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My Wife Confused Lust & Connection with our Friend!

Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Lifestyle Cuck


So, my wife and I have been married for 10 years and in an open relationship. We are both professionals with demanding jobs and have two elementary age children. My wife is a sexy woman as you can see. I am around 6-foot, dark hair and in pretty good shape (I try). This story is about how our close friend spent the night in our marriage bed a few years ago.

My friend, Jayden, is a former business colleague and close friend. He is a fellow CPA around my height, in good shape and is hung. He has played with my wife and in the past and is one of the few that can make my wife orgasm. My wife takes a very long time to cum, and he has incredible endurance. He moved away from our area with his serious girlfriend and was going to a convention in our city which I was also attending.

When he called stating he was going to the convention, I insisted he stay at our place. I enjoy his company immensely, but he and my wife developed a special bond which made me nervous, and I was a bit relieved when he moved to a different state. With that said, I was excited to see him again and planned on making the most out of his short stay.

The first night Jayden arrived, my wife and I joined him for dinner (his treat) and we got caught up on old times. When we got home, we were all tired. We made up the guest room and he slept there. In the morning, my wife got up early and made us breakfast before she had to go to work. The breakfast was great, and we attended the accounting meeting. We arrived home and planned on staying in for dinner.

After dinner, we got the kids to bed around eight and drank wine and beer. Jayden surprised us with news that he and his blonde bombshell girlfriend were now engaged. This looked like it upset my wife a bit and she left for our bedroom. When she came out of the bedroom, she was wearing a robe. She came downstairs grabbed her drink, chugged it and turned to us opening her robe to show her tan lines and perky tits and said she wants to relive some of our good times. We all headed for the bedroom.

Jayden and I stripped and we all got to business. She laid down on our king size bed and I started licking her pussy. She called Jayden over and he put his cock in her mouth. She started sucking him and he became fully erect very quickly.

His cock is big, about the same length as mine but thicker. She flipped around on all fours and he mounted her from behind and I moved in front of her, while she sucked my dick. She was moaning as Jayden was riding her hard and fast for several minutes. I made eye contact with Jayden to switch and we did. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock deep in her wet pussy.

She was so loose and excited. Jayden was grabbing her tits while she was sucking him. After several minutes, I could feel her pussy tightening up. She was moaning thrusting her hips into me and it appeared she would cum soon. Between my wife's muffled moans, I heard what sounded like knocking. I stopped, there was a knock at the door. My wife and I looked at each other with panic. I told Jayden to hide in the bathroom. I threw on my robe while my wife jumped under the bed sheets. My little first grade girl wet the bed. I hugged her and said I would take care of it. I looked back at my wife, and she mouthed thank you.

I went into my little girl's room and changed the sheets and put fresh jammies on her. She wanted me to read her a book. I started reading the book and could hear my wife moaning. The moans continued and my daughter was oblivious to it. My daughter finally went to sleep, and I went back to the bedroom.

Jayden was on top of my wife lightly gyrating his hips in the missionary position. My wife had her legs spread with her hands on his ass and they were passionately kissing. Jayden got off my wife and his cock was no longer erect.

I said, "I could hear you guys carried on without me." She didn't say anything. I asked, did you cum. She sheepishly said yes. My wife reached out with her arms and said, "Take me sexy man, I want you." I got on the bed and looked at her sexy body with those legs spread, but just wasn't feeling it. I said you had your fun, let's get to bed. My wife looked disappointed. Honestly, I was both disappointed and a little pissed they did not wait for me to return.

Another knock on the door. Really? I looked at my wife and said your turn. My wife threw on her robe and we instructed Jayden to hide in the bathroom. My daughter was having trouble falling asleep. My wife went to tend to her. Jayden asked if everything was ok.

I said yes. I said it was late and I needed sleep so I went to our king size bed and turned the lights off with just the night light on. He hoped the bed on the opposite side and waited for my wife to give him the all clear to go to the guest room. After over an hour, my wife returned to the room and both Jayden and I were asleep. She hopped in the middle of the bed. She put her arms around me and was spooning me.

So on our king size bed, I am on the left facing left while my wife is spooning me. Jayden on the right, moves to spoon my wife and puts his hand on her shoulder. After a few minutes, he moved his hand from her shoulder to tits and starts grabbing them.

My wife moaned and moved her hand to his leg and started rubbing his leg. Jayden then moved his hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. My wife whispered no but he continued. She moved her hand to his, but then started gyrating her hips and moaned lightly. Jayden then started kissing her neck and she reached back grabbing his neck.

This was the sign he needed to continue. Jayden was fully erect and entered her from behind in the spooning position. My wife's hand is on my shoulder, and I turn around holding her hand and she was looking me directly in the eyes as Jayden's hips are thrusting back and forth driving his cock in and out of her pussy. It was one of the most erotic and shocking moments I can remember.

While I was falling asleep, these two couldn't keep their hands off each other. It felt wrong to me, but I was so aroused I allowed them to continue. Watching his hung hips thrusting into her and hearing the sloshing sounds of his shaft riding her pussy was intoxicating. My wife looked directly in my eyes and tightly closed them when he was hitting all the right spots.

He had both hands on her shoulders and continued thrusting. My wife had to contain her moaning fearing that she could wake up the kids. In the darkness seeing their silhouettes and hearing her muffled moans was very hot and passionate, too passionate. He rode her for several minutes in that position lifting her leg with his left hand to get deeper penetration.

My wife pulled away and moved to go on top of him. She rolled on top of him, kissed him and placed his large cock in her pussy as she was sitting on top with her legs bent. She was grinding on his cock hitting all the right spots. I could see his hands on her tits as she was grinding.

She put her hands on his inviting him to take her. They continued like this for a while and her pussy was worshiping his cock riding up and down his shaft. Those soft contained moans from both was extremely erotic. She continued grinding and grinding. Jayden moved one of his hands to her clit and started rubbing her.

Her legs started to buck, and her breathing increased. Then she whispered "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." She then went from upright to lying on top of him with her head to his side. Her hips were wildly thrusting very fast while her pussy spasmed and contracted on his cock. She then started to passionately kiss him. Jayden started bobbing his hips fast and hard.

Her pussy was pulsating and milking his cock with a sucking sensation. This ecstasy was proving to be too much, and Jayden grunted wile thrusting hard as he came deep in my wife's pussy while tightly wrapping his arms around her back and moving his hands to her ass. They passionately kissed for a few minutes as he was gripping her ass holding his cock in her.

Seeing them kiss so passionately was difficult to watch. She then reluctantly pulled herself out of his cock and laid on the bed with her face in the pillow between me and Jayden. Jayden put his arm around her for an embrace and she moved his arm away and got off the bed and went to the bathroom. Jayden saw I was awake and looked at me and we said nothing. My wife came back into bed and put her arms on me to spoon me and I moved her hand away. All the sex energy was gone, and things were not right. My wife turned in Jayden's direction and motioned for him to go. He quietly got off the bed and went to the guest room. I had a talk with my wife and told her we need to talk to Jayden in the morning. She cried, apologized, and said I was right.

In the morning, my wife made a nice breakfast and sat with us. I told Jayden we need to talk. I said I love seeing my wife have sex, especially when it is all about the sex with no emotions. I said but with you and my wife, it is more than sex, isn't it. I said I think the two of you have a real connection and I don't know how I feel about it.

Then I asked if his fiancee knew that he had sex with my wife. He said no. I asked fs his wife is in the lifestyle. He said no. I told him we play with people that are married, but the couple is in the lifestyle. I said even people in the lifestyle have rules.

I asked if he still wants to get married. He said yes. I said if you get married and your wife is not in the lifestyle, that sex with my wife is not an option. It isn't right on many levels. My wife started to cry. I asked her if I was right and being reasonable, she said yes.

She walked up to Jayden and hugged him. She said I love my husband and he is right. She then turned away and left for work. Jayden and I quietly drove to the CPA convention.

Since then we made two new friends who are regulars and my wife forgot all about Jayden. She was confusing lust and connection and is having a wonderful time now. So am I.

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