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Wife being taken by her Sexual Cuckold Bulls

By: XXX Chloe


Hi everyone, here is our tale as told by my fiance :)

Chloe and I met a few years ago when she was 24 and I 35. After about 2 years in though, I started to suspect that I was not leaving her sexually satisfied. I tried to discuss it a few times but she tried to avoid the discussion.

After some badgering the problem finally surfaced, namely that Chloe had developed a taste for black African-European men before I had met her. Due to her interests and volunteer work she had a sizable group of these type of men as friends. Within that group a small harem of men had become Chloe's sexual partners at her initiative and met in small groups for sex which started after 1-2 years of flirting when Chloe was 22.

She had hoped her desires for this lifestyle would leave once she started a "normal" relationship and settled down but the opposite seemed to happen. So much so that she had lapsed and cheated on me on several occasions.

I was shocked by this revelation but was soon also very aroused and in the end we came to an agreement. No more secrets and we would approach this as a couple. We started to organise evening "meets" at hotels/motels with between 2-3 bulls and long weekends on a semi-regular basis at private and closed off houses with to up to 10 bulls participating. The bulls are not the American pornstars you see but have everyday builds from very slim to somewhat heavy and the cock size is also more "above average" with a 2-3 monsters.

The evenings are intense 1-2 hour events with some foreplay followed by quick and furious action.

For the weekends it would at first appear to be a group of friends getting together as it is a very sociable group and people would come and go. Small groups would take Chloe and me out to town and the local sites or parks, there the men would tease and grope Chloe at discrete moments which served to "heat her" all while I played the dutiful fiance and kept an eye out for unwanted surprises.

Back at the house Chloe would wear single pearl earrings to indicate she was ready to fuck and the bulls could decide at their leisure when to "take her". This leads to Chloe being fucked throughout the weekend and at all hours, places and positions from 1-1 to a nonstop 3-1 with 10 bulls.

It is not uncommon to lose track of her only to find her with 2 bulls in a clothing closet or in the garden area.

Recently we have sorted to use a cat bell necklace to help keep track of her with success.

For the pictures: During one of the weekends Chloe was taken out for a walk at a large local park and finding the forest park mostly empty things got a bit frisky.

During the walk Chloe requested a sit down and we found a park bench. Taking advantage of the now empty park the 5 bulls started with heavy petting and with no bystanders appearing this led to a gangbang in the bushes and grass. The thought of being caught drove Chloe wild with excitement and she begged for and received nonstop fucking.

After 2 hours it was dark and the drained bulls carried a worn-out Chloe back to the house. I missed this magical moment as I was doing the supply shopping but I was home when they returned and seeing Chloe's dishevelled clothing and her covered in leaves, grass and cum was a sight to behold.

I hope you enjoyed :)

XXX Chloe - mijngeheim@tutamail.com

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