Hot Wife Corrine: The Alternative Sunday Lunch - Part 2


Hot Wife Corrine: The Alternative Sunday Lunch - Part 2 -

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Pulling Corinne along behind him, Steve climbed the stairs and went straight to our bedroom. As I followed them I could see his cum running from her swollen pussy.

She crawled onto our bed like an exotic animal and sat herself against the headboard with a ‘come and get me’ look on her face. We removed our remaining clothes and Steve sat beside her stroking his cock back to life as she got on all fours, inviting me to fuck her doggy style and telling me not to come. I knelt behind her and slipped in with incredible ease. She was more open than I’ve ever experienced and with Steve’s cum inside her there was virtually no friction on my cock, which was just as well as I don’t think I would have lasted more than a few thrusts otherwise! I held her hips tightly and began pounding her hard, just about managing to keep myself from coming while Steve assisted by playing with her breasts and pulling at her nipples. Clearly, his cock had now recovered from earlier and was ready for action.

When I eventually pulled out of her she fell on the bed sideways. With a smile on her face she rolled onto her back and reached out to hold our rigid cocks. With a nod from me, Steve began caressing her while I squeezed and pulled at her erect nipples. She thrust her hips upwards, her pussy swollen beyond anything I had seen before. It was like a ripe fruit, dark red and flowing with a mixture of her own juices and Steve’s cum.

I watched Steve place his hand over the entire area and grab her greedily. He then let go, moving his hand away to take a look at the result. Silk like threads of glistening moisture stretched between his hand and her pussy and she groaned as he repeated the action over and over, eventually slipping a couple of fingers into her. She slowly moved her hips in response and with her head thrown back, she released my cock and used her hand to pull her clit up to create more tension. ‘I think she’s in need of something a little larger’ Steve commented. I agreed. I eased her legs further apart and slipped my fingers in alongside his. She started growling and demanded we fuck her harder. We began a furious joint finger fuck then turning his attentions to her breasts, Steve, sucked and pulled at the erect nipples with his teeth while she rubbed his cock harder.

Beside the bed we keep our bag of sex toys and knowing the usual pattern of Corinne’s needs, I reached out for them. At this point she huskily said ‘Tie me up, use the scarves over there’. I was completely phased! So it wasn’t just a change of underwear earlier! I found myself amazed that my wife had prepared the ground for what she wanted to happen to her!

We ordered Corinne to stand in front of us but she just looked and said ‘make me’. Grabbing her by the arms I stood up and dragged her off of the bed. Steve handed me a couple of silk scarves and instructed me to bind her breasts, with the emphasis on it being tight. The scarves formed two crosses, the centres positioned one between her breasts and the other behind her back. This had the effect of squeezing each breast pointedly outward between the spaces, the nipples now more pronounced than ever. I folded another scarf several times and blindfolded her. Meanwhile Steve had discovered our leather cuffs in the bag and fixed them to her wrists. He secured her arms behind her and we sat back on the bed admiring the sight before us.

Corinne stood silently and I could see she was trying to anticipate what might happen next. She was then made her kneel on the bed leaning forward facing the headboard and, using his leather belt looped around the top rail, Steve clipped the cuffs to it and secured her in position. Her bound breasts pushing out pointedly, he pulled hard at her nipples, making her moan loudly. I sat back stroking my cock and watched as this other man toyed with my wife. After a while he came round behind her and moved her legs further apart.

In her crotchless knickers she looked delectable and as he pulled the opening wider apart, a glistening bead of her juice slowly extended down towards the bed. He caught it with his finger and then made her suck it. With his other hand he aggressively grabbed her pussy and she bit down on his finger. He slapped her arse hard and she immediately released him. I took the very large black rubber cock we use from the bag and passed it to him then, without warning, he roughly pushed the full length into her in one thrust. Her back arched and she let out a scream. Now in control of the situation, he told me to squeeze her lips tight around the cock while he fucked her with it. I did as he said and rubbing myself at the same time, watched it slide back and forth in her. She began to approach a climax and I quickly reminded him she was a one-cum woman. Nodding, he slowed the pace and eventually stopped completely. She was left there, her breath coming in short gasps.

After a while of being untouched, we released the cuffs from the belt, secured her wrists behind her, then helped her up again. She stood beside the bed and sitting before her, his mouth level with her hard nipples, I watched as Steve took his time toying them. I moved behind her and put my hands around to grasp her breasts, offering them to him for his pleasure. He stretched the nipples out with his teeth and was now also squeezing her pussy between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it back and forth roughly.

By now Corinne was wild with desire and turned her head to kiss me. At exactly that moment Steve’s fingers slid into her. His hands were smaller than mine and he managed to enter her up to his wrist. She grabbed my cock, pushing it hard against her and begged me fuck her arse while he moved slowly in and out of her. Steve increased his pace and started rubbing her clit with his other hand. She moaned, her knees went weak and I caught her as they buckled. ‘Should I let him fuck you again?’ I said, pushing my cock between the cheeks of her arse and resisting the temptation to enter her. She moaned and said ‘He’d better, otherwise I’ll come!’

Hearing this, Steve pulled out his hand and laid back on the bed. He was slightly longer and thicker than me and again he used the silky juices from his hand to lubricate himself in readiness. Without speaking, he motioned me to position her kneeling directly above his waiting cock then, raising his hips upwards, he lightly touched the surface of her pussy with the tip and traced it back and forth while I held her still. The teasing continued for a while then, when he couldn’t wait any longer, he looked at me and nodded, indicating to lower Corrine down on to him.

Swallowing hard, I quickly moved my hands under her arse and assisted him with the slow descent whilst pulling her lips wide apart as he entered. I moved back and savoured the sight, of him purposefully fucking my wife. I was mesmerised as I watched him withdraw his cock and slowly slip back in inch by inch. He looked over at me, gave a knowing smile, then rammed her hard causing her to cry out.

Looking away for a moment, I reached into the bag searching for her glass butt plug. When I looked back I was greeted by an image of sheer eroticism. I watched as Corinne, like a wild animal, her body glistening, hungrily rode Steve’s cock. Blindfolded and bound, she moaned loudly while his hands roamed freely over her, only stopping to pull at her nipples. I had to bite down hard on my lip to distract myself from coming while this other man fucked the living daylights out of my wife in front of me!

For a while I sat looking at them just rubbing myself then, kneeling up, I reached out and pushed her forward to expose her arse. Steve raised his hips and lifted her slightly, helping to expose it even more. After some probing with my fingers, I gradually pushed in the entire plug. Of all our sex toys this, combined with an inflatable cock, is what gives her the most powerful orgasms. She loves experiencing the pleasure and pain of being completely stretched and filled. With Corinne arching upwards and groaning, Steve stopped to accommodate the new visitor, and after a few moments of adjustment, started again with a steady rhythm. The sensations made Corinne cry out. Becoming accustomed to the plug, her arse began to relax and, using the ring at the end, I began moving it in and out. Steve too was now groaning with pleasure and after a while he said to my wife ‘shall we let him fuck you in the arse’? Knowing what was coming Corinne leaned forward as far as possible to receive me then raised herself slightly without letting his cock slip out completely.

The tip of my cock entered and gradually I penetrated her. She moaned loudly as Steve pushed back in and then I could feel his cock inside her, a thin membrane the only thing separating us. Corinne’s pussy and arse responded with a series of spasms and she shuddered, letting out a loud moan. I was desperately resisting the urge to come and the intensity of the feeling was almost too painful for me but, after a few minutes, we adjusted to the situation and the momentum began to pick up again. Moving in unison we quickly developed a mutual understanding and Corinne went wild with excitement. Alternating our ramming, she began crying out that she was going to come and with one almighty climax, the three of us exploded in a joint orgasm, our cum jetting into her pulsating pussy.

Afterwards she lay sandwiched between us panting. We both slipped out of her and released her bonds. Corrine was exhausted and she lay back as we cleaned up the cum slowly oozing from her. Finally she looked up at Steve, saying wearily ‘I hope you enjoyed your Sunday lunch. You’d better go and help Mack with the washing up now!’

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