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Sometime back I wrote on this blog about my beautiful wife JJ. At that time, we had been going through a very bad financial situation and my wife had joined an escort agency to make some money. JJ has a very high libido and in truth, she enjoys what I would call, dirty sex, which had started she told me when she was eightteen and had gone to spend part of her school vacation with an aunt who lived in Daytona Beach, Florida. Apparently it wasn't a real aunt but a close friend of her moms from her younger days. She told me that the "aunt" Dena and her husband Ken were nudists and later she found out, were swingers also and from the get go, Dena would walk around the large house naked. She had very large breasts but for her age they stood out nicely and Dena was very proud of her body, although my wife thought the reason Dena looked so good was mainly because she had never had any children.

At the beginning of the second week in Daytona, Dena told JJ that she did some nude modeling for a wealthy friend of theirs so she would be away from the house that morning and Ken was working out of town so she would be alone. JJ asked if she could come with her and Dena thought it wouldn't be a good idea but my wife was persistent so Dena relented but made her promise that she would not tell anyone at home about her lifestyle.

When the two of them arrived at the house where Dena was going to model for pictures, she introduced JJ to Bob the amateur photographer who was a man in his sixties and overweight, but the house he lived in was huge and beautiful. Bob had a friend of his with him who he introduced to both girls but JJ couldn't remember his name. Dena told JJ to go and sunbathe by the pool while she did her modeling and with that, disappeared down a hallway to the studio with the two men. My wife is a very inquisitive person so instead of going out to the pool, she looked around the house for several minutes and after that, walked down the hallway following the sound of voices she could hear. She didn't want to be rude so she said that was very quiet as she got to the slightly ajar door where Dena and the two men were inside. She could just see Dena with her huge tits out, laying on a bed nude with her legs wide apart and a big rubber cock in her pussy and seeming to be enjoying it, big time. Not wanting to be seen, JJ walked back through the house to the pool although seeing Dena posing, somehow turned her on and she liked the idea of making some money doing the same thing having men look at her.

After about half an hour, JJ walked back inside the house and this time she could hear Dena moaning long before she got to the door. She peeked inside and Dena was on the bed sucking one guy's cock while being fucked by the other. She said that in an instant, her pussy was soaking wet and she almost came in her panties. On the way home, she told Dena what she had seen and told her she wanted to do some modeling also.

After that, JJ said things changed fairly quickly. The following night, she could hear Dena being fucked by Ken in their bedroom and again, it made her pussy as wet as hell. My wife, when eightteen, had been with two guys at different times but she said it hadn't done a lot for her and she hadn't been really turned sexually on until she saw Dena with the two guys. Hearing Dena again with Ken had really got her wet and she spent the next thirty or so minutes listening to their fucking and really going at her pussy and cumming several times.

The next morning, my wife told Dena about her hearing she and Ken fucking the previous night and how wet she had gotten listening to them. She said she was so horny and couldn't get what she had seen and heard the past couple of days out of her head. She told me Dena was just smiling at her as she spoke and had walked slowly over to her and got real close, then put her hand ever so slowly down the front of JJ's bikini bottoms. My wife said she instinctively opened her legs just a little to let Dena's fingers get to her pussy and then put her own hand between Dena's legs. JJ said she had never been so horny and so wet and she loved the feeling. A little later, Dena had put JJ on the bed and had gone down on her, licking her pussy and after that, JJ had done the same to Dena. My wife had no idea of time but after what seemed quite a while both girls had cum and then Dena had shown JJ all her sex toys and explained them all to her and my wife loved the experience. That evening, Dena and JJ put a sixty nine show on for Ken who fucked both of them before shooting cum into my wife and Dena eating it out of her. JJ loved it.

A few days later, Dena and JJ went back to the house for modeling only this time, both girls posed for Bob and his two friends for some nasty pictures. They even took pictures of JJ being fucked by Dena with a strap on before all three guys took a turn fucking both girls. My wife loves sucking cock, in fact anything to do with a cock she loves and the more the better especially when guys cum in her. She loves to pose for pictures and loves to be used sexually by men. We know a few wealthy guys who are very generous and who satisfy her lust for being a dirty slut. A very beautiful slut.

Quite a while ago, JJ was asked by one of the wealthy guys she knows, to pose for a video. When we got to where the video was going to be shot, we were surprised to see two black guys there. My wife had never been with a black guy before as her parents didn't like that kind of thing but my wife isn't racist at all, it just hadn't happened. The two guys fucked her in all her holes for an hour and a half and when they were finished, the wealthy guy did her also. Have to say, she has seen a lot of black cock since then.

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