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I was Humiliated by my Wife and her Bull!

Wife Loves to Dominate Husband - Cuckold Husband

By: Andy


I am my wife's cuckold husband and she has a steady man in her life who is my master. I work from home and normally he comes over during the day and they have sex while I listen or if lucky I get to be in the room and sometimes even get to join in in one way or the other.

Last weekend we got a room at a hotel downtown and we met Greg in the bar. After a drink we all went upstairs and they didn't waste a minute going at it, kissing passionately and were all over each other on the bed.

Greg said he wanted me helpless and tied up so I was ordered to strip and was placed in a collar, had my hands cuffed behind me and was laid on the bed. I thought I would get to join in but they both agreed to blindfold me so I couldn't see what they were doing.

God, it was so frustrating! Listening to them fuck right next to me and the bed was rocking the whole time. My wife must have cum 5 or 6 times and I heard Greg say he was going to cum. This guy cums in buckets and he hadn't cum in a while and he just unloads inside of her, grunting and groaning the whole time.

They relaxed for a few minutes and my wife said, "Let's go downstairs and have a few more drinks but fist I want Andy to taste your cum." I thought well at least I will get to taste her pussy but no! She straddles my face and Greg holds my head down so I can't get to her with my mouth.

About 2 minutes later as my wife is pushing his juices out of herself I feel his cum starting to drip and then pour onto my face and mouth. I am going crazy because I can smell her freshly fucked pussy but can't taste it and his cum is all over my face. She is laughing at me and tells me that I am going to have to stay in the room while they go downstairs.

I can't believe that but on top of that I am ordered to get off the bed, my face and neck covered in cum and am sitting in a chair where Greg pulls out some bondage tape and ties me to the chair (he has lots of stuff like that and loves using them). I sit there and hear them getting ready to go down to the bar. Soon my wife whispers in my ear, "Don't go anywhere honey and be a good boy while we are gone."

I hear them kiss right in front of me and I beg her to untie me but she laughs and I hear the door close. I can't believe I am sitting here completely helpless and really can't free myself. At first I am turned on and my cock, which is in a chastity device (CB3000) tries to grow hard in its cage.

But then I am sitting there and more and more time goes by. I have no idea how long because I can't see! It seems like forever and as I sit there I relaize that it has been more than an hour, more like 90 minutes and still no one coming back! Finally, after what seemed an eternity I hear the door open and they come in laughing and kissing.

I hear my wife say, "Sorry honey, we decided to eat dinner downstairs." I ask how long they had been gone. It was 2 hours! I swear it felt like 5 hours. She then says that I am lucky because Greg wanted to take her to his house and leave me that way the whole night. I would have freaked out and realized she was serious!

So they go at it again and they fuck for another 30 minutes or so and then Greg comes over and undoes my chastity device (he has one key and my wife has the other). He then moves one hand of mine closer to my cock and re-ties it with the tape but it is just out of reach and tells me that if I can reach it that I can make myself cum.

I sit there like a pathetic fool trying to stroke my cock and can't. The most humiliating part is that the whole time I am doing this, they are laughing and making comments about me, like, "If he had a bigger cock he could reach it." Oh my god I was out of my mind. Finally my wife takes pity on me and releases me and lays me on the bed.

She tells me to stroke myself while I suck the cum out of her and that I had been a good slave. I did kind of get her back because she was facing my cock while sitting on my face and it had been about 10 days since I came. I don't think I have to tell you that when I came I exploded so hard that I shot cum onto her face.

She couldn't believe it. Neither could I but that's what you get when you frustrate a cuck and a cock and don't let me cum for that long!

I don't understand it but I love being a cuckold so much! My wife's pics are attached. Isn't she incredible?


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