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By: Desperate & Alyssa


Ten years ago, when I was a 21yo college Senior, I don't think I would have known the meaning of the word cuckold. Here is the story of the experience that introduced me to it.

At the time I was dating, Alyssa, a 19yo Sophomore, who was stunning to look at and an incredible sex partner. At this young age, we were humping like bunnies, getting it on whenever we could find any shred of privacy (we both had roommates, which made it tricky). On a Spring weekend, Brianna, one of Alyssa's closest friends, came for a visit. The two of them apparently had a number of wild adventures together, dating back. For this visit, we set up Bree on a date with my roommate and close buddy Terrell. T is a sprinter on the varsity track team, very good looking and pretty smooth with the ladies. Alyssa and I figured they would hit it off, and indeed they did.

After a great dinner and a lot of dancing at a large campus party, we retired back to our tiny dorm bedroom. On account of its small size, our bedroom has bunk beds. I had the top, while T, being a larger guy, the bottom. Immediately after getting into the room, we coupled off and began making out, Alyssa and I on the top bed, Bree and T on the bottom.

We all had been drinking all night and our inhibitions had been quite lowered. So, we all started to get down and dirty in close proximity to each other, but out of view of the other couple. The sex sounds we were making were obvious, and these sounds were turning each other on.

Soon, we heard Bree exclaim, "OMG, it's so big! I've never had one so large." Since he is my roomie, I knew Terrell was packing, but I had never seen him erect. After a few minutes of foreplay and a lot of moaning coming from underneath us, T hopped out of bed and swiftly covered the two steps across the room to his dresser. He pulled out a tube of lube and then quickly jumped back in the lower bed. But, this was enough for Alyssa and me to see his really huge erection. We both looked at each other with wide eyes and covered our mouths to keep from giggling out loud.

The next few minutes were dominated by the vocal sounds of Bree working the giant cock into her pussy with both great difficulty and pleasure. Alyssa and I found these sounds super-hot and we began fucking like crazy. After a few minutes, we could tell that Bree and T had worked the cock in and were now into the heavy pounding phase.

Bree was grunting and screaming like I had never heard a woman before. She seemed to be cumming constantly. On account of this, Alyssa was going crazy on top of me. Soon, I could take it no more and came inside her. We slipped into our clothes, but had to wait through at least 10 more minutes of hard pounding and Bree grunting before T groaned loudly and came.

When all were clothed again, A and I slipped down to floor level and we continued our hanging out while sipping some great whiskey. We were all high from the great sex and were laughing and poking fun at each other. After a bit, Terrell said, "Hey, Let's switch things up." You mean, you take the top this time, I inquired.

He responded, "Well, I meant switch partners." He then playfully put his arms around Alyssa. I looked over at her, but before we could make eye contact, she said perkily, "I'm game!". To which Bree chimed in, "Me too!"

Quickly, Bree and I climbed on top while Alyssa and T took the bottom. And, this is when I got my cuckold introduction. Although I could not see, I could hear everything and felt the bunk bed moving. Alyssa and Terrell seemed not to be in the mood for much foreplay.

It seemed he was sticking his cock into Alyssa within a couple of minutes. Like her friend before her, Alyssa started making sounds unlike anything I had heard her make before. In fact, she was even louder and wilder than Bree. She also yelled "So big" or "So deep" over and over again.

My time with Bree was not as wild. I started with some fingering, but she soon pushed me away, saying that she was too sore. She did give me an incredible blow-job, however. Listening to my Alyssa get fucked so hard and well by Terrell was just too much for me and I came in Bree's mouth pretty quickly.

After that night, Alyssa and Terrell fucked three more times, now with me watching.

Really great times, but after a few months, T moved to another school and we finished and got married. Never did do that again, but she left me with a cuckold fetish that needs to be scratched. The pictures are from that era.


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