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Getting My Wife Pregnant - Since my March 30th contribution, another twelve men have fucked me, and I am now pregnant. One of these twelve men has fucked me pregnant and it is the ultimate cuckold for my Husband, who is both thrilled and so turned on that his wife is carrying another man's baby. He said it is no different to me being pregnant when we met, or me already having another child. I know he will love and treat our baby as his own, as he is wonderful with children.

In May I came off birth control, and my Husband said we would not fuck again until I was pregnant. This was the hardest part for us both as we haven't gone more than a few days without sex since we got together, over eight years ago. I told him he could fuck me as well if he liked, but the thought of being a cuckold daddy was so strong for him, and he asked me to help him, if he could not control himself, by refusing to let him fuck me. We both knew it could be some time before I fell, but we hoped it would be quick.

We lined up twelve men who were willing to fuck me whilst my Husband watched (often the hardest part). In the Country we live, there are many visiting businessmen, and it is very easy to find nice, decent men looking for a non committal sex in their hotel (we never take them to our home). We take a lot of care and time selecting different men. Two such men were visiting for two weeks, and were looking for a little fun, so they both took turns fucking me every day during their business trip. My Husband insisted beforehand, in emails, phone calls, and on meeting them in their hotel, they could do anything they liked with me, but they must cum in my pussy. This always makes it easier to find men, and ever since my first lover, I've always loved men cumming in me when I'm stimulated. My primal animal, breeding, baby making behaviour, overcomes my conscious mind and at that moment will outweigh all the potential risks and dangers.

The other ten men fucked me just once. We did not want to know who the real father was going to be, so it would be one of these twelve men. It was very exciting opening my legs to these virtual strangers in order to get pregnant and although some of these men were not my typical taste, and even if I didn't like or fancy them much, it was still very exciting when they fucked and filled my pussy with their fertile sperm.

Every time, after one of the men had fucked me, I would open my legs to show my Husband their seed running from my pussy. My entire body and baby-desiring ovaries screamed out hungrily for their potent seed to fill and take over my womb. I know most women don't like to talk about this, but I think we all have this need. We are born with this instinct, almost a craving, once we are aroused. After sex my Husband would insist I put my panties straight on to keep as much of their sperm inside my fertile cunt as possible. I really loved it as we drive home after one of these men had fucked me, my panties soaked with another man's seed, running out of my sopping pussy and down my legs, still warm. My Hubby couldn't help fingering me when we get home, alternating between rubbing my lips and stroking my clit and he loved pushing their warm seed back deep into me. This caused me to explode in sexual ecstasy, as I know their sperm is impregnating me deep inside, breeding me, and about to cause my previously flat tummy to swell with their child in it.

It was a lovely feeling knowing every time a man spurted their seed inside me, their sperm could be swimming to make a baby. Every night, naked in bed with my Husband and still full of sperm, he would rub my tummy and say 'I wonder if their seed is working tonight!'. He was so hard as he said it, and a number of times the following morning, as he licked my well fucked pussy to set me up nicely for another session that day, he would try to fuck me, but I would close my legs and say 'if you want to be a cuckold daddy you must control yourself!'. I knew this would turn him on even more and I had to satisfy him by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

Some nights, after I had been fucked, we had dinner with the two businessmen in their hotel, and whilst my Husband was busy talking to them about their experience and enjoyment of fucking his wife, I sat smiling, with a pussy full of sperm, wondering if I was pregnant yet.

Some days I was fucked by two different men. It was thrilling and I came every time. My Husband would sit there, enthralled, watching these other men fucking his wife pregnant, filling his wife's hungry cunt with their fertile seed. He tells me his favourite is when I'm on my back, with my legs spread wide apart, clawing a strangers back, and watching another man's buttocks pumping, whilst fondling my tits and deep kissing me before moaning as they release their seed into me. He also loves them fucking me doggy style so they have a perfect view my ass and of their cock sliding in and out of my hairy cunt.

In May, when I discovered I was pregnant, we were both thrilled it happened so quick. As soon as we had it confirmed, my Husband fucked me like never before. We fucked all night long, the first time he came inside me in minutes, his cock so hard and spurted so much sperm it flowed out of my pussy as he cleaned me up. I would tease him by saying his sperm was too late, and that excited him more and more. This has continued and we fuck nearly every day. I'm certain my Husband's cock gets harder each time I tell him his sperm was too late and another man's seed has already fertilised me. He tells me my pregnant cunt has never tasted or felt better.

After I found I was pregnant we decided that only my Hubby should fuck me until after the baby in born. It is due in January.

My Husband still says he wants at least 100 men to fuck and cum in me, so I estimate I need another fifteen or so. After that we plan another baby, but at that time it will be my Husbands.

I've enjoyed every encounter and for me it doesn't matter about cock size. My Hubby measures 7 inches and fits me perfectly. I've often found men with very big cocks think they are fantastic lovers when in fact they are terrible and arrogant. They often think a big cock is everything and are usually very selfish lovers. Often I lay there wanting them to cum in me as quickly as possible, and then leave. Men with smaller cocks do much more to try and please a girl because they feel they lack something, which they don't. How you use it, and tongue and fingers are just as important!!

I would say that we are not into the humiliation side of cuckolding, and I would never do anything to hurt my Husband, or go behind his back. It is his wish I fuck other men and if he asked me to stop, I would, straight away, although I really enjoy, and am so lucky, being able to have so much cock.

I am so lucky as he treats me like a princess and is very romantic and we love each other very much. He works hard with a very stressful job and he tells me that other men fucking me is a relief for him, as it is something in which he has no control.

Attached are three pictures of me around five months pregnant. My Hubby loves my swelling tummy, knowing it is another man's baby growing inside me is such a turn on for us both. He loves walking down the street with his pregnant wife, knowing it is not his.

I know our experience isn't for everyone, and many couples would never consider doing this (although it could happen to any cuckold if their wife enjoys their lover cumming inside their pussy as no contraception is ever 100% guaranteed). If you are considering it, we would advise ensuring your relationship is as strong as ours and talk everything through before starting, because a baby is for life.

If it were possible, it has brought my wonderful Hubby and I even closer together and we love each other more every day.

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