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We have been married for almost 10 years now and we have had a few experiences with MFF, MFMF and MFM. Even though we have done that, she still has an imagination that won't stop. This next one made me her cuckold slave.

One horny day I text wifey a few naughty texts and tell her I am her slave, cuckold hubby, etc. It was in good fun and that same night we IM'd from different rooms that same night and I was saying the same things. Well, she didn't let me forget because that week she chatted with our MFM friend a lot and made plans to meet up with him.

I was horny and she wouldn't have sex because she said she was saving it for the weekend and knew I'd be her sex slave for sure. The weekend rolls around and she reads my texts that I sent her back to me, how I said I would help prep her for her date, pick out her cloths, let her do whatever she wanted, have a drink and the hot tub waiting for them when they came back to our house and be Mr. cleaner upper after.

Well, she held me to it and knows how to persuade me. All week she wore black nylons (which drives me wild) and told me to rub her feet (even more wild) but wouldn't let me cum on them, like I love to do. Same thing Saturday, black knee highs, painted toes, and her (afidisiac) perfume she teased me with all day.

They were suppoesed to meet at 8:00 and have a drink, and flirt and eventually come back to our place. She picked out her outfit and asked if her shirt showed enough. She had on her mini skirt, black panty hose with reinforced toes (my favorite), a low cut top. She handed me a pair of panty hose and told me to have those drinks and hot tub ready for them. I was shocked that this was happening, I only read about this stuff, now I'm living it.

She kissed me and said "no cumming while I'm gone, you need to be as horny as ever and I need that cum in me". She left, I showered and put on her pantyhose, made sure the hot tub was ready like she told me. She called me and shortly they pulled in around 10. We all shared a drink and she told me (in a nice way) that this time just her and her guy friend were going in the tub and when they are out they're going to our bedroom and then I can close it up and then listen to them from our baby monitor doing their thing and only when she invites me, I can come up.

They tubbed, and then headed to the room, I did what she said, then she immediatly invited me in but only for a minute. They were making out and then she went down on his cock and told me to kiss her neck at the same time. I did that and his cock was in her mouth, inches from mine, then while my mouth was open on her neck she started to put his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it. I resisted and mumbled "no I don't want to" and she said it again and this time his cock rested on lips.

I was really nervous but she pushed his cock in and I opened my mouth. His cock just rested in mouth for a second until my tounge touched it out of curiosuty and then she said "it's ok, noone will know. Go ahead and feel how soft it is".

I did as told, I sucked his cock like I was sucking on her toes, and to my surprise she was right, it was very soft, no taste and it did make my cock hard. After a few minutes, she told me to leave. I did and after listening to him slap his balls on my wife's ass for about 1/2 hour and hearing her have 3 orgasms, she told me come in and get under them.

She was doggie style and I had to lay under her pussy (not in 69) while he straddled over me so I could watch him fuck her. She had on her pantyhose with a hole he made big enough so her asshole and pussy were accessible. Meanwhile my cock was lonely... He slid his cock back into her only inches away from my face and again she told me to lick her, all around her pussy (but not his cock) so I would feel her juices while his cock was sliding in and out the whole time. I did and man was that hot.

About 5 minutes into it she came again then he said he was going to cum too. I could see his balls tighten up and hear him start to grunt. With his grunts and stroke I could tell that he was close to cumming while he was pumping. This wasn't supposed to happen. We had a rule that no man would cum in her as she is not on the pill anymore. I couldn't do anything but watch, she was above me and had my arms pinned under her nylon legs while I was holding her feet and he was on top of me too. The only thing I could do was take it, so I watched with a mix of being turned on and feeling betrayed.

After he was done she told me "your not done yet, you also have to clean my pussy" as she placed her pussy lips right on my mouth. I willingly opened my mouth as his cum dripped out of her pussy into my mouth. I stuck my toung in her pussy to get as much cum as I could, I was craving it by then accepting the fact that I was her cuckold slave cum-cleaning hubby.

After all that, he went home and she laid on her belly and made me lick her ass and fuck her nyloned feet. I came almost instantly and then she asked if it was worth it, I said YES... Good, first lick my cummy feet clean and... We are probably going to try to make this a regular thing.

Get used to wearing my pantyhose and cleaning cum with your mouth.

She is the best...

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