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Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Daniel & Lily


I am sending you this email for the blog to share my hot experience listening to my wife Kelly having sex. It will be sent to you in installments as things progress and I'll let you know when the last email arrives. For now I have some pictures attached so you all can see what she looks like.

At the moment I am in my walk-in closet with the door shut....listening to my wife and her fuck-buddy, as he is eating her pussy in our bed! He has made her cum & I can hear them kissing as he is feeding his cock into her now.... We have done this before and it is freakin' HOT to be listening to her being fucked as I am typing this and trying to keep quiet!!!

I can hear the bed moving with that oh so familiar sounds of her getting her pussy pounded. She is being quite vocal....I told her that was a prerequisite if I was going to be listening!! I have heard "Oh God" and "Oh...his name" at least a hundrd times. I am sure I can tell each time he hits bottom....His dick is longer than mine and is hitting areas I don't normally have access to!.....and she is letting me know about it too as he is plowing her pussy deep!

The way we set it up was kind of like me going to work. I helped her get ready and then she kissed me and said, "See you in a little bit" and went downstairs to unlock the door for him. So now I am 8 feet or so away from her and her fuck-buddy. They are now restarting and I can hear their lips smacking as they kiss. Now I am listening to the all too familiar sounds of her moans as he is eating her pussy again! From what I know...she will be cumming in less than an minute...never mind...she's there!!!

He wants her to sit on his face! She always fights him for that...and unfortunately for him she wins! He is in her deep now...Oh God seems like the main words .... Her begging him to GO,Go,Go,Go is SO FUCKING hot.....the bed is really taking a pounding...but not as much as she is!! They are really moving the world...from in here she is getting a great fucking!! I wish I could see his cock going in and out of her!! HE keeps pulling out and licking her pussy....He LOVES to eat her pussy, she keeps telling him to get back up here and fuck me! Well she sure is getting a good fuckng tonight!! Happily listening and waiting my turn!!


That was great! It is a few days later and now we have it set up for a repeat performance this weekend. Same time, same place for me! My lovely Hot Wife had so much fun last weekend, she wanted to get it set for this up "cumming" Saturday night too! I really love listening to her getting royally screwed by his hard cock! One of the things that I heard her telling him was, "You're killing me with that cock!" He really works her pussy over and fucks her mouth too and it makes me soooo freakin' hot hear her moaning and egging him on to fuck her more!!

I took the suggestion from reading one of the older blog stories here and bought a baby monitor today...WOW....it was THE best suggestion I've ever read!! I am setting in the garage and I could not hear any better if I was laying on the bed beside them! It is the best. Every squeak, every creek of the bed ... every squishy sound of his cock going in and out of her pussy and the slurping sounds of her sucking him.


Well, this is getting to be a weekly thing....and I love it....sitting in the garage, with my computer and the baby monitor, listening to my lovely wife and her fuck-buddy upstairs. It usually ends up to be about an hour and half of fun for them, sucking & fucking on our bed.

The baby monitor makes it clear as a bell and in reality they are only 4 or 5 feet away from me, above! I love this monitor! I can hear it all better than if I was sitting there beside them. I can hear their lips smacking as they kiss and her lips smacking as she sucks him...every moan, groan. It's Great!!

I am very greatful to that story and for the cuck who wrote it. Anyway his tongue just hit her clit....I am listening to her melt and telling him to get "up here", her breathing and her voice has changed, I know he is licking her pussy! Ok....he's IN....that didn't take long!

The moans have begun and the steady rythm is beginning! His cock is in her pussy and the sound is so good that I would have to have my ear to her tummy to hear any better. Her constant moans and the movement and sounds of the bed are absolutely TREMENDOUS! Oh fuck me..Oh, oh, umf, umf oh...I have to teach her a few new words, if he keeps that up she will be cumming any minute!...


I didn't get to use the baby monitor last night, Kelly and her fuck-buddy got a room for the evening and wore out the sheets in another bed. I did however get the benefits of their efforts when she got home about 11:00 last night.

She said she was almost too sore to walk from a severe screwing. They went three rounds and she said he filled her twice, so naturally when she had a present for me...I knew what I would get to play with when she got home.

It was tremendous, I have always loved the sloppy 2nds...or 3rds, or whatever the case may be. She took quite a tongue torture until she couldn't take anymore and was doing everything to get away from my probing tongue. She was concerned that she would be to swollen for me to get in...of course I proved her wrong and all went well up to including adding my own deposit with out an early withdarawl penalty!


It's Tuesday and I think we are making...and I love it....a regular thing out of Tuesday nights. Kelly and her Fuck-Buddy are upstairs rocking each others world! He started off licking her lovely pussy and after many orders to "Dammit, get up here".....he slipped his cock into her and made her scream for a while!

She really loves that cock fucking her and it shows when he is fucking her. Well he's cumming....so I must be going! This is a crazy life! How would you explain this to anyone that wasn't a part of the "lifestyle" that would understand how both of us get enjoyment from my wife getting fucked by another man? This was never a part of my middle America up bringing!

Kelly's Husband

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