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I thought that perhaps you all at this blog might like to hear about my wife and I and I guarantee this is absolutely true with nothing added. I'm Leo, my wife is Yasmine and we have been married just about three years. We also have two children from my wife's previous marriage. Obviously, I can't write about everything that has happened in the last two years but I can tell you about some of the more exciting things and the events that stick in my memory.

I should explain that even though you can't see her face that Yasmine is really gorgeous, this is no exaggeration.

Unfortunately, her previous marriage was not happy, her ex-husband was very strict with her. Yasmine told me he would'nt let her wear anything slighly sexy or revealing, he even tried to stop her using makeup! I think one of the reasons she married me was because I am the complete opposite of her ex-husband. I promised to look after her and the children and give her anything she wanted. I also said she would have complete freedom with no restrictions.

I think that really appealed to her and after being tied down for so long it was an offer she couldn't refuse. I encouraged her to wear mini-skirts and skimpy little dresses, I said her legs were too good to hide and she should be proud to show them off. She soon regained her self-confidence and even coloured her hair, her ex would never have allowed that! Yasmine is a natural exhibitionist but she wasn't allowed to show off. Now she looks so hot with her blonde hair, sexy makeup, tiny stretch skirts that cling to her bum, and of course her stiletto heels.

But she did'nt need a lot of encouragement, she loved her new freedom and was soon teasing and turning men on. I like to follow her in the street just to see all the men looking at her, of course, she knows she is making them hard and they all want to fuck her!

Yasmine's best friend is Julie and they're very close. She's a bit older than Yasmine and very sexy. Apparently Julie is separated from her husband but she has plenty of boyfriends. She has a house in the centre of town and at weekends I always look after the kids so Yasmine can have some time off and go out with her friends. They always seem to end up at Julie's. I asked her about men, she said Julie always had men around but she was only having fun.

Anything goes in London and in the summer it's always full of sexy women and girls parading around in the shortest skirts and dresses and they don't leave much to the imagination! I wanted to push my wife and see how far she would go and her hemlines went higher and higher!

Yasmine told me that Julie doesn't have any body hair. Yasmine doesn't have a lot down there and she keeps it well trimmed but she said she would like to get rid of it completely. I paid for her treatment and now her slit is absolutely hair-free and completely exposed. She's really pleased and loves to show it off whenever she can!

Yasmine is used to men making sexy and suggestive remarks, they seem to think that because she looks a bit tarty they can say what they like to her. But she said they don't usually do it when they're alone, only if they have their mates to give them courage. Some guys say the dirtiest things even when she has the children with her, but she's used to it now and can give as good as she gets! Yasmine said she doesn't mind men making sexy remarks but some women are much more spiteful and call her nasty names. They won't do it to her face but loud enough for her to hear.

She said they're just jealous of her and they don't like the men looking at her and flirting with her. Yasmine wasn't allowed to wear sexy and revealing things for a long time and now I think she's making up for lost time.

She told me she often got touched up, especially in crowded places, shopping centres, lifts, busy stores. Just because she looks so sexy some men can't keep their hands off her. You can imagine how much that turned me on and I tried to persuade her to go without knickers. But she guessed what I was up to and said "you just want to make it easier for men to touch me don't you?" Then I told her how excited I got to think of a man's hand up her skirt. She wasn't angry and when she tried it she said it felt so sexy with nothing under her little skirt. Of course she has to be careful not to bend over too far and she has to remember to cross her legs when she sits down, but then she can't stop her tight little skirt riding up her bum! She said it can be very embarrassing. Yasmine said she doesn't mind showing off her legs and a bit of bum in a pub but it's different in a burger bar amongst all the kids and their mums and dads. But I'm sure the dads don't mind!

I get so horny when my wife tells me about men touching her up. It always happens in crowded places, then a man will stand close behind her and start rubbing his hard cock against her bottom. Then if she doesn't turn round or try to move away she feels his hand creeping up her thigh and then under her skirt. Then he'll fondle her ass and slip his hand between her legs. She told me "you can't imagine what it feels like to have a complete stranger with his hand between your legs in a public place" But I can imagine, that's why it excited me so much and I had to toss off!

Yasmine said sometimes she gets so aroused she even parts her legs to make it easier for the man to explore her. Some men even whisper dirty things in her ear as they do it. But it's so easy for them and with no panties and a skirt that barely covers her ass she is almost inviting men to touch her up. I always knew when she had been touched up because it made her so very horny But I'm very small, I can only just make 4 inches fully erect, so I can't please my wife and give her what she wants. I knew she was frustrated, she said she could hardly feel me inside her and I knew she would be looking for a bigger cock.

Then one day Yasmine told me she had sex with a man at Julie's house. It was a shock but I had been expecting it. The thought of my wife being fucked by another man gave me such a thrill, I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking! I told her it was ok, just because she was married didn't stop her fancying other men, it was quite natural. The main thing is that she told me about it. Yasmine said she didn't plan it, it just happened. When I asked her if it was just the one man she said "a few". Then I asked if she enjoyed it, she said "yes, it was lovely" But she told me it wasn't easy for her because men were always chatting her up and urging her to do things and when they kiss and touch her she finds it hard to refuse.

I know that's true, I've seen how men pester her and she's easily aroused, especially after a drink or two. She said it didn't mean anything, it was just a bit of fun. Yasmine told me the men knew she was married but that just made them more determined to fuck her. I told her again it was alright as long as she told me everything and we didn't have any secrets. She promised she wouldn't keep anything from me in the future.

Yasmine told me that some of her married friends go with men and don't tell their husbands but she didn't want to do that. By this time I was hard as a rock and she could see I was shaking. She said "it really turns you on thinking about me having sex with other men doesn't it?" I had to admit it did, I couldn't hide it from her. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said she was so pleased I felt that way. Then Yasmine told me that Julie said she should have some boyfriends for regular sex. She told Yasmine that lots of married women had boyfriends these days and it doesn't do any harm. Yasmine asked me what I thought. I couldn't really believe it was happening, first my wife tells me she had sex with other men, now she wanted to have boyfriends, I couldn't hide my excitement. I didn't know what to say so I just said Julie was right and there was nothing wrong with married women having boyfriends. Then I just repeated myself and told her it was ok as long as she told me everything and she didn't do things behind my back.

She agreed and said she didn't want to get involved with anyone in particular, just wanted to have fun with different men. I could understand that because she didn't have much fun with her first husband. She told me she loved me and promised she would always wear her wedding ring. Afterwards I realised that I had just given my wife the green light to have sex with anyone she fancied and I was both excited and scared at the same time.

It didn't take long for Yasmine to get her first date. She told me his name was Paul and he had asked her out a few times. She said he was very sexy and all the girls fancied him. Apparently he was married but she said it was alright because he worked in a bar and he would tell his wife he was working late, then she wouldn't expect him home until the early hours. They were going for a drink and then back to his brother's house where there was a spare bedroom. She seemed to have it all worked out and as I watched my wife applying her makeup and tarting herself up for another man I couldn't really believe it was happening. I could see she was excited and so was I! Eventually she was ready to go and she said "how do I look?" She was gorgeous in her little red dress and high-heels.

I knew Paul was in for a treat and I couldn't help feeling jealous. She kissed me on the cheek and told me not to worry. I had a raging hard-on and as soon as she left I had to toss off. I couldn't relax, I kept thinking about her and wondering what she was doing. Then the phone rang and she told me everything was ok but I shouldn't wait up because she didn't know when she would be home. But, of course, it was impossible to sleep, I kept thinking of my wife and Paul together and I had to wank off again! Then eventually I heard a taxi pull up and when she walked in she was smiling, her eyes were shining and I knew she had enjoyed herself. She told me she had sex with both Paul and his brother Ben. It seems that Ben's wife works in the local hospital and she was on night duty which meant that Yasmine had the two brothers all to herself! She said they were both great and gave her a good fucking.

She really enjoyed it and she said she made sure they emptied their balls into her so there was nothing left for their wives! I asked her how big they were, she said they were both much bigger than me. I knew then that my little 4-inches wouldn't be wanted any more!

After that my wife had a number of dates with different men and I love to hear all about it when she comes home. She told me that when men see her bare cunt they can't keep their hands or their cocks off it, so that was money well spent! I love to lay beside her in our bed and she tells me all about her boyfriends, what they do to her, how big they are, how much she enjoyed it. I get so excited but she won't let me touch her so I spend a lot of time playing with myself! I think Yasmine loves having sex with a variety of different men, but I'm sure all women would like that if they had the chance. Anyway, it's good for me, I love to hear all about her sexy adventures. It's quite strange really, not the sort of thing wives usually discuss with their husbands. Yasmine said I'm more like one of her girlfriends than her husband. I love it when she treats me like a girl, it really turns me on. Then she said "if you want to be my girl friend you should be wearing panties".

I wasn't sure how serious she was, but then she said "I'll pick out some pretty little things for you to wear, would you like that?" I said I would, I was so excited, I could hardly catch my breath. Yasmine said "most men can't wear panties because of their big cocks and balls but you'll look really cute. I might even find some stockings and a pretty suspender belt for you" She knows exactly how to excite me but it's ironic really, my wife likes to go without panties whenever she can, so now I wear panties more than she does!

Yasmine told me that a lot of men want to fuck her ass. She didn't like that at first, she was too tight and found it uncomfortable. But Julie worked on her with her hands and some dildos and now she's fine and can take the biggest cocks and really enjoys having her ass fucked. I had to smile because I'm her husband but she won't let me use her front door, let alone the back!

When my wife started to bring men home, she would ring me and I would go into the spare bedroom. I made sure the kids got to school on time in the morning.

I don't think one man is enough for Yasmine these days, she likes two or even three men to play with her, it's a good job we have a king-size bed! Some of her boyfriends are very young, in their early 20's.

I do worry sometimes, I'm much too small and I can't please my wife and I'm afraid she will leave me. But she assured me that won't happen. She told me we have a good relationship and she said "where would I find a man like you to give me the freedom I need?" She hated the thought of being tied down to one man, now she's used to having sex with a number of different men and one man wouldn't be enough for her. She told me she likes having a nice home with a loving husband to look after her and her children and she knows I'll give her anything she wants. And she said "I have my boyfriends for sex, it's the ideal arrangement, why would I want to change it?" After that I felt much happier. I do get a little jealous sometimes but I can't blame Yasmine, of course she's not interested in my tiny cock, she deserves to have big cocks to please her. Of course, it's also very nice for other men to have a beautiful woman to fuck, especially a married one!

Yasmine said that some people are very narrow-minded. She knows that some women disapprove of the way she dresses and she said that when she and Julie are with men in a pub or anywhere public she gets some aweful looks and nasty remarks from both men and women. It seems that the biggest crime a married woman can commit is having fun with other men. But Yasmine said, if they think she's a tart she might as well behave like one so she lets the men kiss and touch her and she doesn't care what they think!

My wife loves sex but there is one thing she is still not keen on. She's used to sucking men off but some men come in her mouth and she doesn't like that because she finds it hard to swallow their spunk. She doesn't mind when they shoot over her mouth and face but some men insist on coming in her mouth and they make her swallow their cream. If she doesn't do what they want they get annoyed and smack her hard on her bottom and legs. I get so upset when she tells me things like that. I don't like rough men and I hate to think of them treating my wife like that. But it doesn't seem to bother Yasmine too much, she said if men treat her too badly she won't go with them again. But I still worry about her.

My wife loves to tease me and she walks round the house in sexy undies or often nothing but her high-heels, she knows that excites me. She makes fun of my tiny penis, says I look like a little boy. But the thing that really turns me on is when she has just had a man or men in her bed and she lets me see her overflowing with their spunk. The first time I saw it I was so excited. Yasmine leaned over the table with her back to me and parted her legs so I could see the spunk seeping from her cunt and ass. Then she ran her finger through the cream, I'm sure she knew the effect it was having on me. She said "I know you like to see what the men have done to your wife, don't you?"

My cock was so hard I hardly had to touch it before I spurted. I would give anything to fuck my wife when she's in that condition but she won't let me, she said I can look but not touch. But at least she lets me wank off in front of her, so I can imagine I'm fucking her. I asked her to milk me but she refused, said it's too messy. I thought that was strange, she doesn't like my cream on her hand but she enjoys being filled and spunked over by other men and they've got much more spunk than I could ever have. But sometimes Yasmine will let me into her bed after her boyfriends have left. I love that, but of course she won't let me fuck or finger her but if she's in a good mood she'll sometimes let me kiss her lips and as a special treat I'm allowed to slip my hand between her thighs to feel the slippery cream left by her lovers. I can't describe how very exciting that is for me, some men even leave their spunk on her pretty face and tits!

When Yasmine's girl friends come round I keep out of their way because they drink and discuss their men in detail and I feel uncomfortable. I usually take the kids to the park, but one day it was raining so we couldn't go. Yasmine called me into the lounge and told me to get undressed because she wanted her friends to see my penis. But I was too shy and didn't want to do it. But Yasmine said "if you won't do it, I'll do it for you" Then she started to undress me and she didn't stop until I was totally naked. I was so embarrassed, especially when Yasmine held my panties up for everyone to see. When Julie saw my penis she said "oh what a sweet little thing".

Of course everyone was very amused but I felt very uncomfortable. Yasmine wouldn't let me dress, she made me serve the girls with their drinks completely naked. It was so humiliating but it was also quite exciting and I began to feel very turned on, my cock was very stiff. I had to put up with a lot of teasing but I didn't mind that. But the biggest thrill was when Yasmine let me wank off in front of them, and everybody cheered when I came off. Afterwards, Yasmine said it was only a bit of fun, but it was more to me than that.

I couldn't wait for them to come again, I wanted to be stripped and humiliated again. But they had their fun with me and they weren't interested any more. Of course, they still tease me and make fun of my tiny cock.

When I knew that Yasmine was bringing a man home I tried to keep out of the way, I get embarrassed to meet her boyfriends. But one night she couldn't get through to me and it was a real shock when she walked in with a new guy. Yasmine said "this is Alex", then she said "this is my husband Leo". I didn't know what to say and he just nodded to me. Yasmine tried to make conversation, and told me where they had been but I wasn't really listening. Then she got some drinks and I sat opposite Alex. Then Yasmine said "I won't be long".

When she came back it was quite a shock because she was totally naked except for her shoes. Of course, I had often seen her walking round the house naked but only in front of me and the children, this was different. She walked sraight to Alex, sat on his lap and started kissing him. He was fondling her tits and tweaking her nipples, then his hand wandered down over her belly and between her legs. She parted her thighs to give him access to her cunt. I didn't believe it was happening and I was so very horny. I couldn't take my eyes off his big hand touching and fingering my wife's cunt right in front of me. She looked at me and I'm sure she was enjoying teasing me because she parted her legs wide so that I could see exactly what he was doing. She didn't say anything but she didn't have to, I'm her husband but she wouldn't let me touch her, but this man was welcome to do what he liked to her.

It was so humiliating for me but also very exciting. Then Yasmine unzipped his trousers and I couldn't believe it when she got his cock out. It was enormous, the biggest I had ever seen. As she stoked him I could see her wedding ring and that just seemed to make the situation even more erotic. She ran the tip of her tongue around the head of his cock, it was so exciting, my wife was behaving like a complete slut and I was loving every minute of it. Then she turned to me and said "it's lovely isn't it?" Then she said "come and feel it, don't be shy". I had to admit she was right, I had never stroked anything so big and hard, and as I fondled his huge balls I was so turned on I thought I was about to come.

I heard Yasmine laugh and she said "I knew you would like it, how do you fancy that up your ass?" But I knew she was teasing me, Alex was only interested in my wife's ass. Then Yasmine said "come on Alex, don't make me wait any longer". He picked her up and they disappeared into the bedroom. I was so excited but also very frustrated. I was desperate to see my wife being fucked and I wanted to ask her if I could come and watch but I didn't have the courage. I just had to wank myself off. I kept thinking about my wife and what he was doing to her and I couldn't wait for her to tell me all about it. But I could see why she was addicted to big cock, I can't blame her, i think every woman would want a cock like that.

I can't believe how much my wife has changed. She is so confident now, such an exhibitionist, and there is almost nothing she won't do. I like to think I've had a bit to do with that, but I have to admit Julie is a big influence as well. I used to think I was in charge but I know that's not true any more. I know I'm lucky to have such a hot wife. We don't have sex but I don't mind as long as I can watch her playing around and having sex with other men. Of course it's nice to fuck your wife but I think everyone will agree it's much more exciting to see her enjoying sex with other men and the ultimate thrill is to watch your wife being fucked and used by men, nothing can beat that can it?.

I told Yasmine I must be the only person who hasn't seen her having sex, surely her husband should be the first to watch her being fucked by other men. She agreed and said she would arrange something. She asked what I would like to see. I said I wanted to see her sucking big cocks and being ass-fucked by them. She promised I would see all of that and more besides! Now I'm so excited, I just can't wait, perhaps I'll have more to report soon, I certainly hope so!






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