Wife Sleeps with Black Men and Her First Black Cock


Wife Sleeps with Black Men and Her First Black Cock - My wife Lyn and I have only been married for just over a year but we enjoy role playing in the bedroom to spice things up a little. I enjoy it when Lyn dresses up as a hooker or slut and I use her for sex and she enjoys the same scenario. Lyn is in her early fifties and has kept her hot body by going to the gym several times a week and being very careful with what we eat. She had been in a long marriage which over the years had gotten stale, with the sex getting less and less and no matter what Lyn tried to do to bring it back to life, it just didn't work and in the end, they split up. Strangely, it was her husband who decided to end the marriage, probably because of Lyn wanting attention but I don't know if that's true or not, just my take on it.

Before she and I met, she had spent a year being single and not enjoying it very much. She told me that she did date a few guys she met online but it was kinda boring and if she had sex with any of them, that was boring also. Lyn had been honest with me from the get go about her past which was really nothing to do with me but one night in bed, she told me that one evening she had been alone at a local watering hole after yet another failed date, when a youngish black guy around thirty five had come up to the bar and offered her a drink. She said he was nice looking with a great body and that she had been flattered by his attention. She also explained that she had never even had a date with any black guys before although that was nothing to do with anything except none had ever asked her. Anyway, she accepted the guys offer and after buying her a drink, they both went back to a table where another young black guy was sitting. They introduced themselves as Kelvin and Jimmy and as it turned out, both guys were really pleasant company which Lyn enjoyed. After a few more drinks, they invited Lyn back to their apartment which was close by and Lyn accepted. She left her car in the parking lot as she had been drinking too much and sat in the back of Jimmy's suv with Kelvin while Jimmy drove. She said that they were kissing and making out all the way to the apartment and once there, Kelvin took her into his room to fuck her. She said he had a beautiful big cock and knew exactly what to do with it. Later when he was done, Jimmy fucked her also and then both together.

Listening to Lyn tell me the story really gave me a huge hard on and we had great sex while she told me the details. Afterward, Lyn told me that she knew the guys were only using her for sex but that was fine as she had enjoyed every second as they had. She said that the guys had called her several times after that but she had always made excuses and turned them down, and then she and I had met. I don't think we got much sleep that night as we were fucking all night going over the experience Lyn had just told me about and then I asked her if she would call Kelvin and go meet them again. She asked me several times if I was sure it was what I wanted and I said it was, then she agreed to call the boys.

A couple weeks later, Lyn and I were waiting for the boys to arrive and again, Lyn looked fabulous dressed in her slutty mini dress with white garter belt and stockings. The only problem was she had told me she was worried about me watching her for the first time, so I had bought a baby monitor to put in a bedroom so I could at least hear what was going on. The guys arrived on time and were quite relaxed although Lyn was not but nothing a margaritta couldn't fix. She sat on the couch between the guys and I went out and got some drinks for everyone. On my third trip to get drinks, I came back to find Lyn french kissing Jimmy and Kelvin with his hand up her dress playing with her pussy. Both guys had their cocks out and Lyn was playing with both of them. I had an instant hard on but Lyn was too busy to notice and then she went with the guys into the bedroom.

It was quiet for a while as Lyn told me later that she was taking a turn sucking teach cock and they were taking a turn eating her pussy. It wasn't long before it was obvious that Lyn was getting fucked, hard so I crept up and slowly opened the bedroom door. Lyn was getting fucked from both ends and was quite oblivious to anything around her so I went and got our camcorder which I had prepared just in case. For the next three hours they shot cum in her mouth and pussy and did whatever they wanted to to her and she loved it. When there was a break and her pussy was free, I stuck my cock in her and shot my load almost immediately into her soaking cunt along with the other loads. By the time they had done, it was late and both guys decided to take up our offer to stay the night. Around 5am, the guys wanted more and woke Lyn up and I felt her get out of bed and go into the lounge where they fucked her for another hour and a half. I could hear what was going on so when she came back, I jerked my cock off into her mouth. All in all she had received about eight loads of cum from us but that was just the beginning for my new slut wife.

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