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Eight months ago my wife and I decided to roleplay where one was the submissive and the other dominate. The only rule was that the dominate one would not hold back on his/her demands. We decided to flip a coin and she won, and has been winning ever since. Her demands that evening were good.

Having me kiss her feet and her whole body. I was also told not to cum until she told me that I could. She rode me and rode me slow and long. Afer she had cum twice she go off and told me that she really didn't like swallowing cum, but did it because she loved me. That it was now time for me to see what she meant. She told me she was going to suck me and for me to cum in her mouth and to keep my mouth open after I came.

I couldn't believe that she was really going to feed my cum back to me. Well I unload a large load of cum in her mouth. I opened my mouth as she came up. she smiled and then leaned down to kiss me, which I thought shed already swallowed. I was wrong!! She dropped the whole load in my mouth and demanded that I swallow. I didn't swallow right away, I found the taste unusual but also that I liked the taste.

Swallow it now she commanded. I swallow and found myself thinking of how surprised I was that I like the taste and liked swallowing it. She laughed and said Oh I see you liked it. Maybe we will keep doing that after tonight's roleplay. I said Yes Mistsress. She smiled and ordered me to kiss her pussy and lick her juices off her mound.

It didn't take long for her to grab my head and hold it as I licked her mound. She fucked my mouth with her pussy and it was thrilling having her do it with out any concern of my pleasure. Well afer she came, I kissed her mound and lips all over and she said it was time for bed. It turned out to be a very good sleep.

We talked the next morning and I admitted to her that I was thrilled to be dominated by her and would gladly do it I all over again. Her answer was, That's good, because, from now on you will get your cum back when I blow you. Then she informed me she wants to roleplay and be dominate again and soon. I agreed and we kissed and it was off to work.

Both our jobs were busy for the rest of the week. Then Saturday morning, she said lets let our roleplaying last the whole day. I should have known then that she had been thinking and plannning. Naturally I agreed and it was back up to bed and again I was not permitted to cum until she said it could. I mounted her and made slow love to her, lasting a long time and after her second orgasm I was permitted to cum in her.

It was alot since I hadn't come like that in a long time. But then she surprised me and pushed me down to her pussy and told me to clean it up. Not only did I clean it up I made her cum again and got another hardon. She laughed saying, "See you do like cum. You will do this even after the roleplaying is over." I said I love you and if that's what you want I will do it. No she didn't let me cum she let me keep my hardon and said later in the day she might use it.

We went around the house cleaning, then went outside doing the things we didn't get done during the week. It was during this time she asked me to confess my fantasies to her. She listened to every word I said about how it would be nice to see her fucking other men. She didn't say anything just said that was interesting.

For a couple of months that's how it went, after blowjobs she would feed me my cum back. After fucking, I would clean her and make her cum again. And always I would have to tell her about me wanting her to fuck other men.

Well about two months later, after a long long session of loving making and me cleaning her to another orgasm and telling her about watching her getting fucked by other men. I was informed that if she were to start fucking other men, that she would never go back to fucking one man. And if I really wanted her to fuck other men, I would have to take that into consideration.

And that she would fuck them in front me too.

For the next couple months she told me that she wanted to dominate me completely all the time. I secretly was thrilled at that thought, but I think she saw thru me and knew that it would happen. I said I would think about it and let her know. The next couple of months she would ask but not often, not wanting to push it hard. I knew that inside, it thrilled her to think about fucking another man in front of me.

She's never thought about that before and taking it all in is a big step for her. I know that she'll never stop having sex with me but does like making me think she will and sometimes it feels real.

I don't know how close we are to fulfilling my fantasy of seeing her with another man but it is incredible inching closer and closer to it as time goes on.

If it happens, I'll report back.

- GD in PA



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