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My Husband, who I have been married to for 33yrs, and been with for 39yrs, introduced me to sex at 18 with his oral sex making me cum so many times I lost count. Me who didn’t even know girls could cum back then ... I was a tall girl at 5’10’’ 36-24-36 with long legs and looked easily 19, he was nearly 20.

He approached sex in a very relaxed way, teaching me to suck his cock and never cumming in my mouth, or making me swallow, he treated me like a princess. The first time he fucked me, and although it hurt as I had a very tight pussy (all the guys who fuck me are always surprised just how tight I am even now, so no fisting ha-ha, probably because I have never had any children. The married guys tell me that they had forgotten what it is like to fuck a tight cunt.), I wanted it again pretty much straight away.

So I started having very regular sex, about 4-5 times a week and usually 2-3 times on each occasion, he, my husband is a very heavy cummer, and I like to see lots of semen spurting when a man cums, gets me all randy. When I was 19 I went on the pill with my Mother's blessing as she liked my future husband a lot, and of course that opened up all sorts of things. I loved him licking my ass, and would lie for what seemed hours on my front pulling my ass cheeks apart whilst he licked my pussy and ass, pushing his fingers in and out of both holes. He never tried to fuck me in the ass, and we never discussed it, but after a while I started feeling horny even thinking about him doing me in the ass...

We were doing lots of positions, and one day when I was on my back and had my knee’s back against my chest with him about to enter me, I put my hand down and guided him into my asshole. He gasped and slid his cock in and out of me slowly being careful not to hurt me, once my pussy juices had slicked his cock, (I was so wet even my thighs were wet) I encouraged him to let go and fuck me real hard in the ass, which he did and shot a load in there... after he had recovered, I go up on my hands and knees and had him to fuck me in the ass doggy as hard as he could whilst I came hard several times.

Later he suggested that he would enjoy a threesome MMF using a friend of his whom I knew well and who hubby had told me, fancied me, telling me it was just sex and it would not alter our relationship. I agreed readily as I fancied his friend sexually and had the idea this would be very exciting. I was getting loads of orgasms from hubby, but I was masturbating 2-3 times a day, usually on the toilet where my parent would not walk in on me... So he set it up for one Saturday night, but his friend chickened out thinking my hubby was joking and it was all a trick to wind him up. Afterwards I was a little sorry, but I had been worrying that my hubby might use this experience as an excuse to finish our relationship... So when he mentioned it again I told him I had lost interest.

Over the years hubby mentioned threesomes many times and we watched many video’s of MMF which always excited me highly and I would be real wet afterwards and fuck him real hard, always cumming real well.

Then when he was 42 he discovered he had muscular dystrophy which was progressive, neither of us realised just how much this would affect him and our sex life later on... Now at the age of 37 I was still having sex as much a week as I could and had learned to swallow and like being tied up, toys and things, still masturbated regularly as well. So as he got worse and approaching 54, our sex life dwindled as it was more me fucking him and sucking him off now... He could still lick me off and I had the vibrator but it was not the same somehow. I missed having someone pounding on my hips and banging me doggy. Around this time he suggested camming and I was not sure, I mean I am a mature woman, a pillar of my local society and I was worried that I might be recognised.

He managed to get me in front of the cam one day with him on the keyboard, at first I did not know he had the cam there, he had not hidden it, even though it was on his desk in plain view, I just never looked. I was on the couch masturbating for him to watch, and knowing he would shoot his load into my mouth when I was cumming and real excited. He sat in his office chair pulling his cock as I watched him, and unknown to me, several hundred others online who were watching and pulling on their cocks. As I got more and more excited, hubby turned on our large screen TV and I did not notice at first I was on the screen myself, along with about 5-6 other camming of guys watching and jerking over watching me masturbating. When I did notice I was initially shocked, but because I was so horny I thought what the heck and carried on rubbing my clit furiously until I came really loudly and spurted right out over our wooden floor a copious amount... Then I had the urge to suck his cum right out of his balls live on cam, so the guys could see me being real dirty.

That’s how I started putting on live shows online... which got more and more dirty, anal insertion, fucking, sucking and cumming loads. One night I had about 50 guys jerk themselves off over watching me rubbing and playing with my cunt, hubby always did the typing or talking and I did all the action. Slow strips were one thing I enjoyed, getting them going before I even rubbed or fingered my cunt, some of them cumming before I had even revealed my shaven pussy for them. Old guys, young guys, coloured guys... it didn’t matter to me as long as they shot their load over the sight of me. Then I would give those guys lots of fun with me cumming multiple times until I was sore. I did this at least once a week and sometimes twice. Hubby did tell me some of his friends watched, and one had been even caught waking by his wife, but by then I didn’t care thinking that I was doing them a service. When we met one in the supermarket I caught him looking at my tits and ass and did a little smile before leaning in close and whispering ‘I know you have seen it all in action hehe..!’ He blushed but did tell me he thought I looked a great fuck.

We had been doing camming for about a year, and the guys on the camming sessions were suggesting all sorts of things, but wanted to see me fucking live on cam, something of course my hubby was not keen to show as he was disabled, and I knew that was not going to happen. He did however suggest that I needed a good fucking, and how about him letting a friend in and watching us. I liked the idea, but still worried about our relationship.

Anyhow.... Hubby used to tie me up sometimes and lick me until I was so far past cumming anymore it would almost hurt, and one day mentioned blindfolding me as well, and also having me wearing my iPod so I would have no idea where he was going to touch me first, or what he was doing.! I liked this idea a lot and said OK.

So one Saturday I got into my best black undies, lacy hold ups, and high heels, and then he had me get my ass up on the arm of the couch, I got myself comfortable and he tied my wrists to my ankles with my knees back towards my chest and then blindfolded me. I already had the iPod ear buds in and so there I was unable to see or hear him, trussed up like a chicken with my shaven cunt on full view and available to his cock with him standing, or his mouth if he sat in his office chair. He then positioned my head near the edge of the couch so he could stick his cock in my mouth if he wished. Once I was settled he also undid my bra and pulled it off, my nipples were already stiff with excitement.

I lay like that for about 5 minutes my pussy getting wetter by the moment, and I could feel the dampness between my asshole and my stretched open cunt, knowing I was helpless and exposed. Then I felt his hands on my tits kneading them and rolling my nipples between his fingers and thumb, I gasped in pleasure and wished he would suck them, which he did after a while... He sucked and even bit them softly, pulling on them with his teeth upwards until I cried out, but in pleasure not pain. He moved then to my cunt, licking and sucking it, sticking his tongue in as deep as it would go. It didn’t take much of this to make me cum, and cum I did, squirting into his mouth, great gouts of my juices, cumming again and again until I became breathless. He pulled away from me and I felt his cock at the entrance to my cunt... Probing, rubbing back and forth between my pussy lips, harder and harder, harder than he had rubbed it for a while. He entered me and fucked me hard, then when he had fucked me well, he turned his attention to my asshole, and fucked my puckered pink asshole well, fucked me like he used to fuck me earlier in our life, I expected him to cum now, high into my asshole, but no..!

He changed to my head, rubbing his cock all over my cheeks and lips, making me lick it clean of my juices before pushing it hard between my lips and fucking my mouth, finishing at last by jerking his cum onto my outstretched tongue and fingering the juices which missed back into my mouth so I could swallow the lot. Then he moved away and I awaited him taking the blindfold off, but he didn’t and after a minute or two I felt his cock at my mouth again, already hard. I was surprised he was already erect again, but hungrily gobbled his cock again as he thrust in an out of my lips again, then pulled back and shot his load all over my masked face, letting it jet over my chin and then spurting onto my tits.

God I thought, he’s horny tonight, before feeling him move away, and then come back again, I was aware from his thighs pressing against me slightly that he was jerking his cock again, and I quickly felt more cum splashing on my tits and face... WOW I thought he’s not been this active since he was about 30.

I lay for a while covered in his cum and rested, wondering when he would untie me... But again he approached me and jerked another load over my face, all hot and sticky, my lips and cheeks covered now with three big loads of his hot cum.

Now in the back of my head I was sort of thinking, ‘how the fuck could he cum so much’ and there was a little dark thought, ‘is he on his own..?’ Then I thought, no he would always ask me if he could bring someone else in..!

I lay there and felt fingers probing my cunt, and then a tongue started to lick my pussy well and truly clean. When my pussy was getting actually sore from the tongue action, I felt the face pull away, and then nothing happened for about 5 minutes. Hubby finally lifted my blindfold, and then untied me smiling. The first thing I blurted out was, ‘did you have someone else here..?’... And he shook his head. Ah well I thought, I would not have minded if he had. Standing in the bathroom a minute later, and looking in the mirror I saw just how much cum I was wearing on my face, it looked enough for three men, or two very excited ones.

Later on my pressing him, he admitted he had a friend called Stan who is 30ish come and watch us, and who I knew fancied me as a MILF because hubby had told me gleefully one day after Stan had been around for dinner. So Stan had done all the work on me as hubby watched and stroked his cock, and then hubby told me that all the time Stan was working on my cunt his own cock had been dribbling on the floor, he even took me back into the lounge and showed me the evidence on the wooden flooring. I was so excited by hubby’s description that I got my fingers going and came another couple of times as he described how Stan had used me, then I sucked his cock for him and allowed him to cum all over my face again. Hubby told me he loved being cuckolded by Stan and could we do it again, and maybe have Stan and another of his friends over this time?

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