My Slut Wife in Jamaica - Part 2


Cuckold And Sex with Black Men - Continued from Part 1

My wife and I were on a short trip to Jamaica and had been recommended to go to a quiet resort that had a nude beach as my wife enjoys being naked and I enjoy shooting pictures of her. Another reason for going there was that she was told about a hot bull called Kenny, who was a trainer in the gym there and who enjoyed fucking mature white women at the resort. Now I love my wife very much but realize her need for men to use her sexually and especially black men.

The first morning we were at the resort, my wife left a message for Kenny with our room number and when we got back from the beach at lunchtime, he had left her his cell number to call. Linda was even hornier than usual after meeting two young boys at the beach that morning and letting them jerk off over her so was feeling real slutty knowing that Kenny could come over within an hour, just long enough for my wife to shower and get dressed.

Kenny was about half hour late when he arrived at our room and said he had been giving a workout lesson to a hot blonde who was on her honeymoon and her husband had stayed with her the whole time, so he was as horny as hell. He was a good looking guy with a great physique and was just wearing a towel and my wife, who was wearing a white beach dress, seemed to be just what he needed. Without wasting a moment, Kenny told Linda to take her dress off and get down on her knees so she could suck his cock, and she did as she was told. At first it was nice sucking but then Kenny started to fuck her mouth hard and made her deep throat his cock and Lyn started to gag and drool all over his cock and down over chin. Minutes went by and Kenny said he only had a half hour before his next appointment so told Lyn to take her panties off and bend over the couch and she complied. There was nothing half hearted about Kenny, he just told Lyn to stick her ass out and when she had done it, just walked up behind her and stuck his cock in her wet hole and started banging her hard and rough. He didn't say anything to her but was telling me my wife was a good black cock whore and he was going to shoot a good wad of cum down her throat when he had finished fucking her cunt. For the next twenty minutes Kenny fucked Linda hard and he kept telling me that he wanted her asshole real bad but he didn't have enough time and wanted it later. Every so often he would take his cock out and tell my wife to clean her pussy juice of it then go back to banging her and at one point, he told her to lick his ass as he liked that and enjoyed it when Linda put her tongue inside his asshole. Not long after this, he told her to get down on her knees again and open her mouth wide while he jerked off into it. She again did as she was told and kept her mouth wide open while Kenny shot several large spurts of cum into her mouth until there was so much she couldn't get it all in or swallow fast enough and it stared to dribble out of her mouth.

Before he left, Kenny asked us to meet him later that evening at his place as he had a friend he wanted Linda to meet and although I thought that a bad idea, Linda was set on seeing Kenny again, so we agreed. So around nine thirty that evening, we arrived at Kenny's apartment which was in back of the main resort and one of six apartments, three up and three down. Kenny's place was upstairs. He invited us into a not so clean apartment which consisted of a small lounge with a small kitchen and one bedroom. The friend he introduced us to was Charles, a very large black guy that had the exact opposite type of body to Kenny, very overweight and had a kinda menacing look about him. Kenny gave us both a beer then put the lights way down except a low dull red one, then some music on. Very slow dancing music. While this was going on, there was a knock on the door and two more guys came into the apartment and Kenny said they lived downstairs. He said their names but I don't remember , I didn't really hear at all as I was a little anxious about the situation. Don't get me wrong, we have been to parties before but always with other couples and here we were with complete strangers.

Linda had dressed up for Kenny and was wearing a black mini dress with just a black thong underneath and black high heels. She looked beautiful. Kenny started to dance with Linda and right away he was kissing her as they danced and putting his hand all over her ass and needless to say, my wife was enjoying it. She enjoyed it even more when he pulled her thong down and started feeling her pussy and rubbing his hard cock against her and even in the dim light I knew her pussy was soaking wet and Linda wanted Kenny real bad. At the end of the song that was playing, Kenny took Linda's thong right off followed by the dress and my wife was naked in the middle of the room with four guys all wanting her, watching. While the next slow song played, Kenny was playing with Linda's pussy and she squirted all over his hand and down her legs and that seemed to get the guys even hotter than they already were which was a little worrying. Then Kenny left and went to the bathroom and Charles, the big overweight guy started dancing with Linda but that was for less than a minute. He just took her hand and led her away and as he did so, Linda looked back at me with a worried look that I had never seen before but the big guy didn't slow a step. I followed them along a short passageway and watched as my wife was pulled into a bathroom and the door closed behind her. It was quiet for a few seconds and then I heard the all too familiar sound of my wife being used by someone she didn't even know. She later told me that Charles had just bent her over the washbasin and entered her pussy and started to fuck her. She said that he fucked her for ten minutes from behind then pulled out his cock, dropped some spit onto her asshole, then pushed his cock into it. My wife has given her ass to men before but she said this guy's cock was huge and to begin with, it hurt while he stretched her. From the other side of the door I could Charles slapping her ass and then she said he was very rough with her breasts also, pulling her big nipples and squeezing them hard. She said at one point, the guy pulled his cock out of her asshole and made her kneel in front of him then pushed his cock into her mouth and told her to clean it for him, and she did.

It must have been a half hour before the door opened and Charles came out of the bathroom. Linda was still leaning over the basin and had a stream of cum running out of her ass. She turned to look at me but Kenny went into the bathroom and got his cock out then told Linda to stay as she was. For the next hour or so Kenny and the other two guys took a turn using my wife's asshole and when they were done, she had cum all down her legs and around her feet and her asshole was open and raw.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, I helped her over to be couch as her legs were a little unsteady then got her a drink. The guys were all friendly and they said how hot she was a what a great slut for black cocks. Fifteen minutes later, I went looking for Linda's shoes as I thought we were leaving but the guys had other ideas. They took her into the bedroom and well, gangbanged her until almost two thirty in the morning. She was DPd, had a cock in every hole and had cum over her face, in her mouth in her open cunt. Sometimes it was just one on her and other times every combination until she was well and truly fucked and abused like I had never seen before. When I eventually got her back to our room, she lay on the bed and immediately went into a deep sleep. I looked at her body and all her holes had been stretched and abused and cum was everywhere. I gently opened her legs and got down and started licking her cum filled pussy and asshole. My cock was hard and I jerked off while I was licking her and then when I couldn't stop myself, I slowly eased my cock into her wet ass and discharged my load. When I pulled my cock out of her, cum dripped off my cock and onto the floor. I really adore my wife, even if she is a total slut/whore.

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