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I have been a hot wife since about July 2010, when my hot wife beginnings started I guess. My name is Nala, I'm married to my dear hubby for over ten years, and so far things have gone about as good as they could in a happy marriage.

After many hints over many years, my hubby told me that he wanted me to have sex with another man, I had only had sex with my hubby till then and it had became routine and we only had sex now and then.

He told me every time we had sex that if another man came into our bedroom, I would feel hot and sexy again. I'd shave my pussy and would enjoy dressing up and would have a spark in my eyes again.

I didn't really take it seriously and never had it on my mind. But one weekend we went to a dance at the time at our local club where we went to meet some friends about once every two weeks. We danced and had a few drinks and were just enjoying ourselves. A man came up to my hubby and asked to dance with me. My hubby said, 'ask her yourself.'

Agaian not thinking anything of it I accepted and me and this man danced with one another for many songs. I got a little worried about my hubby sitting there watching us. My hubby and I danced one dance and the man was back. He introduced himself as Michael and asked to dance with me again; we danced from then on for about the entire evening.

My poor hubby had to sit and watch this 6í dark haired, well toned man swirl me around the floor.

After a wile I could feel his hard-on against me, my pussy began to get terribly wet, and of course my heart was racing out of all proportion.

My hubby was feeding me a steady flow of champagne, and after about 6 glasses my morals went out the window.

Michael asked us for a nightcap, but we decided to go to our place. Michael went with us in our car and sat in front with my hubby.

When we arrived at our place we put on some music and started to dance. Again Michael took over and danced with me continually. My hubby had to poor the drinks and kept our glasses topped up all the time.

After awile Michael's hands moved down to my bum and squeezed my cheeks. I got so hot and my pussy was dripping wet. My hubby then danced with me and kissed me on my neck and touched my tits. Michael saw this and when he danced with me again he did the same. Michael whispered in my ear that I must go and remove my panty and bra.

When I got back you could see my nipples clearly through my silk blouse. My hubby had his hands all over my body and when I danced again with Michael did the same. They stripped me of my top and each grabbed a tit and sucked on it. Michael went behind me and stripped off my skirt, I was completely naked in front of the two men.

Michael dropped down on his knees and stuck his tongue in my pussy; I was completely lost in ecstasy. They carried me to the bedroom, they stripped, thatís when I saw Michael's cock which was about half an inch bigger than my hubby's - not much but it was nice to look at a new cock. Hubby sucked my tits and Michael licked my pussy; it was heaven.

I looked at my hubby and asked, 'do you want to go on with this', my hubby said, 'yes,' I love you so much and want you to experience so much pleasure so lets do it. Michael then put his cock at my pussyís entrance and started pushing. I did not think I could handle this, but my pussy started to give away and he went in slowly up to his balls.

Michael fucked me for half an hour, then hubby took over for 10 min. Then I pushed hubby of for Michaelís hard cock, we fucked for another hour, I had three shattering orgasms when Michael finally came.

Michael slept on our bed with hubby and me in the middle, and during the night he fucked me twice again, something that has never happened to hubby and me. With Michael three times and hubby once cumming in me, I was full of come, to the brim.

Michael came to visit us again three days later, I was very nervous and worried about what was going to happen, but hubby encouraged me to have sex with Michael again, it was heaven, and we fucked all night again. I am now hooked on all the fantastic sex and his nice cock.

Michael now comes to visit us every couple of days and always sleeps with us with me in the middle.

After a couple of months we decided that Michael will be my second man and that he can claim me whenever he wants, like my hubby.

Michael now wants me to put a ring through my clit with his name on it to show that he also has a claim on me. I have an appointment to pierce my clit next Monday.

Life is now perfect.





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