to happen while I was out of the room, so I was very quiet about coming back downstairs... I avoided both the loose floorboard on the landing and the creaky third stair down... On reaching the halfway point down the stairs I leaned over the stair rail and craned my neck so that I could see into the sitting room through the glass panel above the closed door... Lo and behold, Trudy was virtually mounting his lap kissing him passionately on the sofa... I swear I spotted him having a crafty grope of her tits while they were kissing, but can't be sure on that... Boy did I get a frickin hard-on instantly I saw my wife kissing another man in a sensual/sexual manner.

I studied the lovely sight of my wife in the arms of another man for a minute or so, then fearing they'd suspect something wasn't right I decided to re-appear as though all were normal... I knew Trudy had been waiting to hear the creaking floorboard and stair tread to warn her I was on my way back down, so I nipped up and trod on the board as loudly as I could... Another creak on the stairs on the way back down... I peered through the glass panel quickly and saw that they were sitting round normally frantically adjusting their clothing in preparation for my return.

Things were a bit sort of quiet and boring, (well it seemed boring to me after that treat), for a while, then later Trudy a bit worse for more wine started getting very outrageous at times, up to and including deliberately lifting her skirt and I noted she'd unfasten her blouse by a couple of buttons so displaying her chest more to Bob... Bob was getting a bit embarrassed at times too, he's not an adventurous bloke really and I think he feared a punch on the nose if he got too familiar with my wife in front of me LOL.

I kept wondering how far they would go if I wasn't around, it became a fascination, I fantasised about my wife and Bob... I found myself studying both and wondering if he had the balls to fuck her... I was certain she had the nerve to let him... So eventually, even though I was nowhere near as drunk as Trudy, or Bob for that matter, I claimed that I felt very sick and wobbly... I told them I needed to go an lay down for a while, I even hinted that I might not make it back down that night and wished Bob all the best if I wasn't there to see him leave.

I left them on the sofa and made my way upstairs creaking the stair tread and the landing boards... Thinking she might check up on me I went to our room and laid on the bed... Sure enough 10 minutes later I heard the floorboards creak, the bedroom door swung open quietly and Trudy's voice said "Umm you Ok love, Harry... Harry are you awake", I made no sound or movement... Satisfied that I was away with the fairies she closed the door and left the room.

I gave it 5 minutes and then crept down avoiding the creaks, the stairway was in virtual darkness which was a good thing... The only light was coming from the glass panel above the sitting room door, and that was now dimmed... I leaned over the banister rail and got as comfortable as I could then peered though the glass panel... Trudy had dimmed the lights in the sitting room but I could clearly see them on the sofa... They weren't messing about, by that time already Bob had his trousers down and Trudy was masturbating his cock... He in turn had his hand up her skirt and judging by the movements of his arm and in the material was fingering her cunt.

My darling wife then leaned over and took his cock in her mouth, my cock at this point was dribbling pre-cum LOL as I watched her head bobbing up and down sucking his cock... They thought they had limited time so the cock sucking didn't last all that long a time, about 5 minutes and she lifted her head... Then my darling wife stood in front of Bob and lifted her skirt, she said something to him and he reached up and took hold of the waist band of her panties pulling them down her legs and off of her ankles... I couldn't really hear what they were saying to each other, just muffled voices and mumbles.

Then with little or no further foreplay Trudy got on the sofa again and laid back along the seat with her left leg hanging over the side and her right leg bent up against the seat back...Bob manoeuvred himself between her legs holding his cock in his hand guiding it between her legs, and I saw it go into her... My tool was twitching as I watched his cock slide into my wife's soaking wet sloppy cunt hole... Trudy reached up and pulled him down kissing him passionately as I watched his ass going up and down between her legs fucking her... Unfortunately at that point I couldn't see his tool going in and out of her hole, his body and ass were in the way.

Bob managed to fuck it into her for about 15 minutes before losing it and I saw his ass cheeks tense up as he buried it deep inside my wife and unloaded inside her... I almost came in my pants when he lifted himself off of her and I saw his glistening wet softening prick slide out of her hole... followed by a trickle of his white semen dribbling out of her... Man that was hot to watch.

I have to confess she's got a lot worse since... at times out of my control or even her own control... Trudy has a problem with her sexuality... Too fucking much of it LOL... Things go on at times that shouldn't go on, but there's bugger all I can do to stop her.

Trudy confessed to me later, (after we got talking about her needs and I told her she was free to screw any bloke she wanted), that she wasn't really worried if I did come down and catch her being fucked by Bob that night... Bob was the nervous one who'd made her come up and check that I was crashed out drunk before he agreed to fuck her with me in the house.

She told me that her needs for wild depraved sex were so bad that she couldn't help herself and although she still loved me loads and didn't want to lose me, she had no intention of being faithful to me... It was a sort of ultimatum I suppose, accept it and join in the fun, or if I didn't like it I would just have to put up with it... Suited me really cos I've always been a kinky voyeur, so I told her she must accept the fact that I would want to watch her getting fucked whenever possible, and if not she must tell me every filthy detail later... So it was agreed, she could have as much cock as she wanted, but I must always know about it eventually if not at the time.

I do the cuck wimp to a degree for effect and entertainment, but I'm not a sub by nature and I often show my true colours LOL... People can call me names and treat me a bit badly if it suits me, but I do baulk occasionally... Anyway, there are pictures in this email also to post. I hope it's as enjoyable as the other stories on the blog.

- TK




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