Hot Wife Corrine & THE ALTERNATIVE SUNDAY LUNCH - Part 1 - This event took place last summer. To give you some background, my wife Corinne is a petite 45 year old mother of two by her previous partner, both of who are now at university. We have been married for 8 years and at the outset of our relationship she told me that aggressive sex suited her best and, except in extreme circumstances, she was not into oral sex. Most of our fantasies involve a third person. Since her teens, when she had two boyfriends at the same time, she has always enjoyed the idea of being shared by two men. Often the third person in those fantasies has been our friend Steve. On the odd occasions we’ve had a lads night out, we’ve compared notes and through that Steve is familiar with Corinne’s preferences.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, sitting around the lunch table there were six of us, three on either side. Beside Corinne was Steve’s father Roy, a handsome and youthful looking 65 year old with silver hair and an athletic build. Opposite her was Steve and the rest of the table comprised his wife, mother and me (Mack).

Steve and his family are from the Midlands and he was accompanying me the following day on a short business trip to Europe. We live near London and were leaving from Heathrow so he was staying with us overnight. Having known his family for many years we took the opportunity to invite them all down for lunch.

When their wives weren’t in the close vicinity, both Steve and his father would often comment about what a lucky man I was to have Corinne as my wife. They joked between each other about who would look after her if anything went wrong when I was away on business. If Corinne was present she would usually say something like ‘I’ll get both of you to come round and take care of me’ which, I guess, could be interpreted any way!

The meal was a relaxed affair and having agreed that Steve’s wife would drive them back later, his father settled down to enjoying the wine. As time passed I noticed Corinne was looking a little flushed and slightly distracted. I put it down to the wine and eventually she excused herself and went upstairs. After a short while she still hadn’t returned and I went up to see if she was alright. I found her in our bedroom re-doing her make up and noticed the knickers that she’d put on earlier were discarded on the floor. They were soaked with her juices. She saw me looking at them and gave one of her sexy laughs saying ‘come over here you’. She was wearing a short black fine silk dress with a green print which, when standing in the right place with the light behind her, hid nothing. I crossed the room and she grabbed my hand placing it between her legs. Her pussy was hot, soaking and very swollen. I looked at her puzzled and asked ‘what’s this all about?’ She proceeded to tell me that Steve had been playing footsie with her under the table, which she’d been enjoying, but then she’d also felt his father’s hand on her thigh! Initially she’d moved her leg to break contact but then, as she became more relaxed from the drink, she gave in to his persistent intrusions. She said she was enjoying the attention of two men and getting very turned on. Nobody around the table seemed to have noticed and so, despite the constant possibility of discovery, which excited her even more, she’d stopped resisting. Gradually they both explored her body in more detail, each getting bolder by the second. She told me Roy had actually been stroking her inside thigh, his small finger caressing the side of her pussy through her knickers. This kept causing her squeeze her legs together and lock his hand there. Meanwhile, Steve had slipped off his shoe then forced his bare foot up between her now clasped thighs. The crunch came when he put his foot on her pussy and found his father’s hand already there! That was when she knew she needed to stop.

I stood there, squeezing her pussy and coping with several mixed emotions, jealousy, anger, being totally turned on and a lot of disbelief over how Corinne had allowed them both touch her. Most of all I just wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck the living daylights out of her but, despite my best efforts, she put on some clean knickers, I brought my erection under control, and we returned to the table as if nothing had happened.

Eventually the others left and we sat back at the table with Steve, this time I was beside Corinne. Having now had time to absorb what had happened, I was excited to see if Steve would continue his explorations when, once again, Corinne excused herself and ran upstairs. Returning after a few minutes with a big smile on her face, she opened another bottle of wine and I felt her nudging my leg under the table whilst she continued chatting. At this point Steve was leaning back in his chair, his hands behind his head and staring lustfully at her. With our inhibitions fast disappearing and, without reference to what had happened earlier, the conversation had moved to Corinne playfully talking about how alike Steve and his father were.

Feeling her push against me, I dropped my hand down onto her leg, pulled up the hem of her dress and let it slide down between her thighs. It doesn’t take much to imagine how I felt when my fingers travelled first across the lace, then came in contact with her bare, wet and swollen pussy. It was then that I realised her last trip upstairs was to change and put on her crotchless knickers! I tried to put my hand on her pussy but she reached under the table cloth and purposefully moved me to one side laughing sexily as she did so. I’d never experienced Corinne so rampant before and was ready to just blow my load!

I could feel her legs being eased apart and it was clear that Steve was at it again, only this time she didn’t get up to leave when he pushed his bare foot up against her pussy. I remained still and despite him being aware my hand was there he continued to rub her. The conversation had all but dried up now as Corinne leaned back and, apart from the odd 'are you enjoying this?', we both watched as she closed her eyes and moaned quietly. After fifteen minutes or so she began to let herself move with his rubbing then, reaching out for me, we kissed deeply as Steve increased the pace and pressure on her now very swollen pussy.

I slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders then, abruptly, she sat upright and pushed us both away. Clearly ready to be fucked she stood up and we watched as her dress just dropped to the floor. She looked amazing standing there in a little black silk bra and crotchless knickers. Steve stood, then looked over at me as if to ask my permission and I just nodded in return. He came around behind Corinne who was standing at the end of the table, unclasped her bra and began to kiss her neck whilst pushing her forward at the same time. I quickly made some space on the table as she bent down. Looking directly into my eyes as if something had possessed her, she rested on her elbows while, behind her, Steve dropped his trousers and released his rigid cock. He reached down, parted the opening of her knickers and began to finger her aggressively causing her to cry out as she dropped on to the table. By now I had taken out my cock and was stroking myself as I watched this other man finger fuck my wife in front of me. Removing his fingers and taking hold of his cock, he used her juices to lubricate himself then slid into her with one hard thrust causing her to cry out loud. Grabbing her hips, he pounded away at her pussy for not more than a few minutes before I watched as his body tensed up. He cried out several times 'I’m going to come!’ and then groaned loudly as he planted his seed deep inside my wife.

I stood to take my turn. Panting softly, Corinne looked up and said quickly ‘no, not here, let’s go upstairs’. Steve was now sitting down with a half-smile on his face holding his semi-hard cock. She turned to look at him him and he said aggressively ‘don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet’. Grabbing her hand, I followed on as he pulled her up the stairs, his cum dripping from her swollen pussy and leaving a trail we went.

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