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I Cuckold my Husband with my Ex

By: Shelly

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Trying to keep a long story not too long, my husband confessed to me a couple years ago that he had a fantasy of wanting to see me hook up with another man and I wasn't against it but also never thought it would really happen so it just became a fantasy we'd play out for awhile and over time, I started to get more and more into it.

I began starting to get the desire to hook up with a couple people I knew already, one of which being my ex. I subtly mentioned it to my husband and he got rock hard when I brought it up and I knew he was hooked lol. We started role playing the scenario often and I'd call him my ex's name along with things like, "I miss fucking you," and "You've always been better than my husband," and it would make him cum instantly.

This also made his fetish develop into more of a cuckold/cheating fetish I think. At first he wanted to see videos, pictures, possibly even be there to watch and then it got to the point where he just wanted me to have my own fun and do whatever I want and make it more of a cheating scenario.

I immediately got turned on. I decided to text my ex one night and one thing lead to another and we met up downtown and ended up going back to his place.

My ex was pretty confused when I went home with him wondering about my husband. I had promised to my husband that if he asked, I'd just tell him we were in an open relationship and we were both cool with it.

Instead, I just told him right away that my husband was a cuck. He started laughing and making fun of my husband and it unexpectedly turned me on for him to do that.

We ended up fucking literally all night (I'm not exaggerating like 4 LONG times in the span of like 9 hours) and to this day the best sex I ever had.

The riskiness of fucking my ex while married along with old feelings coming back and new butterflies overwhelmed me, almost like I was developing feelings again.

I thought this was going to be a problem and when I went home to tell my husband about my night I told him every last detail. I was expecting him to be mad or upset but to my surprise he was as turned on as ever, even moreso by the emotional connection I was having with my ex.

This all started a few years back and I still go see him to this day. My husband is in the military too and currently deployed and I've been doing it now more than ever and he absolutely loves it knowing he has no control over what I do at home:)




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