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Wife Flirted with the Handy Man!

Wife with the handyman's cock naked - Cuckold Husband

By: All Hers


We just bought our home and wanted the inside painted. Our real estate man gave us the name of a local guy who he said did good work. The house was still empty, except for two stools in the kitchen and a step stool.

When the painter arrived, I could see my wife was taken by his looks. He had that outdoor man face and a nice well kept body. As we walked room to room explaining what we wanted, I noticed my wife smiling and flirting with the guy. I never thought of this meeting as sexual, but I found myself getting aroused by my wife's actions.

As we sat in the kitchen area, the painter explained that it would be an extra charge to remove the wallpaper on the kitchen soffit. Without another word, my wife got up the step stool and started peeling off the wallpaper.

Much to both the painter and me suprize, my wife had no underwwear on and her short dress rode up as she reached for the wallpaper. With each reach her ass was totally exposed to us sitting just a few feet away from her. I guess the painter realized that I didn't mind him viewing my wife's naked body and commented how beautiful she was.

I was hard as a rock and breathing heavy by now. Throwing caution to the wind, I suggested that he make sure my wife didn't fall off the stool. He nodded and said, I think you are right. He walked over and ask my wife, do you need a little help, and put his hands on both her hips, sliding her dress up as he held her. Now he was standing below her with her naked ass in his face.

He commented to her how beautiful she was and slid his hands between her legs and started rubbing her pussy lips. My wife stopped pulling the wallpaper and stood motionless on the step stool, as the painter stoked her pussy. It wasn't long before I could tell my wife was having a climax. Watching her pussy being played with and hearing her moan was too much for me.

I took out my dick and started playing with it as I watched. After she came, he helped her down from the stool and and they started kissing. I noticed her hand went right to his cock, which was bulging out of his pants.

My wife kneeled down in front of him and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out a his cock. She looked up at him, smiling and told him how pretty his cock was. Then she started sucking on it as he held her head pushing her onto his cock, fucking her mouth faster and faster.

After a few minutes, he pulled away from her mouth, with my wife still trying to get more of his cock to taste. He told her to get on her hands and knees and kneeled behind her. He started rubbing his wet cock up and down the crack of my wife's ass and pussy lips.

My wife started begging for his cock, which is something I never heard her do. Over and over she kept saying, please fuck me, please fuck me. He continued teasing her pussy until my wife was almost crying as she begged to be fucked. He finally took the head of his cock and slowly forced his way into her pussy.

As he started to enter her, my wife was moaning and saying yes, yes, give me all that cock now. I had no idea my wife could want cock that bad, but as I watched in amazement his cock disappeared into my wife and she gasped.

At first he fucked her slow and deep, then he started to fuck her faster and faster. My wife was now screaming and moaning in ecstacy as he fucked her hard and fast, her breasts were heaving back and forth with each stroke and her ass was rippling from the banging of his body against her.

I walked over and sat on the floor next to them. I saw that his cock was now white from my wife's cum. I had never been able to give her an orgasm with intercourse, so this was very exciting for me to see. He continued to fuck my wife in several more positions until I heard my wife tell him that she could feel his cock getting harder, he replied that her pussy felt good.

I few moments later he pulled his cock out of her and shot his load on her tummy and breasts. She wiped up some of his cum in the palm of her hand and started stroking his cock.

Somewhere along the line, I had cum. He helped up my wife, kissed her and told her how wonderful she was, she smiled and told him he was wonderful too. After we moved in, my wife found lots of other rooms to paint and have him over ... until he moved away last year.

She still talks about him and misses his love making. Here are 2 pictures she took with him.

All Hers

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