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Two weeks ago my wife's long time FWB texted me in the afternoon asking what I was doing. What that usually means is that my wife is busy and he wants a blow job. My wife knows this and kind of thinks it's funny.

Normally I go to his house, we go in the basement and I suck his dick until he cums in my mouth. He's actually a really good dude, but when it's just he and I, he's pretty dominant until he cums and then is his normal laid back self.

Well on this particular day, he decided to come to our house. He had in fact already checked with the wife, but she told him she was busy getting ready for a weekend trip we were leaving for the next day. But she offered me up and told him to come by around 7.

So that's how it was set up. She had just returned from the gym and was in the shower when he arrived. He and I went in the basement and he was taking his time. I was allowed to rub his cock through his underwear for an extended period before he took his pants off and had me kneel in front of him and put his fat dick in my mouth.

A few mins in the wife came down in her robe and kissed him with an enthusiastic hello while I was sucking him off. I'm not gonna lie, I like it better when she's there so I was glad she decided to come down. She helped me suck him off for a bit before she said he could fuck her if he fucked me first.

He's only done that twice when I was pretty drunk and it's not really comfortable. He's got a really fat dick. It's probably 6" long, but it gets super thick and he's got a fat head. It literally doesn't fit in my mouth very well. He was good with the request and she had brought lube in her pocket so she lubed his dick and then squirted more into her hand to rub in my ass with a finger.

I laid on my back and raised my hips while he got between my legs and started rubbing his head up and down my ass. My wife was laying next to me and in between kisses she was asking if I was ready to get fucked. That's that kind of scenario that really turns me on, so I was actually looking forward to feeling him inside of me.

As he started to enter me slowly, the wife was stroking my hard cock getting me ready. It went in easier that I was expecting. Probably because I was so horny and relaxed. As he picked up his pace the wife alternated between kissing me and him.

He wanted to stop before he came, but the wife encouraged him to finish inside of me and she'd make it worth it for him. He seemed good with that and set out with new determination and it wasn't long before I could feel him shooting inside my tight ass. After he withdrew, he laid back while I spent a few minutes completely cleaning his cock. I fluffed him back to an erection. When he was ready to go again, my wife amd I 69'ed and he was fucking her from behind.

He alternated fucking her and withdrawing so he could stuff his cock in my mouth. While he was inside of her, I was alternating between trying to lick her clit and licking his balls and asshole. He lasted a decent amount of time for round two and got my wife off twice before he was ready to cum again. My wife instructed him to cum inside of her. I could hear him groan and had a close up view of his cock buried inside of her and his balls got very tight so I decided to help by sticking my tongue as far in his ass as it would go.

He seemed to empty his balls forever and when he withdrew a torrent of cum fell from her swollen pussy into my mouth and on my face. I ate her out for as long as she would let me eating and licking as much cum as I could. After she came a final time, she let me fuck her while he watched.

She loves to tell me how small my little dick is and she knows how much it turns me on. I didn't last long in her silky well fucked pussy before I shot my load in there. And then finished off by cleaning her up again with my tongue. Once we were done and put our clothes on we sat in the living room while the tow of them laughed and flirted. I definitely felt the beta role and just kind of sat there with the knowledge of all the kinky things I had just done. Extremely humiliating and very sexy.

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