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This was our first adventure into the kink of sharing my Girl, We were both young when we first discovered it but we both loved it and from the first time onwards we were much more open to experimenting with different kinks and whatever and we’ve had some unbelievably hot sexual experiences since!

We still love to explore our boundaries! So here's the sexual beginnings story of myself and my wife of many years now, so we were young, I was a few years ahead of her, didn't even know she existed, she was an almost flat young woman, as she matured much later than almost/if not all of the girls in her year, she was still a virgin when I was gaining a lot of experience in that area so I was a confident cocky guy and she was still pretty inexperienced but willing to snag me whatever the cost I guess!

So she had made contact with me on a couple of occasions but I sort of ignored her, although I found her beautiful and sexually attractive (fantastic butt), she was just too physically immature to take seriously especially because of the taunting I would receive from my friends if anything were to happen between us!

(As in, I appeared to be a young man while she still looked like a girl) (I guess there's a message here about judging books by their covers?) Some time later we are at a party that we both ended up at somehow and at the end of the night everyone had paired off and disappeared except a few of us including myself and Kimberly, (the girl I'm talking about and my 'now' Wife) so long story short, we ended up in a room together where I ate her pussy until she came and then she sucked my cock until I did, and she had no qualms about swallowing every drop and licking it clean!! She gave fantastic head! (she had experience there and had been fingered etc but not full sex).

My hands had wandered and a finger had found it's way inside of her pussy, she was soo wet and I could feel how super tight she was and all I could think of after that was getting my cock inside of that super tight pussy! (Young men are narcissistic shitheads, what can I say??????)

So we started to date and my cock would either be in her mouth or pussy for much of that time! I found, (to my delight) that she was extremely horny too, and was up for anything!! (If I said "go for it" she would rise to any sexual challenge and love it!) Her turn ons were basically whatever turned ‘me' on, and that was fine by me!

So we explored every sexual position and harmless kink we could think of. But after this one time where I fucked her bent over a picnic table at night in a park while my mate watched and wanked, I found myself soo turned on, and I could see that Kim was too, she was making so much noise and watching to see if he was watching, then she watched him smash his cock and made eye contact with him while getting ploughed by me whilst moaning, and she also was manoeuvring herself so that he would get the best view of her pussy and the action!

So, as I've stated her pussy is super tight and it ended way too soon for that exact reason but I already had a taste for it and so did she!

For probably most guys this would make them really jealous but I fricken loved it!

From then on, that's all I wanted to do, explore 'THAT' side of kinky sex! I had no idea there was a whole sexual subculture attached to this, but all I wanted to do is watch her fucking or being fucked by all different sorts of guys, I wasn't sure why, though, it just turned me on like nothing else!

Then very soon after my realisation, when I was out with Kim one day, we come across a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a very long time, Kim didn't know him or any of his friends and I only knew him and his girlfriend! So they invited us to his place on the weekend for a party, he had a lot of friends going that I didn't know, but it was a rare weekend where i didn't have much on so I thought it would be ok Jason's parents, (my not often seen friend) are away for the weekend and Jason's uncle Ivan is supposed to chaperone! So we turn up and find out that we will be sleeping in Uncle Ivan's room which is more like a shed or granny flat down the backyard of his parents house!

The party is okay, most get really drunk and as time goes on people start slipping away and hooking up, or going to sleep, so during the night we noticed my mate's Uncle Ivan hitting on the young girls (probably more than twenty years his junior??, drunkenly and not getting very far, he was pretty much a misfit who was probably still a virgin, trying to get into some young girls panties, who could blame him really? ?? At one point Ivan walked up behind my girl and grabbed her butt and told her how cute she was, When I saw this I didn't have the usual reaction though, my cock got hard, Kimmy Just smiled to be polite but didn't really answer him, and he sort of just wandered off!

Jason's uncle Ivan was probably in his very late 40s early 50s but not in good shape, not fat but just a bit sloppy looking like he hadn't really worked or done much physically ever!

His face wasn't that pleasant either, more just round and common looking, girls wouldn't really pay him any attention looks wise and he was super awkward around them sober from what I had seen, and even more so when he was drunk it seemed, but when he was drunk, he didn't even realise how awkward he was being so he scared them off even more! So just imagine ‘the polar opposite of a charming ladies man' and that was Uncle Ivan!

Anyway when things slowed down at the party, we decided to go to bed, we were of the understanding that we had the room to ourselves for the night at first but then my friend Jason said that his Uncle Ivan will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor beside us! (The thought of having my girl, whom I knew he found sexually attractive naked or semi naked very close to where he was sleeping, turned me on immensely so I got to work trying to make it happen).

So at about 2 in the morning we went to the room and got into bed, I was super horny as always but also from seeing Ivan and a couple of others hit on Kimberly, so as we were about to climb into bed, I undressed myself and started to undress Kim, she protested a little saying that Ivan might walk in and see us, I laughed and looked her straight in the eyes and while rubbing her pussy told her "that's exactly what I am hoping for."

So she giggled and pretty much just let me do whatever I wanted, she was just super horny after that and didn't seem to care at all if he walked in, so we started to fuck doggy style and she was trying to pull the blankets up so if someone walked in they couldn't see but I pulled them away and the longer we screwed the less she cared until she just didn't care in the least, the Church Choir could have turned up and watched and she wouldn't have cared.

After she came she just wanted to curl up and go to sleep! We were still naked and she drifted off pretty quick, she was on the outside of me on the bed, closest to the door and facing towards me so her naked butt was pointing to the door, she had her knees pulled up towards her chest a little, sort of in a semi fetal position fast asleep!

Kimberly had a super sexy butt, and it was the first thing anyone would see if they walked through that door, so when I knew she was fast asleep, I gently pulled the sheet off of her so she was completely naked, and just waited!

I must've drifted off because the next thing I knew I heard somebody close to the bed rummaging around!

When my eyes adjusted to what I was seeing I could see Jason‘s Uncle ‘Ivan' sitting on his mattress on the floor beside our bed engrossed and transfixed on my girls arse and pussy his face was only maybe an inch (if that) from her pussy and butt hole, if he had "half" stuck his tongue out it would have been on her skin and his breathing was really heavy! (like someone who's very drunk or very horny or both).

It was like he was trying to smell her pussy or something like that, now I actually think, looking back, that that is exactly what he was doing! 'Sniffing' her pussy! Lol!

After a while, he stopped sniffing/looking or whatever close to her pussy and laid back on his mattress and removed his pants! It was at this time I started to get worried I thought he might try to rape Kim, or something, or somehow maybe things were going to get out of hand? He wasn't fit or scary but he was much bigger than me back then and much older I was still a kid really compared to him so I was a bit worried at this point! He didn't know I was awake as I was just laying on my side with my eyes partly open facing towards him while Kim faced towards me, with her back to him, but he was more looking at Kim's naked body than worrying about me!

But I needn't have worried as once he had his pants off he just put his face up very close to Kim‘s smooth pussy and arse again and just jerked off, he seemed like he had a great time!

Kimmy was oblivious to all of this as she slept through it all but in the morning she awoke and realised she was naked and uncovered while an old guy who she didn't really know was laying on the floor beside her, naked from the waist down, she nudged me in a bit of a panic as she wasn't sure what to do! I woke up a bit and reassured her everything was good, (this was a fucking huge turn on for me, having someone like him lusting and wanking over my girl's naked sleeping body just turned me on so much) I didn't really know why it got my blood pumping so hard, but I think maybe it is because of how turned on he would have been or maybe because it was so kinky!

So anyway as she is trying To get me to get dressed so we can leave I start rubbing her pussy and smiling at her, she is kneeling on her knees on the bed, she is still naked and all Ivan has to do is open his eyes and he will see her arse and pussy, anyway I get her to look at Ivan's cock (which is fairly impressive, thicker and maybe longer than mine) I keep whisper talking dirty to her, saying things like how good that big cock would feel in her tight pussy, that sort of thing, after a bit of pussy rubbing along with the sexy talk she gets super horny so she doesn't seem to give a fuck now if Ivan wakes up and sees, (she is making noise now like she wants him to wake up) she climbs on top of me and starts to ride me, not holding back with the moaning and such, which is great but Ivan is still fast asleep which isn't the ideal scenario for me as I want him to watch.

In fact it would be a massive thrill for me to fuck Kim while he watches!

It's pretty much daylight outside now and the room is pretty well lit as the curtains are thin, so everything is totally visible! So to try to get the ball rolling a bit I sit on the side of the bed with my feet on the floor and talk her into kneeling beside the bed and leaning over it to suck my cock! Her legs are literally each side of Ivan's head and one of her bare ankles and foot is actually draped across his abdomen! (I didn't have to try hard at all to talk her into doing it, once she got horny enough with what I was saying to her, she was very keen to do anything I asked).

So she's naked kneeling on the floor beside my bed leaning over and sucking my cock and Ivan is still fast asleep which annoys me to no end!

So without saying anything I pick up a pillow and gently throw it at Ivan‘s head he doesn't wake up, ????? Kim sees this and looks at me and gives me a nervous looking smile, she knows what I'm up to and just adjusts herself so when he does open his eyes, he gets the best view, but she doesn't actually say anything! So I pick up another cushion that was on the bed and throw it at him in the same way and he stirs!

Ivan has a decent sized cock, it's flaccid at this time but you can see it is not bad, at one point, (I can't exactly remember when) Kim giggled and covered her mouth as she whispered to me that "he does have a nice cock!"

She's literally kneeling with one knee each side of his sleeping face as I stated earlier, blowing me, so then Ivan, the 50ish year-old loser opens his eyes with a scowling look on his face, it was actually aggressive looking

. I suppose from not expecting the cushion to the head maybe?

That is until he realises his face is literally between the knees of a naked super sexy, young, horny little chickie babe and he's looking up at a smooth, super tight, wet pussy!

His face just brightened within a moment!

He looked at me straight after he realised what he was looking at and so I just smiled and nodded, just to let him know "all good mate"!

Well that's the way he took it anyway because seconds after this Kim started muffled whimpering on my cock, not like sad or scared whimpering but "this feels so fucking good" whimpering!

So as I'm looking down to where she could possibly be receiving this pleasure from I see Ivan's face pushed firmly into Kim's doggy style arse and pussy, making licking and sucking sounds! He is obviously loving it and so is she!

This is just sooo hot to me and I cum really quick so I just move back out of the way and watch. Kim is still kneeling and leaning over the bed moaning as Ivan sucks her pussy and fingers her.

At some point she looks over at me with the look of ecstasy on her face and I just smile and nod so she knows she can do what she wants, by this time I'm hard again and I have my cock in my hand and I'm jerking off watching them and loving it!

After awhile Kim cums loudly then gets up and straddles him on his mattress, she looks at me with a wide eyed ‘wow' look on her face as she guides and squeezes his engorged nob into her tight pussy and then fully impales herself with a cry/gasp, (that sound nearly made me cum again??) then she rides him with her head back, mouth open, back arched and eyes closed in what appears and sounds to be bliss while he grabs at and sucks on her little titties until he cums!

He'd obviously emptied a massive load into her as it was dribbling out of her pussy and down her legs as she slid off his cock, Ivan just laid there trying to catch his breath!

That sort of ended that phase of the session but when Ivan goes to Maccas and gets us lunch I talk Kim into being naked when he returned and as soon as he put the food down she just laid back on the bench with her legs spread, and nature just took its course!! They fucked for ages and I think Ivan might have learnt a few new positions while I watched and fucking loved it!

(Most of the other party goers that had stayed over night would have been able to hear what was happening as Kim was pretty loud as Ivan fucked her, and Ivan wasn't real quiet himself, and they knew the three of us were in the room where the sounds of sex were emanating from! but not one of them was game enough to knock and join in, the silly buggers.)

So we didn't see Ivan after that night although we knew he was trying to contact us through the grapevine, we sort of stayed away from that crew after that night for obvious reasons but I'm sure it would've been the best morning/day/arvo of Ivan's life no doubt but it was the first full on ‘shared' experience for us but we've been doing it ever since!

I'll include some pics of some of our shared Wife experiences taken a bit afterwards, I will send more recent pics with our next experience story! Camera phones weren't prevalent then so a Polaroid was our camera of choice, hope you enjoy them!

Kade - kade1000130586@gmail.com












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