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So after our first experience which I posted earlier, (you should read it first to bring you up to speed) we had more than a couple of hot encounters with my close friends but the next really hot experience was a camping trip we took with some close friends, all male, three in total!

I have always loved camping even before I got with my girl, from the time I was able to go on my own steam, without relying on parents etc, and my main companion on these trips was usually my close mate Todd!

So it was going to be Kim (my sexy girlfriend, now Wife) myself and Todd heading off but late in the planning my 'ex' Brother in Law Greg and his mate whom I didn't really know were added to the camping crew!

Greg was married to my Wife's (prude) Sister for a short period we became friends in that time, not close but I did enjoy his company.

Although Greg seemed to be a super horny guy, (which became apparent when he was drunk and no females were present, all he talked about were girls and sex) he was a virgin when he met my Sister in Law and to that day he still had never gone down on a girl before because she wouldn't let him go down on her!

He was always talking about how much he wanted to eat a pussy when no girls were about lol!

Although he was fairly good looking he was unbelievably shy, if a female was in the room he would just shrink and never say a word, poor bloke!

His mate nicknamed Thomo, was a lean tall bloke with unruly surfers style hair, fun guy but I didn't know much about him. We were headed to a lake system about an hour away, Todd and I had found a fantastic spot to camp while fishing the area previously! (The dilapidated, rarely used except for the occasional seasonal pro fisherman boat ramp we would launch our boat from has been gated off by the Gov since, no camping allowed either! grrr).

It was a tiny cove, protected from three sides with a small waveless White Sandy beach at its belly, the water is partly fresh (brackish) here but it is crystal clear and once we had beaten a path through scrub above the beach there was a smallish but easily adequate for our camp, clearing where we intended to pitch our tents!

Now this spot is only accessible by boat and there is virtually no boat traffic in this part of the lake system, Todd and I had only ever seen pro fishermen come here occasionally during the right fishing period and only one lonesome yacht the whole time we'd explored these waters so we were really quite isolated, and if a boat WERE to approach it would be heard long before it could surprise you!

Although there was no shenanigans planned I was confident that something would spark off! Kim hadn't been camping before so this was all new to her, I was hoping camping would be an aphrodisiac for her, not that she needed one, lol! We all got hot and sweaty while setting up, and I think the boys got hot in other ways too because Kim has a fantastic body, like a gymnast I guess, she's small but is very toned as you can see in the pics and she was wearing the tiniest of bikinis that only just covered her smooth rude bits and she wasn't shy about bending over in front of the boys and I caught them ogling many times!

So once we had set up we strolled down to the waters edge and sat on the sand, unknown to me Todd had brought a fistful of joints with him and he passed a couple around while I passed a bottle of tequila to go with the beers the boys, Kim and I were already drinking! Now Kim and I aren't regular pot smokers, just on occasions like this, every blue moon but I knew that when Kim got buzzed she became super horny, usually when we had the occasional smoke at a party I would miss half the night as she would drag me away to fuck my brains out, so I was expecting something to happen sooner rather than later now!

So after about 40 or so more minutes of smoking and drinking I could see Kimmy had a good shine and buzz going, she talks more and gets a bit louder and also flirts way more, which she was now doing with all of the boys, I could see my luck was good so I suggested Kim go for a skinny dip, she looked me in the eyes and instantly stood straight up and without the slightest hint of insecurity or modesty peeled off her tiny bikini bottoms in one motion and while she was pulling one arm out of and removing her top she said “only if you guys do it too!”, I said “nah, I'll watch” so she turned to the rest, (remember she is totally naked now and standing up so her smooth pussy is at the boys eye level only a few feet away).

Greg and Thomo didn't know where to look, Greg was red as a beetroot too lol! But before the two could answer Todd who is always confident and pro-active in these situations, jumped up and whipped off his shorts and grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him into the water, (Todd had played with Kim a few times previously and he was keen to do so again it seemed, lol)

So the rest of us sat on the shore and watched with bulges in our pants, they hadn't gone deeper in than about thigh height and they weren't far away so everything was in full view, Todd looked rock hard at this point and Kim reached out and gave his cock a playful squeeze, the boys next to me were giggling like school kids and whispering things to each other that I couldn't quite hear, Greg had never seen or known about this side of Kim, I guess he assumed she was a cold fish like her Sister! ??

After Kim gave Todd's cock a squeeze she sat straight down in the water, which came up to her pert little titties, Todd took the cue and did the same, and it became fairly obvious that hands and fingers were wandering under the water by the positions of their arms, the obvious movement, not to mention the looks on their faces, I shouted to them that they weren't fooling anyone and laughed!

Kim just giggled, stood up on her knees and leaned over to whisper something into Todd's ear, Todd grinned and stood up, Kim grabbed his cock and started sucking, the boys next to me were quiet now, but their eyes were wide!

We watched as Todd finally had a huge orgasm grabbing her head and thrusting into her mouth but Kim didn't let up she just kept sucking until Todd's knees almost buckled! Still holding Todd's pulsing cock, Kim looked at me smirking and poked her tongue out at me cheekily and without taking her eyes off mine gave the head of Todds cock a kiss!

They wandered ashore back to us and Todd just flopped onto the ground beside us and lay down on his back and closed his eyes, Kim walked up to us and stated in a mock annoyed tone that she was still horny, the other two boys didn't make a sound so I said “why don't you take care of yourself while we'll watch?” She paused but then Kim's eyes lit up and said “good idea” so she sits down directly in front of Greg who is between Thomo and I, legs wide apart, leans back on one elbow and starts rubbing her clit occasionally pushing a finger or two inside her smooth pussy, at first she would only look at me but when she got really worked up she just looked from Greg to Thomo as she made the horniest whimpering noises, soon her hand moved more frantically until she had a very loud, very dramatic orgasm! At one stage Thomo said “do you want some help” in a small voice but I don't think Kim even heard as she was getting close to cumming!

After the show, we just sat there again, Kim was sitting facing us now cross legged with her pussy still glistening from her juices and totally visible as the boys tried to make conversation whilst very distracted!

We passed the tequila around again which was drained too quickly and Todd handed out a couple of more joints, we just sat and chatted Todd and Kim still naked, in fact I don't think either of them wore clothes for the rest of the trip lol!

Halfway through the second bottle of tequila Kim stood up and said she's going back to our camp (which was only a very short stroll away), we stayed and chatted for a couple of minutes longer before following her back! It was still early, about four in the afternoon and the air was warm!

When we got back Kim was laying on a blanket on her side with her knees pulled up to her chest, still naked and pussy and ass facing us as we walked into the camp, it was a beautiful sight!! (She told me as I wrote this, that she had positioned herself that way intentionally! Hot!!).

Her eyes were closed, I guessed she'd smoked or drank a little too much and it had taken its toll, but she didn't seem to be blackout drunk, she wasn't snoring or anything she seemed she was just sleepy drunk, I'd gotten to know her levels by now and I also knew at this point of drunk/stoned-ness she was good to go, if you know what I mean?!

What I'm saying is that if you touched her pussy at this point you would be rewarded!!

So we had positioned our folding chairs to get the best view in a small arc around her lower rude bits, lol, we sat for a few minutes ogling and commenting when I quietly told the boys exactly what I just told you guys about how horny she gets at this stage, and I motioned for Greg to make a move, he just chuckled embarrassed but didn't move, so I quietly said to everyone “I'll get her started but I want Greg to get her pussy first”! Greg chuckled again!

(I wanted him to get his first taste of Pussy!)

So I knelt down beside Kim and started to rub her pussy from behind, she made an approving “mmm” and pushed back against my hand, I could feel heat building and wetness so I started talking softly close to her ear, asking if she liked that, she moaned to the affirmative so I went all in and said “Greg wants to suck your pussy, would you like him to?” Without answering or opening her eyes she moaned and rolled onto her back and opened her legs! Well I guess the substances and the situation gave Greg the courage he needed because he immediately got down between her legs and started sucking and licking like a starving man, this had the expected result and Kim started groaning in pleasure, she started to arch her back and open her legs wider and higher, pushing her pussy into his mouth then her hand come down and pressed his head from behind against her grinding pussy! (Getting her pussy eaten is Kims fave thing, you can probably tell from our pics).

Todd had crept up beside her and started kissing her mouth and neck then started sucking her tittie, I was about to tell Thomo to get onto the other one but when I turned, he was already out of his seat and headed in that direction! I got my cock out and made the most of this scene, when I felt the need to escalate proceedings I urged Greg to fuck her, he listened this time and ripped down his shorts and started to feed his cock into Kim, (to her delight from the sounds she was making) he was no bigger than me cock-wise but she was loving the three pointed attack on her sensitive bits for sure!

Kim is very tight so Greg came fairly quick but Thomo immediately took over and pounded her like a champion, his cock was bigger than mine and I found out later how much she had enjoyed it!

Kim had woken fully by this point obviously and she was really getting into it, she'd cum already multiple times but didn't look like slowing down, Thomo came fairly quick too and withdrew but Kim, quick as a flash just rolled over and got onto her hands and knees in the doggie/piggy in the middle position where things got going again as Todd took up pole position and Greg moved around to get his cock sucked!

The whole four days were Like a never ending orgy, lol, if we were awake, (and sometimes when I was asleep too) they were fucking her, she barely slept!

Kim was super sore afterwards and could hardly walk, but had the time of her life, you couldn't get the grin off her face! (Greg even ate Kim's pussy during the boat ride back to the boat ramp, she just sat on the seat opposite my driving seat and swivelled it to face the back of the boat and pulled her tiny bikini bottoto one side and he got on all fours in front of her and went to town! Lol).

I've loved trying to remember every moment of this camping trip and Kim has loved me asking her questions and reminiscing, then reading it, it's been a few years since, I'm thirty six now and Kim is thirty three but she still looks fantastic! I'll post some pics from that period and maybe some newer ones, hope you enjoy one of our true (best) adventures and the pics!

P.S. seeing my Girl sitting naked on the sand in the warm sun masturbating for my 2 mesmerised friends and 1 almost stranger to watch was maybe the hottest thing I'd ever experienced, if I'd touched my cock it would have exploded lol, I thank the universe for throwing us together!

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