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Belgian Hotwife Blossomed - Part 2

I already shared my first cuckold experience with my hot wife in a previous post, you can read here.

Four months later, I finally had the privilege to see my wife getting fucked by her lover.

We had a weekend planned in a wellness complex near Brussels. Her lover asked if he could join us to give my wife a good fucking, before he left on holiday for two weeks.

When we went out, we checked with the girl behind the reception desk if we could still get into the hotel after 12 pm with our magnetic room key. She assured us it was no problem: there was no reception until 9 am, but the doors could always be opened with the magnetic key card.

My wife texted her lover the address and told him he could slip unseen into the hotel room, if he arrived before 9 am the next morning.

When we came back after going out, my wife and I made love and fell asleep around 1 am. She told me afterwards she didn't sleep very well, because she was nervous about smuggling her lover into the hotel room.

A bit after 7 am, her cell phone buzzed: he would be over in another ten minutes! She jumped out of bed, and into her clothes. She giggled nervously and told me she was excited and anxious at the same time. I also got up and dressed, since it seemed the normal thing to do. He texted he was on the parking lot, and she went down with the key card, to let him in.

When he came in, we first made a bit of small talk. My wife didn't say too much, because she didn't quite know how to behave now her partner for 12 years was gonna see her have sex with some else - live! She admitted she felt a bit awkward about it.

He definitely wasn't gonna let this chance pass by, and pulled her closer and started kissing her. For me, this was the sign, to give them some space, to let her get comfortable with the situation.

I strategically put a chair in the corner of the hotel room, with the bed in plain sight and put on youtube for some background music, to get the atmosphere going a bit.

After a bit of kissing, he pulled her mini-dress over her head, to admire the new lingerie I bought for her birthday (see top picture above). He complimented her on how it looked, and started caressing her skin. They continued with passionate kissing, while she started to unbutton his shirt. After taking off his trousers, they sank down to lie on the bed. I found it really exciting to see the woman I love, lying there entangled with another man and making out. She looked real sexy!

I thought it might be uncomfortable for my wife if they were semi-naked and I was fully clothed, so I also undressed down to my boxers, and got back in my seat. I was getting a clear hardon from the live show.

He took off her bra and started sucking her nipples. Then he pulled down her string, and pushed her legs wider to get access to her cunt. He slid in three fingers with ease, so I guessed her discomfort had already made place for wet arousal. As he started fingering her, she let out a moan, and reached out to squeeze his cock through his boxers and then started to pull the elastic band down. Now they were both naked, he started eating her out, while continuing to finger her cunt. She took his thick cock and started jerking him off.

I really wanted to stroke my cock now, and also took off my boxers. He was very stiff, and already oozing precum.

The combination of eating and fingering her pussy, led her to her first orgasm. I kind of admired it, since I could give her real good orgasms while playing with her clit, but rarely got her to come when I orally serviced her pussy. She came quite loud, and I was starting to worry if there were guests in the hotelroom next door.

They switched places and she started to blow him. The sight of my wife's lips wrapped around his thick cock, made me quiver. She made hard sucking noises, so I knew she was putting her heart into it. She definitely was horny like a little slut right now… I stopped masturbating for a while, because I didn't want to come yet.

After a while he tossed her around, to lay her in missionary and then crawled on top of her. She made him put on a condom, before letting him sink in his swollen dick between her legs. She gave me a quick look while he was reaching for the condom, as to apologize for the fact that he was tossing her around. But I liked how he tossed her around like a little slut.

He started pounding her, tossing her into another position from time to time. On her knees, slapping her bare ass from behind, as if ordering her to ride his cock harder. On her back, making her pull up her legs wide as far as possible, allowing him full and deep access. I knew this was her favorite position! She was so loud, I wasn't sure if she had her second or third orgasm!

Then he tossed her over to the foot end of the bed, where I was sitting. He reached into his backpack and got out some leather harness, to strap around her waist. The leather cuffs could be attached to the harness belt, as to immobilize her hands. He strapped in her waist, and threw the leather handcuffs my way to put them around her wrists.

I looked at her. She smiled back slightly, but also seemed to be somewhere else with her mind, in a deep flow, succumbing to her raw sexual desires.

I tied the cuffs to each other and pulled her hands back over her head, stretching her arms above her head, while he started to pound her again. She quickly remounted from gasping to moaning. I tongue kissed her, and she answered it.

When she felt sufficiently satisfied, she begged him to come. He increased his pace, and she definitely came really loud again, but when he slowed down he said he hadn't come yet, because he was too exhausted from all the pounding. She asked me if he could take off the condom, to make him come more easily. I didn't want to make that choice for her, so she asked me if I found it kinky if he would cum inside her without condom. I nodded, off course.

He went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit before his second round. While he was in the bathroom, she asked me if I liked it? I told her she was so beautiful and sexy, while being taken! Seeing her being so aroused was a huge turn on for me! Do you want to fuck me now? I smiled and started to kiss her. She pulled me onto the bed. I pushed my hardon inside her loose and stretched pussy, where his cock had been just moments before. I wrapped my arms around her and we started making love.

John came out of the bathroom, saw us, and sat down in the seat where I sat minutes before. Within five minutes she begged me to come. I was so aroused, it didn't take much to push me over the edge and I shot my load. She came - for what? - the fifth time? I lost count.

I laid on top of her, we smiled at each other, connected and kissed.

As I slipped into the bathroom, she asked John for a towel to prevent the cum from dripping on the bed, He climbed over to her on the bed ... You want more?, she asked him with an amazed look, as if she wasn't sure she could take any more, he slid inside her, and they came within minutes. She lay exhausted on the bed for a while, her filled pussy dripping fresh semen...

We all showered, got clothed and he made his way to the exit. By this time there already was a guy at the reception desk, who just looked over to them.

We spent the rest of the day in the spa and wellness. Not being able to talk about it, because there were always other people around. When the guy of the reception desk gave us a weird look, she whispered in my ear: He's probably confused because he saw me letting John out this morning and now I'm here with you.

When we got home, she told me she had been horny all day from our little adventure with John. We had hot and steamy sex, while she whispered all sorts of kinky stuff into my ear. This time you had your little cuckold fantasy of seeing me having sex. Next time I want you both at the same time.


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