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An Older Couple Cuckolded Us

By: Ibiza Cpl

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Hi everyone! Thought I would share an experience from my past. It's a true story. This happened to me during a vacation I went on in 2019. It's an experience I will never forget.

Me and my girlfriend went to Ibiza on vacation for a week. During the week, we bonded with an older couple. It was our first vacation away together, so we thought it was nice to find people we got on with straight away. Despite being older, we all seemed to match up pretty well, and we thought they were awesome.

Majority of the nights out we spent with them because they had a hotel close to ours.

During the last night of our vacation, we were out with this couple. Pretty wasted, as holidays usually get messy. I always had a slight feeling that the guy in the relationship had a thing for my girlfriend. Which was later proved right.

The four of us were out, the bar we were at was crammed and we couldn't find anywhere that wasn't super busy. So, my girlfriend offered the two of them to join us in our hotel room for a more chilled/laid back sort of night. I was fine with it, and they agreed.

A lot of drinking later, the guy in the couple offers us to play truth or dare. I felt it was super cliche, but I was too drunk enough to care. We both agreed. Started off pretty normal, pretty basic stuff. However, the girl in the couple asked her fella if he had the hots for my girlfriend. As a playful truth. He confessed he did, and called her 'ravishing'. I'll never forget that comment.

I was a little taken back by it, but I suppose it was a compliment in a way. My girlfriend seemed to love it and her eyes lit up. The guy then asked my girlfriend, if she had ever been with an older dude before. She said, no, but she wanted to when she was single, but it never happened. The guy sort of let out a cheeky grin about that comment.

My girlfriend asked them the riskiest thing they have done sexually, and they both answered to having sex in front of other people. Experimenting with voyeurism. Which I'll admit, have always found pretty hot myself. I told them that, and the couple encouraged me and my girlfriend to start making out in front of them, which we did.

It was pretty hot, and I was enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would be. The couple started doing the same, and started to shed clothing along the way.

The dude took off his girl's top, and she had an insane bust on her. I couldn't stop looking. Even though my girlfriend has good tits of her own. My girlfriend noticed, and got a little jealous, so she took off hers as well. The dude was gobsmacked. Confessed he had been cheeking out my girlfriend's tits the whole week and labelled them a pair of happy melons.

Things quickly began to escalate, the girl revealed the guy's manhood, and his cock was fully erect, and it was huge. First time about the whole situation I felt a little uneasy. The guy had a bigger cock than me, and I didn't really expect it, considering my own isn't exactly small or anything, just average.

My girlfriend again noticed, and a cheeky grin instantly hit her face. The guy's girlfriend started to suck his cock, which made my girlfriend do the same with me. Couldn't really believe we were doing this, but I was still aroused, even though I felt a little inferior now.

My girlfriend was blowing my mind. She's always been amazing at giving head. Sucks dick like she was meant to. There I was, standing next to another couple, both of us getting blown by our girls, pretty wild scenario.

Never expected the vacation to end like this. The dude looks at me, and dares our girlfriends to swap positions, but don't do anything. Just to see how it feels because they were aware me and my girlfriend were each others only sexual partners. He labelled it a little 'harmless fun'. I was down, what's the worst that could happen?

His girl comes on over, drops straight to her knees. She was insanely gorgeous. Dream MILF type of woman. My girlfriend does the same with the dude. Which was still a bit crazy to me. Without any of us saying a single word, his girl starts to suck my cock.

It took me by complete surprise, and I just accepted it. I couldn't believe what was happening. This knockout was eating me up, right in front of my girlfriend. Before I even noticed her, I looked over, my girlfriend began to do the exact same. Starts to suck this guy off. Although, she seemed a bit more into it than the dude's girl was, hmm.

It was becoming a little too real to me at this point, and I wasn't super into it. Despite the girl being gorgeous, seeing my girlfriend like this with another man was wild. The dude offered us to swap over again, and I took the chance to say yes.

My girlfriend came back to me, pushed me onto the bed, starts making out with me and goes back to working on my cock. I could tell she was insanely turned on. What happened next however, was something I never expected to happen...

I was resting my head on the pillow at the top of the bed with my eyes closed, enjoying the moment a little more now I am back with my girlfriend. I hear the bed shake a little, open my eyes, and the dude has positioned himself right behind my girlfriend on the bed with us.

He places one hand on her back, and slides his cock right into my girlfriend's pussy. She makes eye contact with me, and her mouth widens when his cock slides into her for the first time. Funnily enough, this was the last time she made eye contact with me.

What turned from a look of shock, quickly turned into a look of pure enjoyment. My girlfriend stopped giving me head, and instead was looking back at this guy has he started to relentlessly pound into her. It was intense, real intense. The bed was rocking, I could hear the guy really smacking into my girlfriend, eyes rolling into the back of her head, pretty much just holding onto my cock for support at this point. I had lost her.

The harder the guy fucked her, the closer she got to me, and she was basically on top of me at this point. I couldn't really believe what was happening. I managed to slowly crawl under her, and got off the bed. So it was just the two of them now. I didn't even notice the guy's girlfriend, she didn't say anything for ages. She was just sitting down on a chair, having a drink. What the fuck was going on?

There was no stopping the guy with my girlfriend though. He was getting really rough with her. Smacking her ass, pulling on her hair, digging his claws into her hips. He flips my girlfriend over, and starts to intensely make out with her. He slides his cock back into my girlfriend, and they get right back to it. He starts to hammer her from on top, hands wrapped around her throat, it was ruthless fucking. Almost like he hated my girlfriend.

It felt it never ending, after what felt like an eternity of fucking, my girlfriend screams out she is going to cum, and she has an intense orgasm all over this guy's cock. Never heard her that loud in my life.

After she comes, the guy positions himself crouching by my girlfriend's face, and paints her face full of his cum. I couldn't believe how much he came. It's an image I will never, ever forget. He genuinely came bucket loads, and it dripped down from my girlfriends face all onto her tits.

After he finished with my girlfriend, he got up, thanked us both, shook my hand and left. Just like that. His girl again didn't even say anything, just straight up left. It was so confusing. My girlfriend was just on the bed, heavy breathing, covered in this guy's cum. She tells me that was fun, and jumps straight into the shower. Like nothing ever happened.

It's a situation me and my girlfriend (yes, we are still together) have never really seriously touched upon. Just a situation we kept to ourselves. In my opinion, I seriously think the guy's girlfriend cheated on vacation, and he used my girlfriend in order to make things even.

Because he was fucking her like he was pissed off, it seemed planned, and the weird reaction from his girlfriend was odd.

Turns us both on to remember it though, so we use it to our advantage. Not sure about next time though. Anyway, got some pictures of her too. Hope you like this.

Ibiza Cpl

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