More Black Cocks for my Wife Lyn


More Black Cocks for my Wife Lyn - Soon after Lyn had her first fun experience with a couple black guys, she was more than enthusiastic to try it again. We had been told about an online web site which was for adults looking for fuck buddies and things like that so we joined the site and put a profile on it. We wrote that we were a couple but only the lady played and we also posted a couple of pictures of Lyn sucking a cock to help things along. Almost immediately, we had a whole stack of mail from guys all over but a lot of them were not what Lyn was looking for. She did write to some hot guys and the first one she arranged to meet was a good looking black guy called Troy who was six feet tall and very well hung going by the pictures he sent us. We weren't too sure where to meet Troy but we decided on an adult store we go to buy sexy outfits would be a good place and we know the owner Jerry quite well.

The following Friday evening after Lyn had finished getting ready and was wearing a very short black mini dress. I put my hand between her legs and was touching her pussy through her panties which were soaking wet when she asked me to stop, as she said she was about to cum if I didn't. It was only then that I fully realized how much Lyn was looking forward to meeting a complete stranger and opening her legs, mouth or ass for him. Since her first time with black guys, Lyn had spoken about it quite often and it always made her as horny as hell. She had even asked me if I minded her meeting someone while I was working and I had told her that was fine if she wanted to do it.

We arrived at the adult store on time and recognized Troy right away standing by the entrance. His reaction on seeing Lyn dressed up in a hot outfit said it all and he seemed as happy as Lyn obviously was at seeing Troy. Once inside the store which was fairly empty although it was quite early, I let Lyn and Troy walk off by themselves between the porn videos and DVDs. A few minutes later I wandered over and could see Lyn and Troy kissing in the corner of the store followed moments later by Troy easing Lyn down onto her knees. I couldn't see at all but it was obvious that Lyn was sucking cock even though she had known the guy for less than a few minutes. A couple people had wandered into what was going on in the corner of the store so Troy took Lyn into the men's room. I walked over and opened the door just enough to see and there was Lyn leaning over a urinal with her dress up and being fucked real hard by Troy from behind. Now when Lyn is having a good fuck, she tends to be quite noisy so it wasn't long before the couple were attracting attention from other people in the store, not that most anybody would complain anyway. Not long after, Lyn and Troy came out of the bathroom and Lyn said we had been invited to a small party at Troy's place and I was to follow the two of them. Just before we left, Lyn handed me her panties to put in my pocket as she wouldn't be needing them. The panties were soaking wet so I quickly put my hand between Lyn's legs and sure enough she had squirted cum already.

I followed Troy's truck and pulled into a driveway behind it then followed them inside. I wasn't sure what kind of party it was going to be as the three of us were the only ones there. Troy went to get drinks for us and Lyn sat down on a bar stool. I could tell she was needing cock as she had put one foot up which meant that her legs were apart and her pussy was wide open for anyone to see. She looked so hot I took a picture and when she saw the camera, opened her legs even more so I could see her open cunt in fact she was posing like this when two more guys came in. Troy gave their names but I don't think either Lyn nor I could remember them even five minutes later and it didn't much matter anyway. It was quite obvious that the party was Lyn and Lyn was the party and that was even more the case when a few minutes later, another two guys arrived.

Troy had taken Lyn over to a couch and while she was sitting and him standing, he had put his cock in her mouth for her to suck. The four other guys had grabbed beers and were watching the action while all the time Troy was having a conversation with them about how hot Lyn was and what good head she gave. He was asking her questions like "You gonna party all night with us right?" and "You gonna be our black slut whore?" The only response Lyn could give was a slight shake of the head as Troy was holding it tight in his hands. A few minutes passed and Troy was about to cum. He told Lyn to open her mouth while he grabbed his cock and started jerking it real fast and hard, aiming at Lyn face. The first spurt of cum went straight into her mouth followed by two or three others, the last one hitting her cheek. It had been a huge load but Troy wanted Lyn to swallow all of it which she did after a couple swallows.

After Lyn had cleaned up Troy's cock with her mouth, one of the other guys took her into a bedroom and after getting her to suck his cock hard, just lay her down on her back and stuck his cock in her open cunt and started fucking it. He kept telling Lyn to say she was a "black cock whore" which she gladly said over and over. The other guys were drinking beer and waiting their turn and as one guy finished by giving Lyn a load of cum, the next guy went straight in after. She was banged in every position possible and the last guy shot cum into her while fucking her like a dog. She stayed there a moment and I couldn't help but kneel behind her and started to lick her swollen pussy which had cum dribbling out of it. I started jerking my cock as I licked her cunt and could taste cum as it poured out of her. I was so horny that after just a few minutes, I put my cock into her cunt and exploded in it.

They gave Lyn a break and after a couple of drinks, they took her into another bedroom only this time there was no one on one, just everyone trying to get into Lyn however they could and whatever hole was free. For another couple hours, Lyn was fucked every which was and for the most part, didn't have a clue about who was where or whose cock was in which hole. I lost count of how many loads of sperm she took but she had cum dripping out of every hole and all over her face. She was a mess. Around three in the morning the party broke up and by the time I got Lyn home, she was asleep as soon as she hit the bed. For the next half an hour I licked her wet dripping cunt which even the next morning had cum running out of it. The guys had enjoyed themselves and Lyn had promised to be available if any of them wanted her and so it turned out to be. For the next few weeks I would come home to find one of the guys fucking my wonderful slut wife and always after, I could clean up and fuck her also.

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