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My Wife Having Sex for Money - My wife JJ and I were married a couple of years ago. She is a beautiful blonde with a great body and as sexy as they come and everywhere we go, she gets plenty of looks from all the guys. Eight months ago, my hours at work were cut and the result was devastating to our budget, and like many couples, we were in risk of losing our home. We both searched for anything that might help us out but all the part time jobs paid so little that it was hardly worth bothering with as they wouldn't really help at all.

One evening a couple months later,JJ came home and told me about a girl she worked with who knew our situation which was very similar to the one she and her husband was in, and to cut a long story short, she been doing some escort work and modeling to make ends meet. She said she met older guys who would wine and dine her and then she would go back to their hotel with them. It's difficult say what went through my mind at the idea of JJ going to bed with other men but the longer we talked about it, we realized that we had little option and it was either that, or lose our home.

So a few days later, JJ called the escort agency and they said they needed some hot pictures to show clients and gave us the name of a photographer to call which JJ did. The appointment was for the following day and when we got to the photographers studio, it turned out to be part of the trailer the photographer Alex lived in, which was pretty nasty. Alex was overweight and scruffy and not at all like we imagined. His office has pornographic pictures all over the wall which were mainly interracial pics of black guys with white women and which Alex was quick to tell us that each girl got $500 per shoot and sometimes more. All kinds of bad things were going through my head but $500 or more for one shoot? That was a lot of cash.

Several minutes passed by and after Alex had said that the red top and black skirt JJ was wearing would be perfect, he told us that his charge was $300 for taking the pictures! This wasn't something we had thought about and trying to tell him that we would pay when we did the first job didn't work. He told us not to worry as JJ could pay in a trade off but the thought of this dirty old man touching my wife was almost too much for me. JJ seemed quite passive about it all and treated it as something that had to be done.

We went into the studio which was quite filthy but Alex told us that nothing would show in the pictures except JJ so not to worry. In the room was just a bed and after a few pictures had been taken of JJ clothed, he started telling her to take something off starting with her top. Alex would take a picture or two and then change the pose and when he did, he started touching JJ any way he wanted. At first he was touching her breasts, then squeezing them and a short time later he even put his hand inside her panties and as he removed his hand, stuck his finger in his mouth and said that JJ's cunt tasted sweet.

A few more shots were taken and then Alex put JJ in a pose where she was almost face down on the bed with her ass up in the air and just her panties covering her. Alex pulled the panties to one side and as he did so, stopped and asked if I wanted to watch. It might sound naive but I actually heard myself asking "watching what" but by that time, Alex had just stuck his cock right into JJ's pussy. She must have been wet as his cock went straight in and as he started to pump into her, I walked out of the room but even that didn't help.

For the next fifteen minutes, Alex fucked my wife and all the time, calling her a filthy slut and whore, names like that. Towards the end, I heard him ask JJ if she wanted to lick his asshole while he jerked off, cum in her cunt or take it in her mouth. She chose the last one. For a minute or two it was fairly quiet so I looked into the room to see JJ laying on her back with Alex's cock in her mouth. just as he shot his load into it.

Later while I was waiting in Alex's office, he offered me $600 to shoot some black and white party pictures of JJ the following day and I agreed right away. I guess I should have asked what exactly black and white party pictures were but we found out quickly enough the next day when JJ met three black guys to party with for Alex's camera and video.

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