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V still going Strong. I'll stick to the naming convention I used in previous posts (click here and see "In Pursuit of Becoming a Cuckold" and "In Pursuit of Becoming a Cuckold - 2"), the first letter of their names.

Around ten years ago we started enjoying a very sexy lifestyle and we have had fun with a number of, very good and not so good at sex, buddies. This post is about the two best fuck buddies that, to date, remain and regularly service and give lots of pleasure to a very horny wife and of course me I love seeing her having fun and enjoying herself and arouses me watching them. Some of you may recall seeing V's pussy, my sexy "hotwife" who was apprehensive about making me a cuck some years ago. She is now well and truly into it and all parties love it.

Fuck buddy F has been around for about three years. F is a single European tradesperson, muscular, graciously endowed with the most magnificent tool - 22cm long and 18.5cm thick, slightly thicker near his testicles who fucks V at least three times a week and always cums twice and often more at each sex filled sessions. F is not into a lot of oral sex, at least giving it, something that V would love more of, but his ego drives him to perform as a rough and hard fucking machine - with small rests in between ejaculations - and back into it again. His favourite position is dogging V and listening to her moans of pleasure as he fucks her deep and hard, just how she loves it, even though she doesn't like the "fanny farts", as she calls them, as he pumps air into her vagina with each ramming of his tool.

The encounters go something like this; she sends him a text asking, "coffee tonight?" and within a minute or less a reply would come saying, "c ya around 20:30". V showers after dinner (light dinner so that she can perform better she loves to please) and slips into some slutty outfit to greet him at the door. It is always an anxious time if he is running a few minutes late, as even after more than two years she gets a little nervous and worrying if he is going to like her choice of lingerie, scent or whatever (I guess that is what women are like). V will double check that the coffee espresso machine is turned on, the ice cubes, lime wedges and gin and tonic are ready.

There are also some Lindt coconut chocolates and roasted almonds (F's favourites) on the coffee table and that the bedroom will be soft lighted, two glasses of water and small towels (to collect the cum and V's juice, which invariably ends up on the sheets anyway by dry cum stains on the sheets in the morning).

While they drink their shot of coffee I prepare them a gin and tonic and head for the guest bedroom (the fuck room) where they are both engage in heavy kissing and touching, she may even have his fly undone and massaging a huge hard on. The sex sessions usually go on for three hours or more hours with a few breaks in between each load of cum, either in her pussy, mouth or smothered over her. V's hunger for his strong, big and thick manly cock drives her crazy and, at times, after a few minutes of caressing his muscular body she goes for his manhood, which once her mouth gets around his big knob and her tongue probing into the cock's eye he is hard as steel and ready for another ride from V. I watch him run his hand up and down her side, clutch both her tits in one hand, rub her clit with his thumb and pinch her stiff nipples, which brings her to multiple orgasms. F watches V intensely as he needs to see her face and feel her breathing getting faster as she cums, by rubbing her clit as she rides him. V is not loud when she cums but the body spasms, which feels great while the cock is inside her, is phenomenal. V has very well developed vaginal muscle control and with it a very tight muscle grip around the cock and I can only imagine how lovely it would fee for her, having such a big and thick cock inside her, thus the multiple orgasms and the slosh sounds coming from her very wet cunt. I'm very sure that F and others feel the same way as I do; only I cum almost immediately when V starts milking my cock with each spasm. It is not until she gets off him, sucks him for a few more seconds that F drives his jack-hammer-like cock deep into her very sloppy wet cunt and she cannot wait for him to hard squirt his load inside her. The best part is when I hear her tell him "fuck your slutty, horny dirty bitch and give me all your sperm, pump those baby seeds deep into my naughty married woman's cunt and impregnate me, breed me". She says this well knowing that I am listening and that it turns me on tremendously, even though we know she cannot fall pregnant.

V will usually take his first load in her pussy, thereafter she may kneel on the bed, and after F has been dogging her she finishes him off by sucking his cock and swallowing his load or she may get him to blow his cum over her tits, face or buttocks.

The photo with the red fish net stocking is V riding F's cock, which is amazing to see her pussy being stretched out V cannot get her hand (grip) around F's cock, and by the third fuck it is also thicker and more engorged, which like a woman possessed, V loves getting her mouth onto it admire its size, while squeezing, rubbing it, licking and sticking her tongue in its eye. The redness and stiffness of his cock is amazing I wish I could describe it better as it is an unbelievable sight. It is also amazing to watch how her tight pussy being stretched out and how V explains, later, how full her cunt is and how wet she gets, obviously to lubricate (she does not need any lubricant), "I feel his cock tightening up, his knob expands and pushes harder onto my cervix and feel the gush of his cum, and I am thinking about all his baby seeds going through my cervix and into my uterus, trying to impregnate me".

If their next sex session is more than three days apart, there is always a tense pause as she slides herself onto his pulsating cock, as they lock each others mouths for what seems minutes, in yet another amazing fuck session. After a number of orgasms they swap over and he either dogs V or has her on her back while he drives his massive cock into her waiting cunt. V is now officially F's bitch and always fucks her first. He often invites me to join in (when I haven't already blown in my pants) and while V is sucking on his wet but still hard cock.

Although F is V's no nonsense fuck buddy she is still very keen on M, a very dear friend and a much more passionate sex partner, who although not as well endowed, as F, knows how to give V a good, passion-filled, fucking, I guess more like love making with lots of foreplay, licking kissing and hugging etc. His prowess is not as great as that of F but he never leaves before giving V two loads of his cum, which she really loves as he is gifted with huge amount of semen (more than twice the normal amount) and a very much higher sperm count than the average male.

M's visits are still restricted as to when he does not have his children, which is every other week. Our time with M is very different to that of F as we usually also engage in more discussion, have relaxed drinks, have dinner, make jam etc. and usually sneak the sex in between those activities, basically make a day of it. The photo of V wearing the white singlet is riding M's cock. By the way, M has huge balls, hence the high sperm count, which V loves to fondle, lick, suck and feel them pressing on her cute ass.

The photo of V in black fishnets is that of F hammering V's pussy. The talk between them is very erotic which at times gets me so turned on that I cum in my pants. I love watching him push her legs back and drive that huge cock in and out of her noisy wet box.

The other photo in red fishnets is that of F's monster cock as V slides her wet and hungry cunt up an down on it, which usually is covered in V's juice and runs down to his balls and onto the sheets. V knows just when to get F to cum by telling him that she is his dirty bitch and how she wants him to give her a fat belly and milk tits so that her husband (me) can watch him fucking his pregnant bitch as she carries his bastard child inside her tummy. Such talk turns him on so much that he cannot hold back and blows deep into her love hole. I often finger fuck V after F goes so as to bring her pussy back to a tighter hole, as it remains extremely loose and big after having such a fuckfest, although it is now getting very difficult as F is around three or four times a week. V says, I am always carrying my fuck buddies' sperm inside me, swimming in my uterus, all day every day.

The photo, with V's hand near her twat is that of M rubbing V's clitoris to an orgasm while sucking on her very hard and pointed nipples, which after orgasm she begs him to "Fuck me baby" and M has to really push hard to enter her very, very tight cunt (this happens every time she cums)

M has been by far V's longest fuck buddy, having celebrated their 9th year, sex fun, anniversary - Christmas eve 2017. Early into V's sexual sessions with M, V was at early stages of menopause and fell pregnant to him, but unfortunately had a natural abortion. This made V more determined to want him to impregnate her again, which he did three more times but again all aborted naturally, the time for her fertile egg days were over. However, even now V still begs him to cum inside her. She does so by raising her voice, to make sure I hear, and saying, "come on M make me pregnant. I want my husband to watch you fucking me with your beautiful man cock the way I need to get fucked and load me with your virile, fertile sperm and make me pregnant, come on baby impregnate me, I want you to! ". After the first time M got V pregnant M thought that it was kind of weird that I should kiss and lick my wife's cum filled pussy but gradually he got used to it and is acceptable for me to swallow the flowing, huge amount of semen and sperm combined with V's vaginal juice and also cleaning his cock with my mouth after he cums inside V.

V's often comments, knowingly that I wouldn't mind, that she wished she had started fucking her buddies much earlier as to when she was fertile as she would have loved to have gotten pregnant and had her favourite fuck buddies' babies. I love hearing her saying that as after our kids were born I had a vasectomy and could no longer get her pregnant, but I know she would have liked to have had at least one offspring with each of them.

The not so good sex partners, but don't get me wrong, no regrets are probably better suited for another article pending on the feedback we get on this post.

Comments and feedback are welcome at our email below, which gets V hotter than ever and likes to share them with her fuck buddies. By the way both F and M know each other and have at times have taking turns at fucking her, including me joining in.

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