My Slut Wife in Jamaica


At the Nude Beach - My wife Linda and I had been planning a short trip away for quite sometime and eventually decided on a long weekend to a small resort we had heard about from friends, in Jamaica. One of the reasons we picked this particular place is because there is a nude beach and my wife is an exhibitionist amongst other things and enjoys me shooting pictures of her without clothes as much as I enjoy taking them.. I love my wife very much but understand her need to have sex with other men, especially black men who she enjoys being used sexually by.

We arrived on a Friday evening and the first thing Linda did after checking in, was go looking for the keep fit instructor called Kenny who our friends had told us about because he loves white pussy. Unfortunately, the gym was closed but Linda left a note for Kenny with our room number.

First thing the next morning, Linda and I are on our way to the far end of the beach which is okay for nude sunbathing. For our little walk that morning, Linda was wearing a tiny black mini skirt and a little red top with nothing else so when we got to the end of the regular beach and were walking through some trees to the nude beach, I asked my wife to sit on and pose on an old tree that had fallen down. I took some pictures then got her to lay on a towel for a few more and as she did this, two young black kids walked past us and their eyes lit up on seeing Linda's open legs. Without making any attempt to close her legs, my wife, with a big bad smile on her face which I know so well, told the boys that they shouldn't be looking at her and they slowly walked on but not before taking a couple sneak peeks over their shoulders.

After the photo session, we looked for a semi quiet place on the beach and ended up behind some rocks. After putting our towels down, we went for a quick dip in the ocean and and I can't say how good it felt. As we were going back up the beach, the two boys we had seen earlier were walking along the beach and Linda waved at them. "Please don't have anything to do with them as they can't be much older than sixteen or seventeen" I said to my wife, and she just replied that they wanted a look is all although I wasn't so sure.

An hour or so later I went for a swim and left Linda alone although I could see her from where I was. I watched as she was checking out the beach and every time a guy headed in her direction, she opened her legs so anyone would get a good view of her cunt. This included the two boys we had seen before only this time as they passed Linda, they walked over to her and started talking. I couldn't see exactly what was happening as I could only see the back of the boys but it looked like my wife was playing with her pussy and the two young boys were jerking off while they watched her. I waited for several minutes, then as the boys left, I walked up to my wife who was now covered in cum all over her pussy breasts and face but with the same big smile. I asked my wife why she allowed the boys to do that and she just replied that she wasn't going to but they had such beautiful cocks and they wouldn't stop cumming once they started.

When we went back for some lunch, we had a message from Kenny, the keep fit guy, to call him, which Linda did. The conversation was very short and consisted of Linda telling him she needed a good work out as soon as possible in our room and Kenny said he would be right over.

Part 2.

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