How Hubby First Handled Another Man’s Cock and More!

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The first time Hubby wanked a guy over me, the old guy (he was a friend of Hubby’s, whom Hubby had thought could do with a fuck as he had no woman of his own) had been mounted up for over an hour in one or other of my bottom holes, riding me real slow, watching his shaft slipping in and out of me, and then changing holes occasionally!

When he felt he wanted to cum at last (I had cum loads of times by then), and being about 60ish, he knelt next to my head and was playing with his cock for a while before declaring he seemed to have gone past the point of cumming! I sucked him for a while and played with his balls, and he was real stiff, but just not quite getting quite there, which was annoying when I had let him fuck me real hard, and He had everything he wanted and more! I wanted cum, and loads of it..!

Hubby declared he was not going to miss out seeing this guy cum on, or in me after he had ridden me for so long, and as the poor guy leaned over my mouth with his cock, Hubby grabbed his cock from behind and proceeded to jerk it like it was his own! Within moments the guy let go a huge spurt of cum and just kept on going, spurt after spurt, a real heavy cummer!! Hubby said it felt like his own shaft whilst he was wanking the guy's cock, and the guy said it had been real exciting for him as well as Hubby had a real good technique, better than any woman! Hubby changed places with him, and proceeded to jerk his own large load into my mouth and all over my face as this guy pushed cum which missed my mouth back into my waiting and eager mouth.

The guy was a colleague of Hubby's, and was only going to fuck me the once as Hubby owed him a large favour, but he then pestered Hubby for weeks to let him have another go at me, and eventually Hubby agreed to take me to this guy’s house for dinner, and also let him mount and use me again. I wore a knitted dress that night with high heels and black stockings, and no knickers to the date. When we got there the guy could not wait until after dinner, and he had me kneel on the edge of his couch with my ass up exposing my hot wet ready cunt. He just rolled my dress up and taking into account my being commando, he shoved his shaft straight into my ass hard, Luckily I had prepared my ass previously with a little KY just in case he wanted to go there, better prepared I say! He rammed his stiff shaft in my ass and standing behind me rode me hard and fast, using me like the slut I am. He was groaning and moaning whilst telling Hubby he would want to fuck me again after the dinner he had prepared for us. When I looked sideways I saw Hubby was fondling his cock through his chinos and already had a huge hard on!

As the guy above me started to reach his obvious climax quickly, and I think he had been playing this scene out in his mind earlier of fucking me in the ass hard, Hubby stepped forward and grasped the base of his shaft, I could feel his questing fingers rubbing the rim of my ass-hole!

The guy let rip a huge spurt into me and I felt Hubby’s fingers clench his shaft hard, then pull it roughly from my puckered pink hole and it let go another huge load of jizz again as Hubby watched the rest of the guy’s semen spurt onto my large buttocks!

Knowing that the guy had cum, I slipped sideways and pulled my dress over my head before sitting down on the couch and watching Hubby fondling this guys balls whilst still jerking him gently, and soon up the guy's cock was up again. I lifted my legs up and back hard with my hands, and Hubby fed the guys shaft into my cunt this time, whilst continuing to jerk him rapidly and also pushing the guy’s bell end around in my meaty pussy lips, watching his very purple glans grazing my soaking wet cunt.

From the position I was in now, I had a good view of the action between them, and I started my own first orgasm, led by Hubby rubbing the guys bell end up and down over my clitoris; which as it hotly peaked, seemed to throw the guy into a frenzy thrusting madly in and out of my hot cunt, now slicked with my own juices, aided by Hubby’s hand before Hubby again jerked the guys shaft out again hurriedly at the last moment, and then stood back jerking him whilst watching the first spurt of cum land on my big stiff nipple tits, and even reaching my chin slightly as he wanked his colleagues balls contents all over me!

I was not allowed to dress, or clean any cum off me, but rather sat at dinner eating whilst they watched me! When we had all had our fill of food, we retired to the bedroom where I proceeded to suck their balls, having them lie back with their legs open, and then going from one to the other, taking my time and enjoying myself. Eventually I got astride Hubby, and had the old guy kneel by me and push his bell end into my mouth. Riding Hubby and sucking the guy at the same time, I was in my element, until I heard the old guy start to really heavily breathe, and guessed he was near orgasm again. As I had enjoyed the last time with Hubby making the old guy cum in my mouth by actually wanking him off, I demanded they do it again so I could make myself cum with my fingers as I watched. Hubby was already very excited and the guy seemed happy to have his orgasm controlled by another man. Hubby started caressing the guy’s shaft, rhythmically sliding his fingers up and down his stiffened rod, and the guy bent forward slightly aiming his rod at my mouth which I had open wide open dribbling, tongue thrust out, whilst gasping in my own excitement, running my tongue back and forth over my lips wetly.

Excitedly I saw Hubby reach under the guy slightly and insert a finger to the second knuckle in his ass and guessed he was going for the prostate gland which he himself liked having rubbed as I sucked his cock. If anything his colleague’s shaft stiffened even more and his glands went really purple, as did his face as Hubby continued his rhythmic hand movements and fingered the his ass-hole. Looking across at Hubby’s own cock, I saw it was standing to attention and pre-cum was dripping from the end in a constant flow, so I reached out and started stroking him myself. My own excitement mounted to almost unbearable, I came quickly three times, spurting heavily and wetting myself and the bed beneath me. Great gushes shot from my clenching cunt, and wet the bed up to two feet from my open gash. I then I felt myself rising to new heights watching the two men enjoying themselves over watching me orgasming.

Then as I watched, Hubby bent forward and took the head of the old guy’s rod into his own mouth swiftly, and then started sucking on it with a passion, something I did not believe he would ever do to another man!! My hips began jerking and I moaned and groaned as I spurted more and more, wanting cock in my cunt so badly, but not wanting to stop them as it was exciting me so much! Hubby’s colleague finally could stand no more and shot his load into Hubby’s mouth, where upon Hubby turned and let it run from his mouth into mine as he continued to jerk more cum from the guy’s rod onto my face as well. I came, and came loudly slurping back the delicious cum from Hubby’s mouth, and the fresh spurts from the pumping bell end of his colleague above me!

Hubby was groaning and I pushed the old guy away and pulled Hubby’s cock towards me as Hubby let go of his colleagues, but then just as I was about to suck or jerk him into my still open slimy cummy mouth, his colleague intervened and started stroking it himself, running his fingers up and down Hubby’s shaft and over his glans until Hubby shouted loudly and shot his bolt into my waiting mouth and all over my cummy lips!!!

We lay back all out of breath, but I was still excited and managed to get both of them erect again after a while with my mouth before making them ride me missionary position until they managed to cum inside me again. Later I told Hubby I had really loved what we had done together, but he said it was all in the heat of the passion, so I told him I would like to have him and his colleague, or another guy in a sixty nine whilst I fucked his ass with a strap on, and they sucked each other off! He smiled at me and said “That ain’t gonna happen ha-ha”..... But I am not so sure..!!

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