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She Had 70 Lovers in the Past - I thought you might like to hear from a wife for once, with the experience of cuckolding their husband. I am 36 years old, my Husband is 40. We have been very happily married for 7 years, together for just over 8.

My Husband was thrilled when I told him I'd opened my legs to over 70 men before we were together. I've always loved cock, ever since I lost my virginity, and enjoyed 11 years of some great sex before we met, but I must admit I was a little shy of telling him about my previous sex life at first, but when he said how much he loved that I'd had many previous lovers, my shyness left, so I told him everything.

He also loves that my big fetish is for men cum in my pussy, and nearly all those 70 plus men did. There is just a lovely feeling knowing a stranger is going to fill you with his seed. When my Husband licks my pussy he goes wild with excitement when I tell him how the other men fucked me, and when he's fucking me his cock is rock hard as I tell him how I sucked cock, swallowed sperm, and had so many men enjoy filling my cunt with their sperm.

His favourite stories are the one night stands, where men picked me up and took me to their hotels, or apartments, stripping me naked, ripping of my panties, spreading my legs and getting their cock in me as quickly as possible, fucking me hard, using me, until they filled my cunt with their sperm. This really turns him on. I knew these men were using me for quick sex, but I was using them too.

He has made it very clear he has no interest in fucking other women, but wants me to have as many men fuck me as possible. At first I said no, as I wanted only him. I'd had more than my fair share of cock, but as time went on (we have been married now for seven years) and after constant requests to watch other men fuck me, I finally gave in to him a few months ago.

The first time it happened was planned, after I was contacted by a man after putting an advert on an adult website. We exchanged many photos and we also talked on the phone, with my Husband joining in. He was thrilled this man was going to fuck me soon, and the nights before it happened he was wild in bed, fucking me non stop with the hardest cock I've ever had inside me.

We decided to meet at a hotel. My pussy was dripping wet all evening, and my Husband was very excited too, I could see how hard his cock was through his jeans.

We met the man in the bar. My Husband shook him warmly by the hand, knowing that soon he would be fucking his wife. We all sat down for a drink. After about 20 minutes we all went up to our hotel room, with a bottle of wine. My Husband told the man (Alan) to enjoy his wife as he pleased, but said he had one request, which was that Alan must fill my cunt with his seed. Needless to say, Alan was really pleased at this request!

My Husband settled down on a chair and Alan took me in his arms. He kissed me deeply, and his hands worked their way around my body. I was wearing a short skirt, a thong, a blouse with no bra.

His hands soon undid my blouse and his hands were all over my tits. He was still kissing me. It felt strange at first to feel different lips kiss me and different pair of hands on my tits. I could feel his hard cock through his trousers as he pressed into me.

He was still kissing me as my blouse came off and his hands moved down to my ass, quickly pulling off my thong and his fingers soon found their way into my hot, wet, hairy pussy. I could see how much this was turning my Husband on, so I lost any shyness I had and started undoing Alan's trousers.

His cock was lovely, about 7 inches, the same as my Hubby's. I took it into my hand. He was so hard and I could feel him throbbing, so ready to fuck me. I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a long blow job, until I could feel he wasn't going to last much longer.

He withdrew his rock hard cock from my mouth and I lay back on the bed, opening my legs for him. He wanted to taste me, and I certainly didn't object as I cum very quickly when licked, and he didn't disappoint, pleasing me with his tongue.

Then he moved up, sucking my tits and sliding his very hard cock into my hot, wet, willing cunt. I must admit I enjoyed having my first new cock for over eight years. He fucked me hard, constantly telling my Husband how much he was enjoying fucking his Wife's tight, hot, wet cunt, which really turned my Husband on. Then he gasped as he filled me with his sperm. I felt that warm, wet familiar feeling that I knew so well. He moved his cock out of me and I moved to face my Husband, with my legs still spread wide, so he could clearly watch Alan's sperm running out of my cunt.

We had a few more glasses of wine, with us both naked, then Alan dressed, kissed me, thanked us both, and after he left my Hubby undressed and I gave him a long blow job in the 69 position so my Hubby could watch Alan's sperm dripping out of my hairy pussy onto his chest. He came in my mouth and then we settled down for a long cuddle. My Husband said he loved cuddling me whilst I was filled with another man's sperm. The following morning, my Husband fucked me, saying he could still feel the wetness of Alan's sperm inside me. It didn't take him long to add his sperm to Alans.

The other thing my Husband likes is when men are so intimate with me. Not just fucking me, but deep kissing and playing and sucking my tits, really enjoying fucking me. In fact this turns him on as much as watching other men's sperm dripping from my cunt.

Since that first time, I've been fucked by seven more men, much in the same routine, meeting at hotels after talking and emailing, and always with my Husband. I now enjoy it as much as my Husband does, and our sex life is just fantastic. Nothing pleases my Husband more than watching another man enjoying his wife, and especially watching another man's sperm running from his wife's cunt. He is very much looking forward to me reaching 100 cocks inside me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you enjoy the photos of my well fucked hairy pussy.

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