It Started in the Hot Tub

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Jeremy and I had been married for 12 years when I went back to grad school. I eventually got my masters and PhD, but the important part is that we got to know an entirely new group of people. They were much more free and casual about sex and nudity - weekly parties with nude hot tubbing and some friendly groping were routine. We liked it so much that we installed our own. And I thought it was great - I found that I loved the casual sexuality and the occasional hit - it really stoked me. And, although I didn't tell my husband yet, I wanted to experience some new lovers. I'd only been with my husband and one other man in college, so my curiosity was raging.

After we installed the tub, parties at our house became the routine. They often lasted long into the night when only a few people were left. After the majority left was when the suits came off and the nudity began. There was one friend there who was single - we worked together. It seemed like he always wound up next to me, but nothing ever happened. Then, one night like all the rest, Brent was not only next to me, but I felt a tentative brush of a hand against my belly. Well - I'd wanted this guy for a long time, so I gave him an encouraging smile and ran my hand down his thigh. Jeremy, my husband, was in the tub with another woman and I thought he didn't notice. Brent took my hint and soon was stroking my pussy lips and my clit while I found a nice sized cock to play with. He was all over me and I wound up sitting on his lap - his cock wasn't in me, but it was pressed against my pussy lips and belly and felt like a hot poker! I needed to fuck this man - so we quietly excused ourselves as being overheated and needing to cool off inside. (We thought we were still unnoticed, but probably weren't thinking very clearly.) Once there, we headed straight to a bed where we began where we left off. It was fantastic - he ate me, teased me, and made me cum twice.

I found out that a new cock tasted good and felt even better. We fucked several times that night. Jeremy and I were a little awkward with each other the next morning. After a few minutes of not much communication, I was afraid I'd really blown it (no pun intended). Happily, Jeremy wasn't angry, just confused over his feelings about me with Brent.

He expected to be angry or hurt, but confessed that he was really excited by what happened. That's why he didn't interfere and let me enjoy myself. This seemed to break the ice and we had the first of some really frank talks about sexuality and love. We agreed that they're not the same thing and as long as we both felt okay and not threatened or angry, we'd explore this new freedom to listen to and satisfy our sexual explorations.

Nothing much changed for a while, just the same round of partying and casual touching. Brent seemed to have some regrets and didn't come as much as before our episode. When he did, he was very tentative and cautious. Never did get him to talk about this - I guess it was just too difficult for him. Anyway, about 5-6 weeks later, an old friend's ship was in port for a visit. Bill and Jeremy had been shipmates on their first ship together and we became fast friends. Karen (Bill's wife) and I were inseparable when the ship was at sea - which went on for months at a time. Nothing happened then - I don't think any of us even had any thoughts or fantasies. Just good friends who hung out together. But...things changed very radically.

Bill came to the house - we hadn't seen each other for years, but kept up by phone and occasional mail. We had a lot of catching up to do and managed to consume a good bit of alcohol as we did. Finally, we decided to try the tub - Bill had never been in one and was curious. So, we all got in, wearing our suits, I might add, no thoughts of nudity with our good buddy.

After a while, we started to talk about how we usually didn't wear suits and the difference was dramatic. We just seemed to all decide to remove our suits at the same time. Still pretty innocent - I sat between the two guys, neither of them particularly close and no touching going on. After a bit more time, I casually ran my hand over Jeremy's leg and he leaned over and kissed my neck. I started to respond and had my leg over his lap and his cock in my hand, when he whispered in my ear that we weren't being very considerate. We were leaving Bill alone. That made a lot of sense to me - I looked at Jeremy and he looked right back into my eyes and didn't blink - just smiled a little and sort of tilted his head in Bill's direction.

So, I quietly got off Jeremy's lap and went to stand next to Bill. My tits were above the water and just about even with his head. When I get excited, my nipples swell up and stand out like most women's and I found this situation really exciting. Here I was with my bare tits inches from the face of a man who had never even seen my belly before!

Bill was a little hesitant; I think he got some reassurance from Jeremy, because after a few awkward minutes when neither of us spoke, I felt his hand touch my hip. Then he slid his hand down, around my ass cheek, and down my thigh, coming back up along the inside of my leg. He didn't touch my pussy, but stopped near. Then he ran his hand along my belly to my tits, which were really hard by now. When his other hand took mine and put it on his cock, it was like an electrical charge went between us! I literally felt his cock swell and grow hard - and to my surprise, Bill was not exactly poorly endowed. Not a giant, but a nice hard 7" or so (I didn't measure it) and thicker around than Jeremy's. I put my other hand behind Bill's neck and pulled his lips to my breast. He soon had them both even harder - proving what I'd suspected from Karen's hints - Bill was a very orally talented man.

Here we were - Bill and I exploring each other, me with his cock in my hand and him with his lips on my nipples. He still hadn't touched my pussy yet, but was very, very close. I opened my legs so he could easily make the last connection and heard or sensed movement behind me. Jeremy had come over and was now standing very close - he reached around to my chin and tilted my head back so we could kiss. That turned out to be exactly the signal, sign, or release I was looking for to remove any last doubts. As I kissed my husband passionately and deeply, I arched my back and pushed my pussy towards Bill. Then Jeremy ran his hand over my ass, and slid it up towards my pussy from behind. At the same time, Bill had closed that final few inches and they met at my pussy.

For an instant, there wasn't any movement and no one said anything. I put one leg up on the bench seat next to Bill and then I felt Jeremy's hand move to my tits. He cupped each of them from behind and pulling me backwards some, leaned me against his chest. He then started to kiss and lick my throat and ears while Bill explored every part of my pussy. God! I was so excited, and so sensitive and so full of wonderful feelings, I almost couldn't stand! Jeremy held me up as I sagged and gave in to the first orgasm of the night.

After a few minutes, during which Bill's hand never left my pussy and Jeremy's never left my tits, I just put my other foot on the bench so I was straddling Bill and lowered myself down onto his cock. I didn't even have to guide it into me he just slipped right in. Even though fucking in water can be challenging and sometimes not very pleasant, I was making enough lubrication to waterproof one of their submarines! Bill felt wonderful inside me - he didn't move at first, and then slowly started to stroke. Somehow he managed to make enough contact with my clit that another orgasm was mine - and this one seemed to last a lot longer.

Afterwards, Jeremy sat on the side of the tub and I started to suck his cock. Bill quietly moved behind me and entered me again from behind - I was the only one cumming so far! We continued like this for what seemed like a long time - none of us really knows. There were a few changes of places, Bill moved from my pussy to my mouth and Jeremy to my pussy and back. Each of them wound up cumming in me twice - and they both felt and tasted wonderful. After, it was the most natural thing in the world to climb out, dry each other off and proceed to our bedroom. I took my time with Bill - playing with his cock and balls while I dried him off. He and Jeremy both dried me, rubbing my breasts and legs, and pussy between them. While Jeremy stayed to close up the tub, I took Bill's hand and led him inside. On the way up the stairs, Bill slid his hand up my thigh and lightly caressed my swollen lips - I almost collapsed right there! He came up right behind me and pressed his body against mine - I could feel the heat and hardness of his cock as it was pressed between the cheeks of my ass. Bill nuzzled my neck and kissed me - very hard and very deep - I felt like his tongue was reaching my stomach and kissed back wildly!

We finally made it to the bedroom, moving more like one person than two - Bill's hands were all over me, feeling, caressing, pinching, rubbing and I had his wonderfully hard cock in my hands. Bill stopped short of the bed and slowly slid down my body until his face was right at my pussy - the next thing I felt was that long tongue lapping at my pussy and over my clit. It was all I could do to hold on - pressing his face into my pussy while my knees buckled and I came again. Then, I was on my back and Bill's cock was slipping into my wet pussy until he was bottomed out. It felt good - thick, hard, hot, and somehow reaching far inside me even though he was about the same length as Jeremy. He started to stroke the full length of his cock in and out - almost pulling out and plunging back in fully. I wrapped my legs around him and started to urge him faster and harder!

Then I heard: "Can I play too?" - Jeremy had come in and was offering me his cock as he asked. I didn't know it, but he had been watching Bill and I since the stair climbing and was ragingly excited! For the first time I experienced a cock fully in my throat and swallowed a huge load of his cum. Bill was still inside me and stroking very strongly - so hard I could feel his balls slap against my ass every time. Then, he stopped and turned me onto my knees - somehow his cock stayed in my pussy - and he started to pump again. Jeremy was lying next to us and started to play with my breasts - then he slid under and started to suck my nipples. This eventually turned into a 69 with me and Jeremy, while Bill was still fucking me - I was almost overloaded with pleasure. That orgasm was explosive! I was shaking, moaning, and sweating and the top of my head was coming off. Jeremy's breath on my clit was almost too painful to enjoy I was so sensitive and my nipples felt like rocks.

I think I sort of passed out for a bit because my next memory is of Jeremy being pressed against my back chest to toe while I was pressed against Bill. We didn't fuck anymore that night, but I was in heaven between two wonderful men who held and fondled and cuddled me the rest of the night. Talk about being treated like a queen... nothing could have been more affectionate, comfortable, and right. Nothing! And, yes, we did wake up to repeat some of the night's fun, but it wasn't the same. It was great, just didn't have the magic or the same excitement. Little did we know then that we would experience it again in the future... often.

Wife L




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